Rescuing Dice

This is a story about Dice, a cat who had the bad luck to break his leg in Brooklyn. It’s the story of how we saved his life. It’s also a story about believing in the no kill movement, and about how Pets Alive saves the lives of animals every day.

There’s a group called Urgent that works to save lives of thousands of animals stuck in New York City’s Animal Care and Control. They are volunteer run and work tirelessly at all hours of the night to help dogs and cats in danger of being killed. They are kind people with big hearts who truly believe that No Kill is inevitable, like we do here at Pets Alive. Urgent works with the New Hope team at the NYCACC facilities. The New Hope Department at NYCACC works with various rescues to save animals that are slated to be killed. Collaboration saves lives.

What Urgent does is compile the profile information of all of the animals that are slated to be killed, and publish them every night on social media. They call this the “Urgent List.”  Good samaritans all over the country then network to help the animals on the list by sharing them, contacting rescues who might be interested in saving them, and helping people through the rescue process.

Dice’s profile the night he was on the list looked like this:

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 2.43.46 PM

Now, as you can imagine, working at Pets Alive I encounter hundreds of pictures daily of animals in need of rescue. Although every one is heart breaking, some tend to resonate with you more than others. I don’t know what it was about Dice. Maybe it was the way that he held his broken leg up in the photo. I knew his injuries would be expensive to treat, but I could not stop thinking how scared he must be, all alone and in pain. I checked his intake date again- November 13th- I checked my calendar November 16th.  This poor boy had been sitting with a broken leg for 3 days already.

I asked Sue, Adoptions and Intakes Team, to contact New Hope and let them know Pets Alive wanted to pull this cat immediately. Three very anxious days went by before we finally received a response on November 19th. We were terrified they had already killed him. We contacted them multiple times throughout those three days- begging for a response or an update on his status- FINALLY- we received a response that he was still in their facility and that we were confirmed to pull him.10351967_1021754597840021_6365816307284172016_n

Dice arrived to Pets Alive on November 21, after spending a total of 8 days with animal care and control. Although he had a splint, he had not had any medication for the pain. He was immediately rushed to the veterinarians office and received a full work up.

X-rays revealed that his front leg was broken in two places. Since he had been so long without proper medical care, his bones were beginning to set incorrectly. He would need a new cast every week or two until his leg healed, with multiple follow up x-rays to monitor his progress.

We cannot even imagine the stress Dice has encountered since that fateful day he was brought to CACC. Knowing he sat in a cage in pain and fearful of his surroundings. Then he was placed in a cardboard box and took the hour and a half car ride to Pets Alive only to be immediately rushed to the vet’s to diagnose, set and cast his injuries. But after spending even just a few moments with Dice you wouldn’t know how much he had been through. He was so happy to be in comforting arms. He loved the attention (and probably the pain medication too!).


Unfortunately all of the trauma of the entire ordeal may have caught up to Dice.  He has not been sleeping well. He trembles when he is frightened.  I’ve seen him forcing his little eyes open to stay awake, he seems to be afraid to go to sleep- like all of this warmth, love and comfort will somehow disappear and he will be back in that cage waiting to die. We knew the best place for Dice was in a foster home where he could get appropriate peace and quiet,  so I took him home to my house. There he will stay until he is well enough to be adopted. Dice enjoyed a well-deserved sleep last night and some cuddle time on the couch.

10806278_1022961837719297_7523853671359728601_nBecause of the extent of Dice’s injuries he will need multiple follow up x-rays followed by re-casting. We know his care will be very expensive and we need some help. We thank you all so much for your support.

When Pets Alive, and other rescues, partner with groups like Urgent and New Hope we all work towards the common goal of saving the lives of animals in shelters and giving them the chance they deserve to heal from their injuries, illnesses or behavioral needs. We will continue to support the NYCACC when they choose LIFE over DEATH. We will continue to partner with New Hope, Urgent and all of the groups who work tirelessly to network those who are in danger of being placed on the next nightly kill list. Your support helps us to help them. Your support will help us reach the goal of a No Kill New York. Thank you for all you do and thank you for helping us save Dice and the thousands of others that still need us!


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