Animal Of The Month

Violet - cat of the month

A delicate flower, the picture of perfect innocence, a beauty. All ways I would describe myself and then some. How about a fluffy little ball of love just waiting to share my days with a family of my own? I’m a curious little girl, very interested in what is going on around me and determined to check out anything new that appears on my horizon. As with any well adjusted, happy kitty, I also spend a great deal of time playing with a variety of toys and engaging in some good old fashioned kitten play, tumbling, frolicking and wrestling with my fellow room mates. You see, I can be a sleeping little angel one minute and a live wire the next. Do you have room in your garden of life for a bundle of joy like me? Fill out an adoption application so you can meet her! UPDATE – VIOLET ADOPTED!!

BuddyBuddy - dog of the month
Buddy really needs a break. This is a really great dog, but he has a ton of energy and needs to have a job. He is probably one of the smartest dogs I ever met and kennel life is simply killing him. This would be a STUPENDOUS agility dog, or a dog that could run through the fields behind a horse. He is truly an amazing dog and so smart that you won’t be able to stop him from learning your ATM password, and throwing wild parties. He is losing weight here, and he is bored to death. He really needs something to do and someone to do it with. If you have a horse, 26 children, or always wanted to get into agility, then this is the dog for you. Buddy is just 1.5 years old and losing the best years of his life here. Please come and give Buddy a home and a job. Fill out an adoption application so you can meet him!

Buster - dog of the monthBuster Brown
Just look at that ADORABLE heart-shaped head and those “LOVE ME” eyes! This precious, lovable, cuddly boy was found as a stray and REALLY could use a loving home. Buster Brown seems to be about 2 years old. He weighs around 65 lbs. He is ALL PLAY and loves any kind of toy. He is not good with cats but LOVES people. And BEST OF ALL? HE’S AVAILABLE! Who could say no to those eyes!! Buster seems to get along ok with other dogs, but bring yours down for our trainers to do a meeting and make sure it is a good match. This boy deserves a home. He is one of the sweetest and most lovable dogs we’ve ever had at Pets Alive. Fill out an adoption application so you can meet him!  UPDATE – BUSTER ADOPTED!!

Scrappy - dog of the monthScrappy
Scrappy has been here a very long time. He was one of the very first dogs that we took in under the “new” Pets Alive. Scrappy was used, terribly, as a bait dog. His owner was brought to trial, and actually convicted of operating a dog fighting ring, but it was a yearlong trial process and during that time, Scrappy was held as “evidence”. Once the trial was over, the judge ordered Scrappy euthanized. Pets Alive was contacted by some people that were on his side. This was a dog that was very loving toward humans and just couldn’t ever live with other dogs. We have had lots of dogs like that and most of them have been adopted. Scrappy has been here almost three, long, years. He is a sweet dog, but he needs to be an only dog. He has three strikes against him. He has to be an only dog. He is a pitbull. He is black. Those three things combined together make him an extremely difficult placement. I happen to love Scrappy. He covers your face with kisses and he desperately, DESPERATELY wants a home. This would be a loyal and loving companion to someone that could keep him away from other dogs. He can be walked around other dogs, live next to other other dogs (he lives in a pen connected to Bindi and they have no problems at all) but he can not be enclosed or trusted free with another dog. PLEASE, PLEASE consider giving Scrappy a chance. Three years here. Another held as evidence and his only other year being abused. Please. He deserves someone. He really could use a break and a loving home. Fill out an adoption application so you can meet him!

Smokey - dog of the month
Smokey was surrendered along with his brother, Bandit, when their owners were unable to keep their home. Smokey is a sweet boy who is strong but well behaved. He enjoys the company of other dogs & is a charmer with people. Smokey is about 2 years old & ready for a family with a yard to play in! He is great with kids, people & other dogs, he does NOT like cats & will chase them relentlessly. he thinks he is hysterical. he has a great sense of humor about himself, about people, about life in general. He is one of those dogs that simply loves life and loves to be involved in every aspect of it. This is a really great dog that has been a bridesmaid for too long. Come and make him a bride!  Fill out an adoption application so you can meet him!

Goldie - dog of the month
Goldie is a loving, happy Lab mix girl who is about 4-5 years old. She loves to show off her smile. She is very well behaved, is great on a leash (although she does pull when first out of her run) & loves everyone she meets. Goldie is a GREAT dog who deserves a wonderful home. She is energetic – especially when she first comes out of her run and so people get put off by her, but she does quickly settle down and likes to give kisses, cuddle and snuggle up. She LOVES small dogs but is sometimes frightened by bigger dogs. She also has few manners as far as not eating their food or taking their treats, but that is all easily worked with and minor when you consider what a great dog this is. Please DO consider her for your home. She deserves it.
Fill out an adoption application so you can meet her!


