Pets Alive Opens Stalls to Horses Rescued from Abuse


In May of this year the local SPCA was alerted to a very serious neglect and abuse situation involving multiple horses. It turned out to be one of the most brutal cases they had seen in years. As they investigated the report they discovered 25 horses living in horrific conditions. Working together Orange and Ulster County officials and the SPCA officers worked tirelessly to save these beautiful souls who had been abandoned without any access to food or water. As we well know finding placement for even one horse in need in our area can sometimes be very difficult- rescues and sanctuaries are typically full and the financial resources needed to care for such large animals can also be a factor. When the legal system is involved it can take an excruciatingly long time for a rescuer to even be given custody of the animal even if they have been in their care for the duration of the court case. Nevertheless countless people stepped up and worked together to get each of the horses to safety and receiving emergency care while the legal battle took its’ course.It is heartwarming to see a community take care of those in need and step up when it’s so important. Rescuers, individuals, veterinarians and farriers all contributing what they can to save lives.

Boo and TeddyA couple local rescues and private parties worked together to take in all 25 horses to provide the medical attention and love these broken beings needed so desperately.  To nurse their delicate bodies back to health is not easy and can sometimes even be dangerous for them- requiring specialized care and experience.  As a sanctuary, it is our responsibility to evaluate the needs of each individual animal and establish the protocol and regimen needed to meet those needs. That is what our Farm Animal Sanctuary program is for- a safe haven for animals in need and to provide the love, support, treatment and enrichment they so desperately need.

When we got the call about Boo and Teddy we knew we were the only place these two could find the sanctuary care they needed and also provide them with the best opportunity for a new life full of love and care. Thanks to the so many people before us in this case Boo and Teddy had already received a new start and were provided with a lot of medical attention but they were each a special needs case and their rescuers knew they needed more.

BooBoo is a very special soul. He is in his 30’s. He is totally blind in both eyes from Chronic Ocular Uveitis. Though at one time this condition might have been painful, most of the damage has already been done. It is thought that he has been blind for some time. Unfortunately there is not much we can do to reverse the damage that he has suffered. But now at Pets Alive we can address the medical issues that he currently has and ensure his comfort and happiness moving forward. Even though he has been through such a terrible ordeal Boo is such a sweetheart! He feels around with his long whiskers and touches everything with his nose. He LOVES being rubbed and scratched and touched. He listens when you talk to him and responds to voice commands like “step up” and “back” and “walk on”. It is amazing when you are with a soul who had to endure such hardship that you can see his appreciation for life. Maybe it’s even just relief of knowing he will eat, and drink fresh water, and wear a fly mask that will cover his delicate eyes.

Boo3 At this point for this sweet old man, we want him to know love. We want him to feel touch that is gentle and caring, for him to not feel pain, or fear. This kind soul deserves to know a quality at the end of his life that we know our dedicated team of staff, volunteers and supporters can provide. We have the new barn stalls. We have the vinyl fencing in some paddocks and we are working on fixing the fencing around the old barn. With your help we can make this happen. Boo can’t have treats that are solid but he does love applesauce or baby foods (fruits. oats and rice are good). He loves attention and could use a lot of love right now- please come down and meet this sweet old boy!

TeddyTeddy is a handsome man that saw neglect too early in his life. His face looks older than it is and shows the wear of a hard life. He does not have teeth and therefore requires a special mash of food (not unlike some of our other sassy senior equines in the pasture!) and his body shows the marks of his former life. But now that he has gained some weight, he is starting to feel frisky and kick up his heels. Teddy is a sweetheart and will follow you around the paddock. He loves love and we love him already!!


To imagine that Boo and Teddy along with the other 23 horses were denied the basics of food, water, shelter and medical treatment for any amount of time is heartbreaking. The thought of these two boys enduring the harsh conditions of this last winter while fighting to stay alive is beyond comprehension. When they were rescued both Teddy and Boo had a body condition score of 2 out of 9 which means they were emaciated. You could clearly see their ribcage, spine and hip bones. Both horses were full of fungus from head to toe and had not gotten their feet or teeth taken care of in a long time. Boo, blind in both eyes, was hauled with the herd of horses from farm to farm as his owner attempted to hide from authorities, from one unknown environment to another only to continue wasting away.  Being blind, Boo can’t be with other horses as they may hurt him, and he should be on level ground with a routine that will help him be comfortable. Boo gets kiss

We try to keep up with the growing number of farm animals that need our help but we need YOUR help. We want to move one of the new beautiful barns into the vinyl paddocks since this will be the safest place for Boo. The cost to move the barn is estimated at around $500. We are looking into getting him a Guardian Mask to protect his eyes and this costs $89.99.  Of course we could always use more brushes and they each deserve a new halter to wear. We are still working on fixing the fencing around the old barns and that makes a HUGE difference in how we can house all our animals. This expansion project will allow us to rescue twice as many farm animals each year while working to find adoptive homes and provide lifelong sanctuary complete with love and care from our knowledgeable staff and robust volunteers.

Please consider making a donation to the Farm Animal Rejuvenation and Expansion Project. Any little bit is a huge help and will allow us to continue to be a resource to our community!

Thank you so much for your support and for your love!

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