Kerry’s Update – October 6

Thank you ALL for your letters and calls to Rich at the Manhattan Comedy Club – PLEASE STOP NOW. Rich spoke to us and we have ironed it all out. It was a bad misunderstanding that we settled very amicably. Please continue to support his club – nowadays we can all use a laugh and he has some great comics coming up. We thank you all so much for contacting the club and asking for them to work with us on resolving this, because it worked. It put us all together again to talk it out and work out a solution. Rich turned out to be a really nice guy and we were able to retain a relationship. Thank you all for your help, and thank you to Bob Luparello for his help with this. He is going to be doing a show at the club on October 16th and 17th. Go check him out!

Sanctuary animal updates:
The following dogs were adopted since my last update on September 11th: Dozer, Bernie, Minna, Dutchess, Bengal, Newton, Starlet, Dove, Lacey, Wolfman, Samantha, Ruby, Mya, Sally, Sparky, Isis, Glory, Rocky, Max, Kimmy, Zack, Annie, Rogue, Mason, Compton, Jade, Adler, Louise, and Harley.

In addition to that we didn’t have a bad month for cats either. Billy the cat, Hansel, Trixie, Sweet Sugar, Gretel, and Little Sam all found their forever homes too.

Mary and Francis – two horses – also found THEIR forever home.


This month we took in 32 dogs. Eight dogs came in from local surrenders, three came from OK, three from VA, ten from KY, five from SC, and two from OH. We also had Lenny returned because he is an escape artist, and we lost our beloved Mush-dog, and we also lost one of our feral cats, Mel.

We took in a slew of cats – don’t even ask! – there are kittens just about everywhere, and we’re going a little nuts. Come down and get a kitten, will ya? Or two – they’re small. Also two goats! Yes, we have goats again! We took in two goats which we promptly renamed Goatie McGoat and McTavish McGoat. Come see them, they are hysterical. You can’t be depressed around goats, they are just too funny.

Job Opening:

We have an admin job available. Can be anywhere from three to five days a week (your choice), at least one weekend day is mandatory, other days are negotiable. Hours are 10-3 on weekends and 10-2 on weekdays. We are losing Pam, our administrator and so we are looking for someone with good computer skills, good people skills, someone that enjoys talking to people on the phone, problem solving, thinking outside the box, self motivated, etc. This person is many people’s first impression of Pets Alive. All sorts of people call or visit every day to request help with their animals, to surrender animals, to follow up on something, to speak with the directors, or medical staff, etc. We need someone to be an ambassador for Pets Alive. That is one of the most important aspects of the job. You are also responsible for all the animal data, cage cards, adoption records, some volunteer orientations, greeting visitors (and perhaps showing them around), and a host of other things we think up as we go. :) – please email if you are interested.

For Rent
Bed and Breakfast next to Pets Alive
The gray house that is on the Pets Alive property will be available for rent on November 1, 2009.

We are going to first ask any of our main mailing list members if they are interested before listing it in the paper. The house has three bedrooms (one has a large walk in closet, another of the bedrooms is quite small), one and a half bathrooms, an unfinished basement with a washer and dryer, and a kitchen and living room. The house has all appliances – dishwasher, stove, refrigerator, washer, dryer etc. There is AMPLE room for parking. It also has a fenced in yard and a back screened in porch.

We are – of course – PET FRIENDLY, so your pets are MORE than welcome! (In fact they’re almost MANDATORY!)

The rent is $1000 a month, which does not include utilities, snow removal, or lawn maintenance (come on – we can barely keep up with the weed whacking at the sanctuary!)
You would be expected to keep up with those things if you were living there. We’d love it if you were handy too, because it could use a little work and we won’t complain if you do it. :)
You should also enjoy the sounds of the occasional cacophony of barking dogs. And in the interest of honesty, this picture was taken years ago before the shrubs grew up all over the side of the house – feel free to cut them all down – we’ll supply the hedge trimmer!

Please CONTINUE to vote for Pets Alive in the shelter challenge

The Animal Rescue SiteWe WERE number TWO and have dropped down to number seven. We REALLY need your help with this – the easiest $20,000 we could ever earn. Please take a moment to ask your friends to also vote? You need to vote EVERY day to add up the votes for us. Thank you all SO MUCH for the ones that have been doing it, we really appreciate it, as well as all of you that are willing to start now! The Animal Rescue Site is hosting this special challenge for shelter and rescue groups. The grand prize is a $20,000 grant, and they will be awarding many other grants to rescue groups with the most votes. Think how many animals we could help for $20,000! Help us win! All you have to do is click this link, and then vote. Enter Pets Alive (two words) and NY for the state and then click VOTE! There is no cost to vote and no registration required. But you need to vote once a day, every day, from September 14th through December 20th, 2009. Every time you vote, or tell a friend to vote, you are making a huge difference for us. Vote today! PLEASE!

