URGENT: Cupid needs your love and support

**Warning: Graphic images**

How law enforcement found Cupid

Cupid, a badly abused dog, was brought to us by law enforcement; she is what we refer to here at Pets Alive as a “scoop and run”.

As Cupid arrived, her paws never even touched the ground as one team transferred her to our vehicle and another team ran for the phone to alert our veterinarian, Catskill Veterinary Services, PLLC, that we were en route with an emergency.

Open, raw and bloody wounds were all over her legs, an environment highly susceptible to infection and a source of pain.

Yet, she is a kind and gentle dog, letting the veterinarian team examine her even though she was abused and in pain.

Cupid being examined by the medical team

Cupid’s days of abuse though, are over. She is currently hospitalized where she is receiving multiple types of treatment for her wounds. The medical team is using a wet-to-dry dressing on her wounds, which involves placing moist saline gauze onto the wound bed, then allowing it to dry and adhere to the tissue in the wound bed.

Wet-to-dry dressings are a non-selective debridement method that removes necrotic (dead) tissue. Sadly, there is not enough healthy skin to even close the wounds at this point, but over time, through treatment, her skin will improve. Once that dead tissue is removed, the wounds can start the healing process.

Cupid goes for a walk after having her wounds wrapped

She is also receiving water therapy to promote healthy skin and laser therapy for pain management – and antibiotics to fight off infection.

Cupid will heal in time, however, it will take intensive care for months for her to recover.

We have committed ourselves to Cupid’s healing knowing that our community, our supporters, our friends, our volunteers, and our adopters will join us in that commitment to help Cupid heal – and  be loved and spoiled the way it should have always been.

Can we count on you to help Cupid and share some love this Valentine’s Day and help us pay for her medical expenses?

Prefer to send us a check to help Cupid?  Mail a check to Pets Alive, 363 Derby Road, Middletown, NY 10940 and write “Cupid” on the check.

Thank you once again for being our lifeline to help the animals!

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