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Lily Palmieri – A special kid


Got a great letter a few months ago and I keep meaning to put it up but I misplaced the picture that went with it. JUST FOUND it….as you can see the picture is PRICELESS!!!

I HAD to find it in order to post this fabulous letter. Note that the markups on the picture were done by Lily!

Lily – you are AWESOME! Thank you! Unfortunately there was no return address, so I was unable to thank her or call her!If anyone knows her, please put her in touch with us. :)

Dear Pets Alive,
My name is Lily Palmieri and I just turned 10 years old. For my Birthday I didn’t want any gifts, instead I asked for donations to pets alive. I raised $250. The reason I did this is because I love animals and I always wanted to take care of them. I hope the money I raised helps out. Someday when I get older I would like to volunteer and help out at pets alive. You guys are doing a great job. You are all awesome.
Lily Palmieri

P.S. Here’s a picture of all of my friends who helped out by donating money.

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Thank you to Lisa Lyons class!

We received this letter from teacher Lisa Lyons, earlier this week and today she showed up with tons of donations for us! She did all the shopping which is a great bonus for us.
I remember this class very well. They were really enthusiastic, participated greatly in the discussion and had great ideas, suggestions and love for animals.
We brought Jasper and Jake in as the class “dogs” and we also had a great time.
Imagine our thrill to receive the following email:
Hi, Kerry and Matt!
You came into my classroom earlier in the school year to talk to my class about the importance of treating animals with kindness and empathy. My class donated coins throughout the year to help you guys out at Pets Alive and we totaled it up the other day and we have about 96$. It is literally a bag filled with coins. :) Would you like me to transfer that into cash or a check or take the money and get items at the store? Let me know. Thanks!
~Lisa Lyons


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Featured Letter

dog123.jpgDear Sirs,
My beloved dog, Baxter, passed away of a heart attack and I had just purchased many pills for him.

I would like to donate them to you, as you keep animals alive and I respect that so much. I know you have older animals and are in need of these meds, Please use them the best way you can for the most needed.

I am also enclosing a small check for whatever you need.
I hope it helps somewhat.

Thank you for caring for pets.
Lorraine N.

P.S. If at all possible can you send me a receipt for the donation …for my tax records. If not, not to worry.

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Featured letter

butterfly.jpgThis week we got a special package in the mail. It was gifts for Cam, Bindi and Tiffany (this was before Tiffany was adopted), who have been at Pets Alive the longest and are still waiting for their forever home.  It was stuffed animals and bags of treats and a kong.

The letter said:

Tiffany, Cam and Bindi,

I know you will all find your forever homes and you will never be homeless again.
“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over … she became a butterfly.”
Love Doc and Mikki

P.S. The kong was a Christmas gift for Mikki.  Sadly, he died two weeks later so he barely used it.  The kong was the last “present” he would receive.  It was bought with tons of love.

Thank you Doc and Mikki.  That really touched us this week.

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