Pets Alive Announces New Future in Puerto Rico

We are excited to announce that we will be seeking out new partnerships in Puerto Rico in order to better serve the island’s abandoned, neglected, abused and mistreated dog population.


We have been on the ground in Puerto Rico for just over two years and we are very proud of our achievements we have had in that time. We have rescued over 550 dogs since January 2012 and have provided low cost spay/neuter to hundreds of families in the Utuado area. At this time we have come to the conclusion that the costs associated with having a brick and mortar location in Puerto Rico is impacting the funds available to save the lives of more animals in need.

Pets Alive will be closing the Puerto Rico location in order to begin seeking partnerships with existing rescues on the island. We are so thankful to all of our amazing supporters who have helped to make a huge difference in the lives of so many satos as well as the community and we feel confident that we will be able to take this impact to the next level by collaborating with other groups.

Prbrown pupsWe recognize that Pets Alive can provide valuable resources to the many rescue groups that have emerged on the island as high intake centers at our Middletown and Elmsford, NY locations. Together we can all work towards ending the inhumane treatment of satos and provide a safe haven for all while conserving the limited funds available.

“Two years ago Rob and I, along with The Sidewalk Angels Foundation and Pets Alive committed to the Puerto Rican pups. These partnerships have the ability to greatly increase the impact that we can provide and the number of satos we will be able to rescue. We along with the entire Pets Alive organization are excited to recommit to the community in this way and save even more lives,” said Marisol Thomas, Co-founder and President of Sidewalk Angels Foundation and Pets Alive Board Member.


We look forward to embarking on this new future in Puerto Rico and to continue our mission of improving the lives of companion animals everywhere.  Thank you all so much for your continued support!



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  1. Clarisel Says:

    So sad that you are closing your Utuado location. There is nothing like one’s own place. Hope the Puerto Rico partnerships are fruitful and that politics doesn’t get in the way. Thank you for rescuing Puerto Rico’s homeless dogs.

  2. Idalis Colon Says:

    Guys, thanks for such great news. All my pets has been rescued by myself, since I was a child. Two of them were pregnant, one in labor in the middle of a street with hard traffic. A friend and I took care of her and the puppies. The mother lives with me, the puppies were adopted. I always carry food for dogs and cats and water. I wish I could do more, but I have no space, I´m retired with a modest income.

    God bless you for your loving work, all the organizations that cares for animals, and independent rescuers.

  3. Robert Neary Sanchez Says:

    Thanks from the heart for all you are doing for the satos of PR. My name is Robert Neary and I own a small farm on the south coast in Salinas, where I have 40 rescues – dogs, cats, horses and goats. I am very interested in colaborating with you, and if I can provide any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks again.

    Robert Neary Sanchez

  4. Jose Morales Says:

    Hi, United Cargo is working on an air cargo discount only for the non-profit organizations. I will keep you posted.

  5. Nicole Rodriguez Says:

    Although saddened by the fact that Pets Alive will be closing its Puerto Rico location, I am enthusiastic about them seeking out partnerships with other rescue groups on the island. Although we understand the overpopulation cannot be totally eradicated on the island, we do believe that Pets Alive new venture will open the door to many rescuers and provide them with the necessary resources to help save the lives of so many defenseless animals. I acknowledge Pets Alive achievements and the enormous contribution it has made in saving the lives of so many abandoned and mistreated animals and I sincerely congratulate them for their commitment to continue their labor of love through partnerships with existing rescues on the island. It is our organizations desire to be considered to be part of this new venture.
    My name is Nicole Rodriguez and I am the President and co-founder of Guardianes De La Poza, Inc., a dog rescue organization founded in February 2013 by myself and Haydee De Jesus, Vice President. Our organization tends to the area of “La Poza del Obispo Beach”, in Arecibo, where for years dog have been abandoned to their fate. In a little over a year since we began we have rescued almost a 100 dogs mostly puppies, some of which have been adopted other sent to the US. I believe we have made a positive difference to the dogs we care for and, although we have not been able to get them all adopted or relocated we do give them the love, care and attention that has their tails waging with gratitude. We are not a shelter, and because we do not own land or have the space to accommodate many dogs most of our dogs are in foster care.

