Frontline Heroes

Thank you to the Doctors. Thank you to the Nurses. Thank you to the EMTs. Thank you to the Police. Thank you to the Firemen. Thank you to the Paramedics. Thank you to the Medical Housekeeping Staff. Thank you to those working in Grocery Stores and Pharmacies. Thank you to our Veterinarians and their support staff. Thank you to all of you, the frontline heroes in this Coronavirus battle.

At Pets Alive, our frontline heroes wear muck boots, gloves, and bleach-stained shirts. They wield litter and pooper scoopers, hoses, mops and squeegees. And they give their everything to the animals they care for.

During these difficult days, everything at Pets Alive is the same yet different in some surreal sense of normalcy. Every day starts with a buzz of activity of feeding, medicating, cleaning and caring for the animals, but there is a quietness to it all.  The laughter, the hum, the heartbeat is muffled by the fear of what the day’s news will bring.

In a world where most of us are afraid to leave the safety of our homes, our frontline heroes are facing those fears and giving more of themselves than ever before. They worry not only about themselves and their families, they worry about the animals in their care.  They worry about how we will afford medical care, food, and supplies. They worry about fulfilling their emotional needs, now that our volunteers must stay away. They worry what will happen if one of them becomes ill. In a world of daily worry and fear, they continue to stand up and stand strong for the animals they love and care for.

Imagine if every single one of you donated just one dollar. That dollar from each of you would alleviate some of that worry from our frontline heroes as they continue to show up for the animals day after day.  Will you show up for them today?

Thank you for your everlasting support!

Becky Tegze
Executive Director
Pets Alive





ps…prefer to send a donation check? Mail us a check to: Pets Alive, 363 Derby Road, Middletown, NY 10940

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