Muki - dog of the month
Muki is a handsome boy who has been through so much in his young life. He was abandoned & ended up in a high kill shelter in Georgia; his odds of making it out alive plumetted when he tested positive for heartworm. His guardian angel was looking out for him; he was taken into rescue, treated for his heartworm & well on his way to a new & happy life; but he remained in that rescue for nearly two years, and was still waiting to find his forever home. Pets Alive heard his story & knew we could help find the family he has been waiting for! Are you that family? Muki is about 3 years old and can be somewhat of a “bull in a china shop”. We think it is totally because he doesn’t get much exercise here, but he may be too much for small children. He would prefer to be the only dog,although he has lived with dogs in the past and been ok (but it would very much depend on the other dog). He thinks cats are moving snacks with tails, so NO CATS for this boy. He has food guarding issues & may warn you if someone reaches for his food while he is eating. Staff has worked on that though and with consistent feeding, where he isn’t always wondering where and when his next meal might be, this is a very workable issue. We recognize that Muki is not the “perfect” dog, but if someone was willing to put a minor bit of training and work into him, he WOULD be. Are you that someone? He really deserves not to spend his whole youth in a shelter. Please find it in your heart to give this wonderful boy the long & happy life that he has always deserved!

Fill out an adoption application so you can meet him!    UPDATE – MUKI ADOPTED!!

Willy - dog of the month

Willy was adopted from Pets Alive as a puppy & returned a year later after a baby came into the family & they felt they could no longer care for him. He was so confused as to what he had done wrong, why he had lost his family and became very depressed here for the first few weeks. We showered him with love and attention though and he soon came out of his shell and we realized what a fine and wonderful dog this was. He really is affectionate and sweet and loves to play. He loves playing with other dogs & meeting lots of new people. He loves to go for walks and play fetch and catch. He is just an all around great little dog and really needs a new family that won’t dump him this time. He would probably do best with an active owner who will give him lots of playtime as he is really young – or someone with kids or another dog. He isn’t a couch potato and really loves excitement and stimulus, but he can also be sweet and calm and snuggly. Please consider this great dog as an addition to your family!

Fill out an adoption application so you can meet him!


Bernie - dog of the month

Big boy Bernie, a Golden Retriever Rottweiler mix, is almost 100 lbs of puppy love! Bernie is energetic enough to make someone a good running or hiking partner but not too hyper at a mature three years-old, so regular walks are just fine. He’s very smart but because of his size and strength, he would do best with someone who’s already somewhat dog-handling savvy. He can pull mightily on a leash and needs some leash training work (which we are working on him with!) We do think that with the right person, Bernie will leave his bachelorhood behind and settle down nicely! Bernie’s neutered, of course, up-to-date on his shots, totally healthy and ready to go home with you. Bernie is NOT good with other animals though and would prefer to be an only dog.

Fill out an adoption application so you can meet him!

Bunker - dog of the month

Bunker is a very special boy. He came to us with just three legs but he gets around without missing a beat. In fact, we’re careful not to tell him he only has three legs, since we don’t think he realizes it and he runs around just fine. Bunker is a big mushy lovebug who hopes to spend his evenings cuddled with his family. He hates the shelter. When people come by to walk dogs he is the first at his gate, begging them to notice him. When adopters come in he is courteous and I swear he gets this hopeful look on his face, but people just walk by him, perhaps after staring at his leg for a while. This dog is a really nice dog and my heart breaks for him every day that he sits in our kennel and dog runs. He really deserves a home. He is about 2.5 years old & is ok with SOME other dogs, but it really depends on the other dog.

Fill out an adoption application so you can meet him!

Rem - dog of the month


Rem is a 4-5 year old purebred Boxer boy who is incredibly handsome! Rem has to get to know you before he warms up to you, but then he is all about playing. He loves his basketball on a rope. Rem was surrendered after his elderly owner became too ill to care for him. Boxers are extremely sensitive and emotional dogs and they do not do well when they lose their families. Rem is very stressed at the kennel. The other dogs are frightening to him, he even refused to eat anything the first four days he was here. He is doing a little better now but we’d very much like to find him a home quickly. Boxers are not dogs that can sustain life in a kennel when they have come from a loving home. Please open your heart to him.