    We are not a big organization nor do we have a powerful public presence, but we have the desire and the heart to make a significant contribution in changing the lives of these defenseless satos for the better and creating awareness in our community. Just like Pets Alive we wholeheartedly want to make a difference for the abandoned, neglected, abused and mistreated dogs on our island, and we are certain we could do more with your expertise, knowledge and valuable resources. For this reason we sincerely hope to be considered favorably for collaborative partnership with Pets Alive in such a noble cause.

    Nicole Rodriguez

  6. Wanda J Alvarez Says:

    I feel is really a shame that you are closing Pets Alive Puerto Rico. There is no place here in Puerto Rico as PAPR. Yes there may be some santuaries and shelters in Puerto Rico, some privates, others goverment run, but none “reaches the ankle of PAPR.” Thats a saying we have when something doesn’t meet the quality or standards we expect.

    Pets Alive Puerto Rico has the highest standards and quality for the dogs I have ever seen here in the island. I know other rescuers have the love and heart but can’t meet up to Pets Alive Quality.

    I have never visit a place here in the island were animals are kept, that doesn’t have a smell or had the space, organization, love these animals had here. Every dog got a name, and Joy will remember each and one of them, that is amazing. Once I took a group of young volunteers and they were just thrilled not just becuase of the job they were able to do but because Ken will take the time to explain why things had to be done in certain ways, the precautions taking, the cleaness so no dog will get infected of diseases. Ken will explain every step, and the kids came out of there with knowledge, loving it and wanting to come back.

    I wonder if the person or persons, making this decision has come to the island and seem this beautiful place before making this final decision. I invite to come and see not santuary but the paradise you have here at Pets Alive Puerto Rico for the animals and people that come to visit. Come and compare with other santuaries here in the island. You have the perfect convination; the location, the facilities and best of all the most wonderfull two people Joy and Ken.

    Thank You very much

    I invite you to reconcider your decition.
    God bless you all.

  7. lori Says:

    why are you closing the sanctuary only 2 years after opening it?so very very sad.

  8. Jenessa Cutler Says:

    After just over 2 years on the ground in Puerto Rico we had to take a step back and determine if the overhead costs were affecting our ability to save more animals. What we found was that with a large portion of the yearly budget going towards the costs of operating and maintaining the physical location it was affecting the number of lives we were able to rescue, treat and transport. Pets Alive remains committed to the satos and will continue to accept rescued pups into our facility for care and adoption.

  9. lori Says:

    i’m not sure i understand all this. janessa states : “Pets Alive remains committed and will continue to accept rescued pups into our facility.” The PR facility? The blog says that you are closing the doors? which one is it? You have sanctuaries in NY. All are brick and on the ground. How is it that the cost of keeping PR open is more than the others? Pets alive has been around a long time. I just don’t understand how the costs were not considered before you put all the work into the facility in PR. will that all go to waste now? such a beautiful sanctuary. it’s seems like such a shame. I have been to Pets Alive PR and I have been to other places on the island that rescue dogs and there is no comparison. The love and devotion of the workers is the same. The shelters do not compare. I wish there was a way to reconsider and re figure so that the sanctuary could remain open.

  10. Kathy Medici Says:

    So, I’m confused as to whether PAPR is continuing or closing down. Will the facility remain open & take in PR’s abandon dogs?

  11. Jenessa Cutler Says:

    The facility itself is closing however we will continue to build relationships with local rescuers and assist with the transport of dogs off the island to our adoption centers back in New York. There are so many truly dedicated and amazing people who have been doing all that they can to rescue dogs from the streets, provide medical, vaccines and spay/neuter and actively seek adoptive homes both local and on the mainland. We will continue to support their efforts as well as push for political and social change on the island.

  12. Pat Vargas Says:

    I have only recently learned about PAPR. Over the years when my husband and I have visited PT we always were very sad to see how many animals were abandoned and or abused. We have tried to help but wet never here long enough. We are now here for7 months of the year withe other months in NY. My aunt recently adopted a dog that was a rescue from PR and when I spoke Spanish to Rocky he perked right up and started barking and jumping on me when before he had just ignored me. It was such a happy thing to see. I have
    since taught my aunt some phrases so that Rocky will feel more at home. She takes him to visit several times a week with my mother who is 91 and they both have a great time. I hope in the future to adopt again as in the past all of my four legged family members have always been rescue. My latest who has since passed away was from a no kill facility that has since closed it’s doors, was a beautiful Shepard mix that was with us for 18 1/2 years. We still miss her dearly. I hope PAPR can continue in PR in some form. Thank you for doing what I could not. God bless you.

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