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Joy’s Latest Update – Pets Alive Puerto Rico

It’s been ages since my last update in March, and so much has been going on! At that time we were waiting for a break in the rain so the cement trucks could come in – fast forward to mid April, and the building of the kennels runs were finally completed – we finally had a place to house dogs. YAY! There are three areas like the one you see in the photo, and they are located in three different areas of the property. Since then we have gotten pretty good at mixing cement and wielding a trowel ourselves, and we have used our new found talent to build additional kennels in the area under the house for tiny pups, birthing, and nursing moms.

Since April, we’ve rescued 219 dogs, including 17 nursing mothers and four pregnant females who gave birth at PAPR. Three of the dogs have been adopted at PAPR and three dogs were spayed and released in Utuado as part of our Trap/Neuter/Release program – a crucial component in a comprehensive plan to reduce the number of stray dogs over time. Read the rest of this entry »

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Kerry’s Latest Update – Sept 12 – Middletown

Sanctuary Animal Updates

Since my last update all the way back in May, 347 dogs were adopted and 328 dogs came in. Also 77 cats were adopted and 89 were taken in. We also adopted a horse, two pigs and four goats!

The highlight adoption since the last update, would HAVE to be our Robert! YES! If you didn’t know already, Robert, our parapalegic dog, was adopted last month! He even has his own FaceBook page now. Robert is doing so well and was adopted by the guy that would come here every single day to work with him on his physical therapy. I guess it was love, because once Robert was done with most of his main medical treatments, Joe decided it was time for him to come home with him. Thank you Joe, and Robert – the dog that taught us all so much about who WE are and what life really means – thank YOU for showing us the way and for helping us to learn more about our abilities and that we have no limitations! Read Robert’s adoption story here.

This past weekend was amazing for adoptions! We did an offsite event in Mt. Kisco which resulted in 45 animals going home and an additional 15 from our onsite sanctuaries in Middletown and Westchester – a total of 60 animals went home in one weekend! Shattered all our previous adoption records! It was really astonishing. Many rescues don’t even HAVE that many animals, and we placed that many in two days. It was just a whirlwind of fun, adoptions, happy animals and families. It’s what it is all about and we can’t stop grinning as we read all the updates and see all the pictures of our little ones in their homes, laying on soft beds and being cuddled. Thank you to all our volunteers and staff, who worked so hard to make this weekend such a success, and who do so much for us every week. YOU are why we have managed to rehome so many animals.

Unfortunately our transport vehicle died. Our “Magic Bus” had to be towed away from Mt. Kisco and back to our facility. A mechanic will come to look at it this week. We really are hoping that we can get it fixed. Without this transport vehicle there would be no way to get that many animals to an event. So please keep your fingers crossed that we can breathe a little magic back into the bus and that financially it won’t hurt us too badly to get it back up and running. Read the rest of this entry »

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Kerry’s Latest Update – Pets Alive Middletown

Sanctuary Animal Updates – Middletown

Since my last update all the way back in February we took in 210 dogs, 81 cats (not counting the Itty Bitty Kitty Rescue), and 3 farm animals. We adopted out 196 dogs, 61 cats and 5 farm animals. Winter are the slowest months, but I am still happy with those numbers here at the Middletown location.

Highlighted adoptions must be that we adopted all our Jack Russell trouble terrors (Ummm, I mean TERRIERS). There was Hercules – very senior JRT – ADOPTED! Then we adopted out Zippy (who could be nippy!), we adopted out Aaron (who was not house trained) and we adopted our Mr. Parker who was senior AND blind (although we got him a surgery that has now enabled him to be able to SEE out of one eye!!). So it was quite an eventful month for our little white terrors!

Itty Bitty Kitty Rescue:

When Pets Alive saw little kittens being killed by the dozens every day the the Animal Care and Control (ACC) shelters, we knew we couldn’t sit still and let this happen.

We stepped up and offered to take ALL the kittens, nursing mother’s, and bottle babies that the ACC had – and over the next two weeks we helped them get through kitten season by rescuing 108 lives! Read the rest of this entry »

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Jen’s Latest Update – Pets Alive Westchester

Sanctuary Animal Updates

It’s been a few months since my last update and boy have we been busy!! We had a very rough few months and due to budget constraints and a decreasing population of animals we made the very tough decision to lay off nearly a third of our staff in March. Since that time the remaining staff has been working extra hard to cover all the shifts. I am so thankful to them all for their tireless dedication, passionate devotion and extraordinary love for the animals in their care.