Fill out an adoption application so you can meet him!


Gracie - dog of the month


Gracie is a seven year old grayhound mix. Gracie was originally turned in to another shelter in August of 2007 due to an eviction and was sadly never adopted, despite her beauty & glowing personality. She has spent the last two years in another shelter because the director loved her so much she didn’t want to show her to anyone or let her get adopted. I know….strange. Rescue is filled with very odd people that sometimes confuse their own needs with that of what they think is best for the dog. She is housetrained, knows basic commands such as sit, speak, come/here, down and she is polite a leash. She is good with some other dogs (depends on the other dog), is fine with kids, and a real sweetheart!

Please fill out an adoption application so you can meet her!


Keena - dog of the monthKeena

Keena is a difficult placement for us. She is a good dog and is NOT aggressive but there are some things about her that make her a harder dog to find a home for.

One is that she only gets along with dominant dogs. Odd right? You think she would get along with submissive ones, but Keena feels secure with a dominant dog telling her what to do. So she has been in with Oscar who got adopted and with Rocco and she did just fine but we can not guarantee she is good with all other dogs.

Her other strike is that she is shy. Shy dogs don’t “show” well. Everyone looks for that dog that will run to them, licking their face and climb into their lap. Keena does that with people she KNOWS but with strangers she is aloof at first. If you are familiar with Akitas then you know that this is a breed characteristic. Akitas are aloof and reserved about strangers for a number of days. But this is (understandably) not the reaction potential adopters are looking for. She has lived in a shelter environment for more than a year. She is also partially black. Black dogs for some reason take more time to adopt. Keena is really a very sweet, gentle, kind, affectionate and loving dog. Will you give her a chance? She is COMPLETELY housebroken and very clean about her personal environment. She is not destructive and is very well behaved and obedient. She listens, pays attention and is constantly trying to please.

Please fill out an adoption application so you can meet her!


Swampy - dog of the month

Swampy is a real lover and even delivers flowers! This is a VERY sweet young Siberian Husky. He was abandoned and left to fend for himself during Hurricane Gustav. He was rescued in neck deep waters of a swamp, which is how he got his name! Luckily he survived the storm and is now in the safety of our care, but has been here for many months. He deserves a family who will cherish him for the sweet soul that he is. He does has some basic obedience training needs, which our volunteers and trainers are working on with him (he jumps and is rambunctious) and he is probably not ideal for little kids as a result of this (he might knock them over). With regular exercise and some training though, this is truly the perfect dog. He was found to be heartworm positive and has already undergone treatment, made a full recovery and is ready to go HOME.

Please fill out an adoption application so you can meet him!


Dylan - dog of the monthDylan
Dylan is a 9 month old terrier-lab mix. He is very friendly to people and most other dogs. Dylan will make an amazing, loving & faithful companion. We feel sad that he is spending his puppy months in a shelter; he deserves to be with a family, playing & having fun! He is a model citizen here at our shelter and we thought with his cuteness and his youth that he would fly right out of here, but he has been here for about three months – a long time for a young dog. He doesn’t get much interest at all for some reason. In fact I don’t think we have had any applications on him and very few people have asked to see him. We are really perplexed as he is a great dog…so friendly. Please consider adopting Dylan. He is too young to spend the most fun part of his life in a kennel!

Please fill out an adoption application so you can meet him!


Tiffany - dog of the month


Tiffany has the dubious distinction of being the dog that has been at Pets Alive the longest (adoptable dog). This poor, beautiful girl has no issues other than not caring for other animals. So? We’ve adopted hundreds of dogs that had to be an “only dog”. Tiffany has been here for TWO LONG YEARS. Before that she spent a YEAR in another shelter before they decided to euthanize her because she just had no one interested in her. Pets Alive took her and we felt we would find her a home in no time.

But we haven’t.

She is still here – TWO YEARS later. Think about how long two years is. Three years of her life (she is only about four years old) spent in a shelter environment. Why? She is an AMAZING dog and the staff and volunteers love her. She is gorgeous too – with one blue eye and one brown eye. We just don’t understand why everyone passes by Tiffany in her dog run. You can see the sadness & rejection in her eyes. She is such an amazing & sweet girl. Please give our precious Tiffany a chance at a happy life! She is GREAT with kids and people – she adores being pet and groomed and loved on. She is also house trained at least she always goes out her dog door to do her business outside.

