Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

Hi. I’m Cam!

Hard to believe 2018 is coming to an end. So many wonderful things have happened since I wrote you last year. Ms. Becky tells me that over 500 of our friends here at Pets Alive have found loving homes!  Some of her long-time friends finally have homes to call their own — including Millie, Oatmeal and Josie, all who waited over five years. Did you have a hand in making this happen? I think you did, and don’t tell anyone but Ms. Becky shed a few tears when she told me, she was so happy. She very much wishes we all would find families to call our own.

Santa, since I’m pretty sure you had a hand in helping Millie, Oatmeal and Josie, I was wondering if you could help me with a few more Christmas wishes this year? And in the true Christmas spirit, not even one of them is for me.

Hi! I’m Willy!

My first wish is for Willy. Willy is a big boy with a big heart. When I asked Ms. Becky how such a handsome fella like Willy could still be at Pets Alive waiting for his family to find him after five years, she sighed and said, “Sometimes I just don’t have the answers, Cam.”  Ms. Becky told me Willy is a good boy, he is sweet, a little bit of a wallflower, but if you give him a little bit of attention, his love for you will light up the room. Ms. Becky said Willy was found in a kind person’s backyard with no note or any clue as to how he found himself there, but was just looking for someone to love him. So if you could find a kind family to love Willy, he promises to light up their world with his love.

Hi! I’m Nala!

My second wish is for Nala. You see Santa, Nala is breaking Ms. Becky’s heart. Nala is the victim of divorce and, instead of her family fighting for her, they gave her up. Now this slightly grey-in-the-muzzle 11 year old is finding herself spending the holidays in a kennel instead of sleeping in front of a fireplace surrounded by family. She is the perfect girl, loves everyone she meets, both human and canine, but so many people come in looking for puppies or young dogs. Ms. Becky worries that Nala is going to get overlooked because of a few grey hairs. Santa, could you please bring a family for Nala who will appreciate the love of a senior pet. Speaking as a senior myself, I can tell you we have a special kind of love to share with our families.

Santa, my third and last wish this year is for Ms. Becky and Pets Alive. 2018 marks the 30th year Pets Alive has been in operation, and it has been an amazing 30 years with many ups and some downs. Ms. Becky sometimes worry how we will make it through even one more month, especially when one of us gets sick or something breaks (and given how long we have been around and how old our buildings are, lots of things break). Ms. Becky and everyone at Pets Alive has been working hard, and right now something special is happening: When someone donates to our general animal care fund, a wonderful couple will make a matching donation to our kennel building project fund up to $250,000! So Santa, if you could please spread the word about this amazing opportunity for all of us at Pets Alive, we know it will help guide the way to our next 30 years.


ps…prefer to donate with a check? Mail it to Pets Alive, 363 Derby Road, Middletown, NY 10940.

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