$5 Friday- Ivan’s Story


Today’s $5 Friday is dedicated to Ivan, a young adult from the Cayman Islands was just a pup when he was brought to a shelter. Due to the limited number of appropriate homes in the area, his future looked bleak until he was transported to Pets Alive this past summer. Things were looking up for him and he was adopted right away. But soon after, Ivan was brought back to our facility. On top of losing the only home he had known, Ivan needed surgery – he had a congenital defect in both back legs, where the knee caps did not sit properly in the groove of his knees. It is very painful, he could hardly bare any weight on his hind limbs. He was examined by an orthopedic surgeon who scheduled him for surgery on both knees immediately. The estimate for his surgery was justĀ under $4,000 and while this was a steep costs for us we knew that this surgery would give Ivan the second chance at life he deserved.

And it did! Ivan has healed and you would never know by looking at him now the pain he endured. Ivan smilesHe is a timid boy but he warms up within minutes and thinks (with his 65lb frame) that he is a lap dog.He doesn’t quite understand that not everyone enjoys doggie kisses on the lips (although most of us here at Pets Alive do). While we have grown attached to Ivan, we know it won’t be long before he finds a new forever home and brings all his love and joy to his very own family.

Pets Alive never turns our backs on ‘our’ animals.Once they come into our facility we are here for them always. But we cannot do so without YOUR help. Please consider donating $5 today to our medical fund so that we can help other animals like Ivan, who have nowhere else to turn.Each animal that comes into our care is worthy of our love and care, and every dollar counts!


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