She loves everyone she meets, walks well on a leash and is very affectionate. She would need to be an only pet as she doesn’t care for other dogs or cats. She would be a wonderful, loyal companion. Please fill out an application to meet her. She is 3-4 years old and weighs appx 40 lbs.

Please fill out an adoption application so you can meet her!

Bindi - dog of the monthBINDI
Bindi has been with us for over a year. One of our longest “adoptable” dogs. She is the sweetest and most loveable dog, but in all that time I can not remember even ONE application to ever come in for her. There have been people that while down here to see other dogs would express an interest in her, but it never panned out. Bindi can pull very hard on a leash (we’re working with her on that), and she can chew up everything if she is bored and has nothing to interest her, but to us she is an absolute angel. She stays alone in our grooming room and has never touched or torn up a thing. She has play dates with other dogs and is not nasty with them but she sometimes plays hard so other dogs often attack her. So she should probably be an only dog, but small submissive dogs she tends to be very gentle and loving with. I personally feel she should be in a house with about a dozen kids, all boys or tom-girls that will rough house with her and keep her busy. Know anyone?

So ok, she needs some training and some work but she is basically an all around great dog. She was found by a really nice man, half starved, by railroad tracks in New Jersey. He had her in his home for months trying to find a place for her (and no destruction or problems!), but his own dog hated her and he placed her with us.

I always feel like we let Bindi down. She is the cutest, sweetest, friendliest, loving dog. She just needs a chance and some training classes. She would be a perfect friend and companion. I hate to see her still here. Please help us to place this wonderful dog. She really deserves it. If you work – we will even provide FREE Bindi-day-care. You can drop her off each day and pick her up on your way home. Think about it. I will warn you though that she IS a bed hog. Anyone that she ever slept with her says she hogs the ENTIRE bed. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Please fill out an adoption application so you can meet her!

Emma - dog of the month


Beautiful Emma was found as a stray desperately trying to care for her five newborn puppies. Her ears were badly infected. It appears that someone took a pair of scissors to them in attempt to make her look “tough”. Despite that torture, she is the sweetest, most loveable girl you could ever find. She is full of kisses and wants to love all over you!

We don’t think she looks tough, we think her ears add to her beauty & grace. A true treasure of a dog.

Emma has been here a couple of months, which is a long time at Pets Alive and she gets NO APPLICATIONS on her. It is very odd. All our other dogs get multiple applications, but Emma gets no attention, except from the volunteers and staff at Pets Alive that adore her. She is really a special dog – we all feel it and are looking for a special family worthy of her!

Please fill out an adoption application so you can meet her!

LACEY - dog of the month

Lacey is a 14 month old Blue Tick Hound Mix.

This gorgeous girl is sweet to everyone. She loves other dogs and people too.

She deserves a forever home with owners she can shower with affection! Feeling affection deprived? She will be the perfect companion for someone looking for a loving, gentle friend.

Come down and meet her…she’s waiting for you.
She’s so young too…she shouldn’t be in a shelter!

Please fill out an application so we can arrange for you to meet her.


Gizmo - dog of the month
Gizmo (Moe-Moe)

PLEASE TAKE ME HOME! Gizmo and his companion Bandit were the victims of a foreclosure. Their former owners could no longer keep them and were surrendered to a high kill shelter where they were scheduled to be euthanized. They were rescued just in time.

Gizmo is starving for attention and greatly misses having a family of his own. He loves kids, cats & other dogs. Previous owners reported he is housebroken.

Please give our little MoeMoe the forever home he deserves! He is very lonely here at the shelter. His buddy Bandit was adopted, leaving MoeMoe sad & alone

Please fill out an application to meet him.


Mitch - dog of the monthMitch
Mitch is a handsome, good natured, three year old. He is a staff favorite and has a quiet dignity about him. Recently diagnosed with SEVERE hip dysplasia, he will be going for some surgery soon to help relieve his pain. Even with all that, Mitch greets you with a wag, a smile, and will get up to come to you.

We are always amazed at his kindness, gentle nature, and sweet personality, even amidst his pain. We are managing that well now, but we are desperate for Mitch to recover from his surgery in a warm and loving home environment. Pets Alive will pay for EVERYTHING related to Mitch’s care and recovery. Won’t you PLEASE consider welcoming him into your home?

