Adopt a Date. Don’t Spend Valentine’s Day Alone.

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Are you tired of bad blind dates? Are you sick of filling out online dating profiles? Are you longing to cuddle? Tired of eating dinner alone? We can help. From January 15th through the end of February, Pets Alive will help ensure you are lonely no more. Our trained matchmakers will take the answers you provide on our questionnaire and match you with a companion animal that we think might be just right for you. Your commitment? Just one date.
We know that just like with dating, sometimes it’s hard to see which dog or cat is the right one for you. It’s hard to get to know an animal here at the shelter. It’s like meeting someone in a bar – loud, distracting and not all that much fun. The animals sometimes don’t get to make a great first impression. We want to give you the opportunity to really get to know the animal that we think you might fall in love with. So we’re fixing you up. You can take a dog or cat on the date of your choosing. Spend the day with them or even have a sleepover. See if it works out. If it doesn’t, that’s fine too. The animal gets a vacation and they’ll have a fun time with a new friend.


So how does Adopt A Date work? First, fill out our survey for dogs here: Search for the perfect date (Dog) or cats  here:  Our trained matchmakers will analyze your answers, pick a dog or cat for you and call you to arrange the details of your date. What should you do on your date? Well, that’s up to you. If you are the active type, maybe take your doggie date for a walk in the park or a hike. If you’d rather stay in, you can cuddle up and watch a movie. We’ll provide toys, food and even a special blanket for your date. If you like the shy type of cat, you can even have your date right here at Pets Alive. We’ve got a movie room all set up for you to have your date in.




Q: Do I get to choose my date?
A: While we’d love it if you would let us pick, we’re not opposed if there is a special someone you’d want to meet. Let’s talk about it!

Q: Can I take my date to the dog park or let him play with other dogs?
A: Your date can play with your dog at home, but they can’t visit a dog park or other dogs until they are officially adopted.

Q: Can a family or a couple take a dog on a date?
A: Absolutely! These single dogs and cats are looking for a forever home in any form.

Q: What happens if my date isn’t going well? Can I bail out early?
A: Yep. You can bring your date back at any time.

Q: I want to take pictures of my date and post them on social media. Can I?
A: Yes! Please use hashtags #petsalive and #adoptadate

Q: I want to adopt my date. How does that work?
A: It’s pretty easy. Just come back and do the paperwork!

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