Intakes and Adoptions:

February: Intakes- 14 dogs, 22 cats and 0 rabbits

Adoptions- 36 dogs, 27 cats and 1 rabbits

March: Intakes- 45 dogs, 11 cats, and 1 rabbit

Adoptions- 38 dogs, 26 cats and 2 rabbits

April: Intakes- 45 dogs, 25 cats and 4 rabbits

Adoptions- 56 dogs, 15 cats, 4 rabbits

That’s a total of 205 adoptions in 3 months!
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Pets Alive Puerto Rico Update


It’s hard to believe that less than 10 weeks ago we packed up our life in NY and moved to Puerto Rico. In so many ways it was a move to Paradise. You’ve probably seen pictures of the house and property. A gorgeous house on the side of a mountain in the middle of the jungle. Spectacular views in every direction. Beautiful flowers everywhere – orchids grow wild here! There are bananas, papayas, almonds, avocados, mango, sugar cane, orange trees, peppers, tomatoes, herbs and we even found a pineapple! Lizards sun themselves on the walkway and scurry away as you approach. The days are filled with the the peaceful melody of the songbirds and the rustling of banana leaves. At night the music changes to a serenade of the tiny coqui (little frogs). On a clear night you can almost reach out and touch the stars. The people here are warm and loving, and they have welcomed us with open arms. We have already made good friends here. And new people come every day to visit! Some are neighbors, coming by to say hello and introduce themselves. Many are people who have heard about what we are doing and want to help. Or they are rescuers themselves and they need help. They need hope. WE ARE THAT HOPE. Read the rest of this entry »

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Jen’s Latest Update – Pets Alive Westchester

Sanctuary Animal Updates

It’s a new year and we have already seen many changes at Pets Alive Westchester (PAW). We said good bye to our beloved Executive Director Joy Carson and our Shelter & Facilities Manager Ken as they moved on to take on Pets Alive Puerto Rico. Joy and Ken did so much for PAW and our animals that I will be forever grateful to them! I’ll admit it- I was a little nervous when I first got to PAW. Many of you may know me as the Shelter Manager of Pets Alive in Middletown. I’m also one of the first staff members to visit the old Elmsford Animal Shelter when we originally stepped up to help. My first day at Pets Alive Westchester was in November, only about a year since I had been there last, and it was immediately apparent that a transformation of epic proportions had taken place. My nerves turned to overwhelming excitement and I have never been more certain that this is where I needed to be.

In January we adopted out 43 dogs, 31 cats, and 3 rabbits!! A total of 77 animals who found their forever homes in just one month! That’s a tremendous increase compared to January 2011. We are so excited to continue increasing our adoption rates each and every month. Due to the incredible rate of adoption we were able to collaborate on a mass rescue of over 100 dogs, with the ASPCA and committed to each and every animal from the JP Ranch Rescue in Arkansas, in addition to our regular intakes. Some of those dogs went to Pets Alive Middletown (PAM), but here at PAW we rescued 83 dogs, 12 cats, and 1 rabbit.

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Kerry’s update: February 13

WE NEED YOU AGAIN! CAARA back on the table (previously known as Oreo’s Law)
(Below written by John Sibley)

Though the ASPCA gives the occasional glimmer of hope, recent events remind me that they remain mired in a killing mentality and seek to preserve the status quo in sheltering, even fighting to expand the power of shelters to kill at will.

Recently the ASPCA convinced NYS Assemblywoman Amy Paulin to introduce their pseudo-shelter reform legislation. Embarrassed by the outcry in favor of Oreo’s Law (now CAARA), they immediately scrambled to write their own shelter reform law – one that they could claim made a difference for the better in the lives of NY animals while actually quietly blocking actual reform and expanding NY shelters’ power to kill.

The ASPCA co-opts meaningful shelter reform legislation largely by copying it but then including weasel words like substituting “may” for “shall”. So instead of requiring shelters to work with outside rescue groups, it simply says that they can if they choose to. Other meaningful reforms, like requiring shelters to scan for microchips, post found animals online, and make an effort to match lost and found animals are scuttled by including an exception if the shelter does not find it “practicable” to do so. Well, given the choice, they won’t find it practicable, which is why we need legislation that mandates it.

Most destructively and unbelievably, the ASPCA written legislation contains a clause that would, for all practical purposes, eliminate the legally mandated holding period for stray animals by allowing shelters to kill any animal who they found to be in “psychological pain”. This is nothing less than a declaration of war on feral cats, scared dogs, or any animal that found themselves scared and confused upon being brought into the chaotic shelter environment – or any animal they simply wanted to find a flimsy excuse to kill. Animals judged by laypeople with no training whatsoever to be in “psychological pain” could be killed instantly on admission to the shelter and bypass the legally required holding period to give their owners the chance to find them.

New Yorkers, we need your help – quickly. This bill, known as New York Assembly Bill A05449A, will face its first committee vote on Wednesday, February 15th. We haven’t much time. The first thing we need to do is to tell our elected officials that we will not tolerate an ASPCA encouraged increase in shelter killing in New York State.

Please visit New York State Assemblywoman Amy Paulin’s Facebook page and leave her a polite, personal comment asking her to withdraw her bill, A05449A, from consideration. Asw. Paulin is up for re-election in November and wants to be a champion of animals in New York State, and she probably would not want to risk her re-election on being dubbed Amy “Quick Kill” Paulin. You might also consider sending her a message on Twitter, although she appears to use that less. Also drop an email to ASPCA President and CEO Ed Sayres and ASPCA Board President Mary Jo White and let them know what you think of their organization’s legislation. Then visit the following four links to email key legislators to send them your thoughts:

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

Link 4

Keep in mind that although you can use the text that’s been written for you, a heartfelt personal note always goes a long way.

