Peyton and Miss Diva Go Home for the Holidays

By Audrey Lodato, Executive Director

At Pets Alive we believe that there is a home for every animal, but sometimes finding that home can take some time. We work hard as a team to talk about how long an animal has been in our care so that we can make sure that no animal falls through the cracks.  We have a morning meeting every day, and at morning meeting we talk about these long-term residents and how we can get them more visibility.

Peyton news

Recently we decided that we would focus on Peyton finding her forever home. Peyton came to us after being found pregnant on the streets of New Jersey.  A Good Samaritan named Adam rescued Peyton and brought her to Pets Alive. She had her puppies at her foster home, and she was a great mom. Her puppies quickly got adopted, but Peyton has been waiting patiently for three years.  At Pets Alive, we always try to think of fun ways to promote our animals on social media. We know we have some of the most amazing and dedicated followers who have helped us save the lives of thousands of animals.

10846255_938907452804883_412054422258380350_nSo after a very fun session with the Pets Alive team Peyton received a promotion to our “Daily Newscaster” on Facebook. Peyton’s new job was to report on the daily activities at the sanctuary. Peyton took advantage of this highly coveted access to show the world how amazing she was. She did talk about her friends here and there but she always made sure to tell her listeners just how lucky they would be to share their home with her. Peyton was only on the air for a short time because her very informative (and silly) newscasts did the trick and a very nice couple came to meet Peyton. Just in time for the holidays Peyton is now living in her forever home. She even has a new best friend and they enjoy spending time together in the beautiful fenced in back yard.

Peyton nominated her friend Romeo to take over the Pets Alive Daily News and we hope that Romeo will soon find his forever home too. We cannot thank you all enough for helping Peyton, and all of the other animals in our care, find love and happiness.

10500566_938988482796780_5592743086000777182_nNot to be out done our very own Miss Diva Deluxe decided that it was her turn in the spotlight. Diva found her way to Pets Alive almost exactly one year ago. Sadly her previous family had put her outside during one of the worst winters our area has ever seen. Luckily she managed to survive long enough in the polar vortex for one of our volunteers to find her and get her to safety at Pets Alive. One look at this girl and everyone instantly fell in love. Diva is so pretty and fluffy. Her personality is unmatched. Goofy and loving at the same time. It is impossible not to smile when Diva is around- probably because she will climb up your back just to get to your face and give you kisses. Staff and volunteers could not understand how this girl was still with us and not in her own home. She had been adopted a few months ago to a very nice man but he had decided he wasn’t quite ready yet after the loss of his long time companion.

Diva at home with momA few weeks ago a kind young woman named Kathryn visited the Cat House with her father. She explained to the staff that she had recently returned home from Australia where she lived at a cat sanctuary. She and her family had lost their senior kitty and wanted to adopt. Her mother had given her just one instruction- she wanted the sweetest, most friendly, shoulder cat that Kathryn could find. We could not believe our ears! Shoulder cat you say? Well, well, well- do WE have the cat for YOU! They met Miss Diva Deluxe as well as a few of her friends and advised they would be back soon. On Sunday they adopted Diva and we could not be more happy for her! She has settled right in to her new home and continues to make all those around her smile.

Pets Alive believes passionately that it is our duty to provide not just a place to live for our animals, but that we provide them what they need to be successful in a new home. Sometimes, as was the case with Diva and Peyton, all they really need is time.

Time is a simple thing, but it’s not something that every homeless animal has the privilege of getting. When we commit to an animal, we commit to them for life. They get all the time they need to find a family that’s right for them, which is why your support is so important. We’re so happy to celebrate Peyton and Diva’s adoptions in time for the holidays. Thank you all so much for your love and faith in us. From the entire Pets Alive family to you and yours- 


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Our mission is to improve the lives of companion animals everywhere by any means possible, including rescue, adoption, advocacy, collaboration, intervention and education.

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