Pets Alive Announces New Media Team!

piasteve2At Pets Alive, we have an ongoing need for well-produced photos and videos.  We use photos and videos for a myriad of things like fundraising, communicating with our followers on social media and helping our animals get adopted. Sometimes, the difference between an animal getting a new home and getting passed over is as simple as a  great profile picture on Petfinder.

We’ve formed a team of volunteers who will focus on creating great photos and videos and we’d love for you to join! You don’t need to be a professional photographer or video editor to join this team. You just need to have an interest in taking photos and video. We’ll help you through the rest and we’ll all have a lot of fun, too.

We’re so happy to announce that long time Pets Alive volunteers Steve and Pia Budnick have agreed to chair this team and oversee the projects. Steve and Pia are the masterminds who created Downton Tabby, The Pets Alive Pop Up Video, the Pets Alive Furball Award Winners video and our Help Cupid video. They have also been instrumental in helping gain increased exposure for so many of the kittens and cats in our care with their fun and sometimes silly photos.

Pets Alive is so incredibly thankful to Steve and Pia for their hard work and dedication. With YOUR help the Pets Alive Media Team can continue to create fun, thoughtful and passionate media that helps bring awareness to our mission and helps each animal find its’ loving and forever home.


If you are interested in joining our new Media Team, email for more information!

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  1. Sandi Landau Says:

    You could not have found 2 more wonderful & talented people for this incredible task! Wishing you every success imaginable and then some!

  2. Pia Says:

    We’re so very honoured and everyone has been very kind and complimentary of our efforts, which makes it easy to keep on keepin’ on :)

    Steve and I encourage those who are interested to contact us at . The team is brand new so we’re all learning, but we’re looking forward to putting out high quality and fun photos and video which will inspire – and more importantly get people out there interested in adopting, donating, fostering, volunteering and helping animals in need in any way they can.

    Let’s do this! Pia

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