Finally, support REAL change in the form of CAARA, which mandates REAL reform instead of making it optional. CAARA is trying to get the support of NYS Senator Patty Richie, Chair of the Senate Agricultural Committee, and her support would really help move the bill forward. Email her here and ask her to support this lifesaving effort – and you can read more about CAARA here and read the complete text of the bill here. New York’s animals deserve better than the deadly slight of hand of the ASPCA Quick Kill. They deserve the lifesaving provisions of CAARA.

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Pets Alive Westchester Update – Joy Carson moving on!

Ring Out The Old, Ring In The New

After one year as Executive Director of Pets Alive Westchester, I am leaving to take on the role of Executive Director of Pets Alive Puerto Rico. It’s a bittersweet transition for me.

While I look forward to the new challenge in Puerto Rico, I look around and see so much still to be done in Westchester.
Mostly I see the faces of the animals. I have come to love each and every one of them, and leaving them is very difficult. But I know I am leaving them in capable hands. Jenessa Taylor, the new Executive Director, is able to step into this role without missing a beat. She comes to PAW from Pets Alive Middletown, where she was the Executive Administrator working right alongside the President of the Board and Executive Director at Middletown. Jen has extensive knowledge and experience in handling the day to day operation as well as in keeping the long term goals on track. She knows that the top priority is to get these animals into loving homes and to ensure that their lives are enriched while they are still here. The staff at Pets Alive Westchester is a strong group of committed, capable, caring, compassionate people. Led by Jenessa, they will not only accomplish the goals already set forth, but with your support, they will take Pets Alive Westchester to places not yet imagined!

So go ahead – RING OUT THE OLD!

It has been such an honor working with you to lead this organization over the past year, and to be able to play a small part in helping to improve the lives of the animals at Pets Alive Westchester. Thank you all for being a part of PAW, and for all your support and encouragement.

Always remember that none of this can happen without you, so please give generously in 2012 of your time, your money and most of all your love. Thank you for loving the animals. Your love worked miracles in 2011. There are more miracles to come in 2012.



Joy XOXOXO Read the rest of this entry »

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Pets Alive Puerto Rico Update

Abandoned dog at Dead Dog BeachIt all started 2 years ago. A rescue organization called Manos Por Patas  asked us to help by taking the dogs they saved from Dead Dog Beach in Puerto Rico. Dead Dog Beach was known to be a dumping ground for unwanted dogs, and considered a place to go for “sport” by some of the locals to abuse and torment the animals.  It was definitely a horror show and many organizations were trying to make a difference there and help the dogs.  We were tentative at first, not knowing what to expect in these dogs, but could not have been more pleasantly surprised.

The dogs that arrived were some of the nicest dogs we have ever taken in. Happy, excited, friendly and grateful to be here. It was interesting to us because these dogs that had never lived in a home, had some of the best home “manners” of any we had seen.  Almost all of them seemed to be house trained when we adopted them to families.  We assume it is because they have always gone outside, so eliminating there was natural to them, having lived outside their whole lives.  They also didn’t “take off” when the door or gate was opened.  Most of them stayed right there at the house or in the yard.  They had found a home, and no longer did they seem to want to wander or run.  They were happy, and fed, and loved.

They were all also good with other dogs!  Having lived their lives on the beach with a pack of dogs, they had adapted well to communal living and sharing space and food.  Wonderfully social dogs.  They were also almost all small to medium size which is highly adoptable.

Puppy from DDBWe were pulling in dogs that had miserable lives, no vetting, no care, no affection or love – and they turned out to be some of the best and most highly adoptable dogs we had ever encountered.  We not only felt we NEEDED to save more – we WANTED to!  We worked more and more closely with this organization but ultimately they closed down and asked us to take over their mission. We met about it, and it was 100% unanimous.  We had to help.  We had to continue saving the dogs that were in such desperate need.

And so we continued to save dogs remotely, but this wasn’t an ideal arrangement.  The expense for vetting and boarding was astronomical.  Marisol and Rob Thomas are members of our board, and Marisol is a proud Puerto Rican. She has a fire in her heart for the dogs of the island.  She and Rob wanted us to do everything possible to help. So Rob and Marisol, through their Sidewalk Angels Foundation, have donated $250,000 to set the wheels in motion, and we embarked on a mission to build a sanctuary in Puerto Rico. Read the rest of this entry »

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Kerry’s Update – November 1, 2011

I really can’t believe I have been so negligent in sending out the updates. My apologies to all! In the future I will try to make SURE I do one every month. I have been writing blogs though, and I hope you will read those as they do provide an update as to what has been going on. My favorite was “In the interests of Tyson”. Hope you will read it. There are also updates in the blogs regarding Pets Alive Puerto Rico and Pets Alive Westchester.

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