Caboodle needs your help

Caboodle at Pets Alive after her surgery

When Caboodle went for a ride on Easter Sunday, he figured he was going someplace fun with the family to celebrate the day. Little did he know, he was being returned to Pets Alive after living in a household for 8 years. Caboodle, a 10-year-old senior, didn’t take to the new 2-year-old pup the family got. The young dog was rambunctious and too excitable for Caboodle’s more laid-back style. Seniority didn’t matter. Caboodle lost out and back to the shelter he went.

When Caboodle came in, we noticed a growth under his eye so on Tuesday, he had surgery to remove the growth. He’s now back at Pets Alive and out and about, waiting for his new home! But now we are faced with the surgical expense.


Then there’s Candella, a 6-year old dog who came from a shelter in Georgia in 2015 along with her puppies. Candella got adopted a few months later but then came back shortly thereafter. She has now been at Pets Alive for over 3 years awaiting her forever home. She prefers a quiet household but once this sweet girl gets to know you, she loves belly runs and snuggling by your side.

Kelly Sue

And finally, there’s Kelly Sue, a 7-year-old cat, was adopted and lived in a home but came back to Pets Alive after the daughter went to college and the family no longer wanted the cat. She’s now looking for her forever home once again.

All three of these animals have something in common. Adopted…and returned by a family that would not or could not care for them any longer. Pets Alive makes a life-time commitment to an animal. Once they are adopted, if it doesn’t work out, we will take the animal back and care for him or her until they find another home.

But all this takes money. Won’t you make a donation today to help pay for Caboodle’s surgery and care of Candella, Kelly Sue and all the 200-plus animals here at Pets Alive?

Sidewalk Angels Foundation has pledged up to $20,000 as a matching gift to help us raise money! All donations made in the Fund the Shelter’s Challenge now through May 9 will be DOUBLED up to $20,000 and will be used to replenish our medical fund.*Hundreds of animal rescue organizations are entered into the Challenge; the organization that raises the most money by May 9 will win a $50,000 grant from sponsor, Michelson Found Animals! To learn more about the Challenge: GO HERE.

Prefer to send a donation check? Mail it to us at Pets Alive, 363 Derby Road, Middletown, NY 10940. Please write “Challenge” on the check. Check donations will be doubled and get the matching gift, however they are not eligible towards the sponsor prizes. Only online donations count towards the sponsor prizes.

We thank you and so do the animals! Your support is crucial to preparing animals for adoption and keeping them healthy as they await their forever home.

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