Mitch LOVES other dogs, cats, is good with kids, and loves people. This is really a wonderful dog, and we all very much want to save and help him. Please consider fostering Mitch if you can not adopt him. We promise you will not be sorry. This is one of those very special dogs that comes around once in a lifetime. Please fill out an application to meet him. ***UPDATE – Mitch is currently in a foster home. If you wish to adopt him though please do fill out an application as he is still available for adoption!


Vail - dog of the month
Vail is a gentle and wonderful 8 month old Great Pyrenees mix. He was rescued from a kill shelter in the south. This poor guy was injured with a trauma to his face and suffered a broken jaw. He underwent surgery and had a metal plate inserted and is now as good as new. Even after suffering from such abuse, he is loving and friendly, although he can be a little shy until he gets to know you. He is good with most other dogs, but seems frightened of loud and active children.

Please fill out an application to meet him.

Aretha - dog of the month
Aretha is a wonderful dog and appears to be a mix of lab and setter. She is appx 5-6 years old. She walks well on a leash, is friendly but not hyper and has an easy going personality. She has a beautiful black coat and a happy, sweet disposition. She loves everyone she meets and doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. She is a special needs girl. She appears to have had an injury to her tongue and jaw and can only eat soft, watered down food as she can only open her mouth slightly. We also keep her in an air conditioned room at the shelter since she can’t pant like a normal dog can. She is a truly wonderful dog that would make a terrific companion and just needs a little extra care. She is up to date on shots, spayed and has just had a dental so she also has beautiful white teeth. She also appears to be house trained. Please fill out an application to meet her.


Roscoe - dog of the month
Help Roscoe!

Yes, he ALWAYS has one ear up and one ear down! This 60 lb, 3 year old is sweet and loving and full of personality. He is great with people and loves to snuggle. He is easy to walk and has a fun and playful personality but is not hyper. He does however need knee surgery. We would greatly appreciate donations for this boy. His medical bills will be over $3000 but we can not allow him to suffer and he is such a great dog that it will be worth every penny. Please consider sponsoring this boy or making a donation to his surgery. We are appealing to the public to help us pay for this. We want him to have a wonderful life and to be adopted someday.

To meet Roscoe, please fill out the on-line
adoption application
. To make a donation for Roscoe’s surgery, please click donate button above – and THANK YOU for your help, love and support for this special dog.

Elvis - dog of the monthHelp Elvis!
Please help Elvis! As nice as we try to make the kennel for our pups, poor Elvis just hates it! He has an extra large dog run, inside and out but is going crazy in it. He is calm and sweet and loving when we bring him into the office but he is going stir crazy sitting in a kennel all day. Elvis is a young, handsome and friendly dog. He loves to go for walks, is sweet to everyone he meets and playful but not hyper. He does pull a bit on leash and would benefit from a little training and attention. If you are looking for a larger type of dog, please fill out an application to meet him. He is a great dog, another one we rescued from a kill shelter in Georgia. He wants so much to be in his forever home. He is a favorite here at Pets Alive!

To meet Elvis, please fill out the on-line adoption application.


peanut.jpgPeanut is a friendly, sweet boy. A wonderful 4 year old for anyone who likes a bigger dog. Maybe 75 lbs of gentleness. Just an all-around nice dog. He is easy to walk, gentle and mild mannered. Not hyper or overly active, just mellow and loving and looking for a forever home. He would be great with any family that is looking for a big moosh of a dog. Peanut knows all of the basic commands such as sit, paw, and stay and is house-trained, neutered and up to date on all his shots. He does have some separation anxiety issues so he would need to be in a home where someone is usually around. He just loves people too much and does not like being left alone. We would love to see this happy boy in his forever home.

To meet Peanut, please fill out the on-line adoption application. UPDATE: PEANUT HAS BEEN ADOPTED!!!


Meet April! She is a 60 lb black lab/shepherd mix. She is playful and friendly, loving and sweet. She constantly gets overlooked at the shelter and has been stuck here for way too long. She always has this happy smile on her face and loves everyone she meets. She walks well on a leash, enjoys taking treats gently from your hand and is playful but not hyper. She cries out from her kennel when you walk by, begging for some attention or a walk or just a pat on her head. She really adores people and would make a loyal and devoted companion. Dogs that have spent a number of months or years in shelters really appreciate the person who finally takes them home. They watch the other dogs leave one by one and wait and wait until someone finally comes for them. April is still waiting! Please consider taking April home for the holidays. Treat yourself to this wonderful girl. She is a joy, loved by all the staff and volunteers here at Pets Alive.

To meet April, please fill out the on-line adoption application.