Rescuing Blizzard

By Becky Tegze, Cat Manager

blizzard5One of the more difficult parts of our job here at the Pets Alive cattery is also the most important – really knowing the cats’ personalities well enough to recognize when something is wrong. You see, cats are notorious for concealing problems – and since it’s also in their nature to sleep and laze around so much, it can be very challenging to know that something’s up with them even when you know them very well. Nevertheless, we noticed something wasn’t right with Blizzard, a new intake here at Pets Alive. Initially it seemed like he was just glad to finally be here in the warmth with some food in his belly, but no, he was unusually sluggish. So we took a closer look …


What started out as a mad dash to our vet Friday morning, thinking Blizzard had a possible urinary tract infection or a blocked urethra, turned into so much more. Blizzard was whisked into the back by our vet for an X-ray to see what was causing the blockage: stones, crystals, an infection?  What his x-rays revealed shocked us all – a broken femur healing incorrectly, BB pellets peppered his insides AND he had a previously broken sternum! Having only just come in to us here at Pets Alive, we can’t imagine what this poor boy has gone through and what kind of people he met up with to sustain such terrible injuries in his short life.

 sternum1Our number one priority was his blockage and his kidneys, the rest would have to wait, as we were in a race against time to save his life. He was immediately admitted to Monhagen Veterinary Hospital. IV antibiotics were started, as well as a catheter to empty out his bladder, which was the size of a grapefruit and in danger of rupturing. His bloodwork showed his kidney levels were off the charts – only time and a great deal of immediate medical attention could save him.

Our Saturday morning report from Monhagen Vet Hospital wasn’t good: Blizzard’s infection was so bad that the pus from his kidneyswas constantly clogging his catheter! He needed more around the clock care, so in the middle of snow storm he was transferred to Dr. Joe D’Abbraccio’s care at Orange County Animal Emergency Services, where he could receive the constant attention he needed. The most amazing thing we noticed is that through all of the examinations, poking, prodding, vetting, Blizzard’s spirit never faded. He was still sweetly seeking attention by reaching out his paw for pets and kisses, breaking into the world’s loudest purr at any time.


Blizzard is still fighting and we are fighting for him and with him. We need your help! Blizzard has already been hospitalized for 5 days, sustaining numerous blood tests, ultrasounds, x-rays… The bills are mounting up and Blizzard is still not out of the woods, but he is a fighter and with your support we know he will make it through.

No milk or toilet paper needed for this Blizzard… Just your help and some TLC.

Please help us help Blizzard by making a donation to cover his medical expenses.

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  1. Maureen Says:

    We are cat lovers but due to my husband’s allergies we cannot have one. Our last cat passed away at age 25. We miss our dear cats. Please take this donation to help Blizzard, and make sure he finds a kind home.

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