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Best Friends turns their back on NY – AGAIN

OreoSo we were able to get Oreo’s Law put forth again to the Agricultural Committee (Thank you Micah Kellner).

This is just the first step of getting this bill passed.

Truly none of us felt it would be a problem, initially, to get it through this first committee.  It was later we thought we’d have the true battle.  But we underestimated the ASPCA – they have done this before, we were neophytes.  They recognized that the best way to make sure it never saw the light of day was to influence the first committee to can it…and they did.  They didn’t actually shut it down, they were just able to get it “tabled”, which meant that months ago they just all agreed NOT to vote on it until next session.

So in that time, we estimate that 16,629 number of animals have died in New York Shelters as a result.

Well here we are again.

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Paying it Forward

So Best Friends said this, in the recent backlash they are getting over Oreo’s Law:

>>In 2007, Best Friends rescued a failed and dilapidated Pets Alive sanctuary by investing over a million dollars and 8 months of a rotating cadre of Best Friends staff to get the organization back on its feet. Best Friends has spent millions of dollars and countless hours of staff and volunteer time in the past few years bailing out or cleaning up after 501c3s and rescues that have gotten in over their head with animals they can’t handle. These include Pets Alive, Gabbs, Nevada, FLOCK in Las Vegas, Oasis Sanctuary in New York….

…In fact, a number of dogs from Pets Alive, to whom the current management did not feel they could do justice, and who had languished there in squalid conditions prior to our intervention in 2007, were taken in at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah.<<

jackYes, Best Friends, this is true. Well MOST of it. It wasn’t a million dollars you spent here. We know, because we got the bill from you that your past CEO, Paul Berry eventually waived, when he saw how great we were doing and how we would become a force for animals in this area. That bill, before it was waived, was just under $500,000. A minor point, but please, no need to inflate it. Let’s stick to the facts here. We have not bad mouthed you or beaten you up – in fact when people were saying they were going to withdraw support from you, we said “DON’T DO THAT”!  We have stressed how we disagree with your opinion on being neutral about this and how critical we needed your support on this bill. That’s it. Others have run with it and it has gone viral but to attack us isn’t really necessary. We didn’t…we COULD. Remember all the things that happened in those eight months? Ouch. We all know each others secrets, don’t we? Secrets that are better left between us, yes?

WE – Pets Alive – don’t really have any secrets. Our bad history has been all over the web (and we include it on our website). In fact, we make no secret about it at all – I am the one that called you when I saw Pets Alive, and how bad it was. I was the one that personally begged you to come down and save all the animals. WE, the people here now, are NOT the people that were here THEN when the situation was so bad. YOU put us here, YOU trained us, WE are YOU. We follow all your protocols, and all your job descriptions and indeed use YOUR adoption contract, and YOUR surrender forms, and your hiring methods – we are you. We are what you trained us to be. And you trained us to always be on the side of animals and speak out and help where we see wrong.

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Oreo’s Law: David versus Goliath?

There are so many forces at work with trying to get Oreo’s Law passed.
The ASPCA and the Mayor’s Alliance, both charged with saving animals and
given millions of dollars to do so, are pouring money and resources into
defeating the bill, ensuring that they continue to control which animals
live and die in New York City and throughout the state.

It’s a classic David versus Goliath proposition, and Goliath is winning.
They’ve convinced the chairman of the Agriculture Committee (Robert
Magee) to table the bill because the “language isn’t clear.” What part
of “if a qualified rescue requests an animal that would otherwise be
euthanized the request must be fulfilled” don’t they understand?

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Choosing the method of murder

So over the past week many of my friends, relatives and fellow rescuers, have been sending me a petition to sign.

I warn you that I see and read a lot of “horrible animal stuff” on a regular basis, doing what I do for a living. Reading this one resulted in a lot of grief and tears for me from the imagery it presented. I’m not quick to that reaction anymore. Perhaps I’ve been desensitized or learned coping methods of not letting it in too far. I won’t analyze it, but accept that how I shut a lot of it out is a necessary survival mechanism.

So I read a little of this one and was not able to shut it off and I didn’t finish the read. You can if you like, here is the link:

For the weak of heart I will summarize.

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Canine Gestapo in Ohio

Imagine this — there’s a knock on your door and two policemen and an Animal Control Officer enter your house. They walk to where your dog is sleeping peacefully on his bed, put the loop from a pole around his neck and drag him out. He is euthanized that evening along with dozens of others.

His crime? He’s a pit bull and he lives in Ohio. This is called breed-specific legislation, and the worst I’ve ever seen has been introduced by a moronic legislator by the name of Tyrone Yates of Cincinnati. Here is the yutz himself.

The details are simple:

The bill requires all owners to surrender their “pit bulls” within 90 days of the effective date of the proposed law. The bill is unequivocal that the dog warden “shall” euthanize all pit bulls within 10 days of their surrender.

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