Lily Palmieri – A special kid


Got a great letter a few months ago and I keep meaning to put it up but I misplaced the picture that went with it. JUST FOUND it….as you can see the picture is PRICELESS!!!

I HAD to find it in order to post this fabulous letter. Note that the markups on the picture were done by Lily!

Lily – you are AWESOME! Thank you! Unfortunately there was no return address, so I was unable to thank her or call her!If anyone knows her, please put her in touch with us. :)

Dear Pets Alive,
My name is Lily Palmieri and I just turned 10 years old. For my Birthday I didn’t want any gifts, instead I asked for donations to pets alive. I raised $250. The reason I did this is because I love animals and I always wanted to take care of them. I hope the money I raised helps out. Someday when I get older I would like to volunteer and help out at pets alive. You guys are doing a great job. You are all awesome.
Lily Palmieri

P.S. Here’s a picture of all of my friends who helped out by donating money.

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  1. Trudy Says:

    Hi Lily,
    What an awesome thing you did!!
    I think I’ll do the same for my birthday :)
    Thanks for the great idea!
    I’m not so sure you have to wait until you are
    older to help out at Pets Alive.
    I’m pretty sure Kerry can find plenty for you to do :)

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  3. Lily Says:

    hey its lily palmieri. you guys are great peole i wish to be just like u guys when i get older. someday i hope i can go to pets alive with my friend and volunteer to help you guys if you need any email adress is: i hpe u can email me back. i found out about pets alive from rob and marisol thomas. it would be a honor for me and my friend to meet you and people who donated money like rob and marosal thomas and all of your workers who help out. so if u can try to email me back. ps. i would love to donate money agian this year for my birthday. byee!! 😉

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