The Tortorella Foundation Gives Grant To Help Save More Dogs

twosheds Pets Alive was very fortunate to recently be chosen to receive a grant to purchase two large sheds from The John and Christine Tortorella Family Foundation.  John and Christine Tortorella founded their family foundation in an effort to help those who protect children, animals and our environment. Supporting animals in need, specifically those who are in need of behavioral training and support is a very important part of the mission of their foundation.  The Tortorella’s see the value in exposing our dogs to new environments as part of their training and wanted to give us the opportunity to be able to better prepare dogs for forever homes.

BearWe named the sheds in honor of the Tortorella’s dog Bear, who has recently crossed the rainbow bridge. One shed has been named “Bear’s Bunkhouse” and the other “Bear’s Den.” The sheds have been outfitted to resemble rooms in a house. Each shed is heated, has electricity, a tiled floor, and is sheet rocked and painted. They feature normal furniture like couches and end tables and even have artwork on the walls. Since they have power, we are able to do things like hook up televisions, appliances and other items that dogs may not have encountered before. Essentially each shed has become a home environment that will assist our training staff in teaching our dogs the skills they will need to be adopted into loving and forever homes.


We often rescue dogs that have never been in a home before. Having the opportunity to let them get comfortable with these unfamiliar things will ensure that the dogs have the best chance possible at getting adopted and staying with their new family. It’s amazing to be able to do these things right here at the sanctuary. The buildings also serve as a quiet place for dogs to to take break from the stress of the kennel and have some time alone. Kennel life can be incredibly stressful and giving dogs the opportunity to decompress is essential for their well being.

One of our first shed residents is a lovely dog named Sherman who came to us from Westchester SPCA for some hands on work with our  adoptability team. Sherman will be working with our trainer Robin to get ready for a new home. The additional shed has provided a MUCH needed area for our volunteers to spend time with the dogs during the winter.

JohnshermanannaMany, many dogs will benefit from these buildings. We are so grateful to the The John and Christine Tortorella Family Foundation for this gift. We are so blessed to be on the receiving end of this donation, which will change the lives of dogs for many years to come. We invite you to thank them for their support, their generosity and their contribution to life saving rescue.

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