Kerry Clair, Pets Alive executive director, & board president, retires

34064_414715539733_416463_nSo this is my swan song.

Today, I have officially resigned from Pets Alive.
I will be here for the next few weeks or a few months, to train a replacement and work for a smooth transition.

I love this organization and all we have done with it in the six years I’ve been at the helm.
It’s been a rush of emotions, trials, tribulations, successes, and failures but I know that I leave Pets Alvie in capable hands – hands that will continue the great work we’ve been doing for so many years.

Thank you all for all these great years.
As you can imagine this is a very stressful job and it takes it toll…and I am looking very forward to retirement.

I’ve been blessed to work with an amazing organization and an amazing group of people!
Thank you all for the wonderful support!
I go into my retirement knowing that we did great things here and have saved thousands upon thousands of lives…but not only that, we were able to teach other groups to do the same.

Kerry Clair

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  1. Honor Says:

    Wow. This has been a shock. I had hoped to never see this day….or that you’d retire after Nikki was old enough to run the place. I’m not sure who can take over for you–those are big (motorcycle) boots to fill! Thanks for all you’ve done for the animals and for the people who love them.

  2. Diane Bruner Says:

    You will be so missed. I can only imagine the stress your job entailed but also the triumphs.

    Have a wonderful retirement and thank you for all you have done for the animals and all the little things you helped me with.

  3. Gerry C. Says:

    What a surprise, but understandable, considering the stress of the job.
    You’re leaving a wonderful legacy for them to build upon. Blessings to you and your family as you move into the next chapter of your life.

  4. Susan M Pietropaoli Says:

    I am sorry to see that you are leaving but understand. I hope you know what an amazing job you have done and all the lives you helped save. I wish you the best and wished that I could of known you better. Good luck

  5. Laura Olszewski Says:

    Kerry, The work you have done for Pet’s Alive was incredible and will never be forgotten. Good Luck.

  6. lisa holm Says:

    Wow! Just wow! Kerry, you are an inspiration to all of us. Your dedication over these past years has been unsurpassed by anyone that I’ve ever met in my life. You have been my hero as long as I have known you, and you will always have a place in my heart!

    I wish you a stress free retirement!

  7. Lori Says:

    You are just too freaking young to retire.

  8. Cyndie Nichols Says:

    We will miss you Kerry. You did a great job. Hope you stay in touch.

  9. Karen Costa Says:

    “All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle.”
    ? St. Francis of Assisi, The Little Flowers of St. Francis of Assisi

    God Bless you Kerry…for all that you have done…

  10. Mick Says:

    Great post, I love this blog. I wish you all the luck in the future, you have done a lot for everyone.

  11. ChristinaG Says:

    Kerry, thank you for taking Big Head and Wild One ( I know I still use their old names), when no one would step up and take them. Your organization was the only one. When I received your email, I was in tears..When the day came and they stepped foot at PetsAlive, their first step to freedom after being locked up for 3 yrs, it was video tapped, that was the best moment ever to see their expression.

    Thanks for taking amazing care of them.. made all the sweat, blood and tears worth it.

    Good Luck and DOG BLISS YOU!

    Christina G

  12. Patty Hegwood Says:

    Kerry, you did a great job and full throttle at that. I know there are many animals who can thank you for the fact that they are now in loving homes. Happy retirement, lots of Starbucks, long horse rides and time with hubby and of course your four legged brood.

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