General Updates:

The next Humane Education Class will be held on Saturday, October 10th at 10 am. This class will focus on animals with disabilities, and will feature three handicapped dogs – Lucky and Zoe (who were adopted from Pets alive) and Lilly. All are loving companions to Lynne Przychodzki. Lucky and Zoe use wheelchairs to get around. For more information about the classes or to register, please email Please noe that these classes are DIFFERENT every week! We have a series of five DIFFERENT classes right now, so if your child already attended one, you can bring them every session, to learn something new. The class on the 10th should be an amazing experience with the “wheelchair dogs”. Please come with your children (parents are welcome and encouraged to stay!).

This is NOT the kitten that needed the leg amputationCat Update:
We had no water for three days up at the brick house and Dale had to wash all the cat dishes, litter pans and other utensils of the trade, in a big tub of water in the driveway. The boys were nice enough to run a hose up there for her, but I must say it was rather hysterical to see her sitting on an upturned bucket washing like they did in the old days! Thanks for your patience Dale!

We also took in a kitten that needed a leg amputation. It was really sad, and going to be very costly. It was interesting timing, because we got a call from a vet’s office and they had a client that wanted to put down an elderly dog – but there was nothing wrong with the dog, would we consider taking it in? My wheels started turning and I said, how about we scratch each other’s back? You do the surgery on this kitten for us and a dental on another cat that we need and we will take in this dog for you. The vet agreed!! John transported for us (it was far away) and in the end the vet fell in love with the kitten and adopted her!!! That was such a GREAT ending for all. Now we just have to find a home for the senior dog, but he is so fabulous, we all adore him, so I’m sure he will find a new home soon.

BTW, Peg (of Peg and Jim) fractured her foot and is home not allowed to walk on it. Her and her husband Jim come a few times a week to work with the cats, but it hasn’t stopped Jim. He is still coming in- alone…Peg – Dale says to tell you that she and the kitties miss you!

Horse Updates:

Glen has been having some troubles. He is blind in one eye now and he has severe arthritis and hip issues. We are not sure how much more time this elderly horse has left. Winters can be tough on horses and we’ll do our best to care for him and get him through it. He has been moved to this side of the road now, so he has a barn stall and lots of pasture, and now he has two companions – the goats live with him! At first he was TERRIFIED of them (hey who wouldn’t be – goats are just plain nuts!) but now he is always hanging out with them and trying to groom them. He can also hang over the fence with the other horses too. Glen is a stallion, so it is difficult to match him with another horse (this is why you should GELD your horses folks!), and he is also very elderly and feeble so another horse could easily hurt him. Horses ARE herd animals though so it was important for us to find him a companion and keep him in a place where he could at least see, and now interact, with other horses.

We get very frequent updates from Cindy, who adopted Mary and Francis. Francis is having a tough time with his feet again, and she is dealing with it very lovingly. This was my favorite of her update comments recently:

“I love his personality! He’s definitely got one :) Mary too–she is so sweet also. It ain’t no picnic picking up those big ‘ol feet of his either. He really needs some good hoof care to get him over these problems. Hopefully I can get him past this and he will be more comfortable. Every morning Mary is waiting at the gate for me. She tosses her head around, sometimes talks to me in her low deep voice–I think she about lives to eat. Her belly is big and round :) I love having them here!” Sigh. Me too. I’m so happy they are safe and so well cared for with Cindy.

Upcoming Events or Fundraisers

  • Tickets are now on sale for the BIG 50/50 Raffle! $20 each, only 1,000 tickets will be sold, winner gets $10,000. The drawing to be held December 13th, 1pm at Pets Alive. Winner need not be present to win. Please everyone buy at least one ticket, or better yet, buy a whole book and sell to your and family, too! Someone is going to be the big winner – why not you? Click here to purchase a ticket now or stop into the kennel office any day of the week between 10-3 to purchase.
  • Dancing For DogsOctober 17th, 7:30 PM – Dancing for Dogs – and Cats, Horses and more!
    For Choreographer Liz Geyer, the subject is “Rescue”. For Pets Alive, a no kill sanctuary for pets and farm animals, it is the same. Pets Alive is in the business of rescuing animals. Ms Geyer is hosting a fundraising benefit dance performance for the sanctuary on October 17 at the Paramount Theater in Middletown. All proceeds after expenses will be donated to Pets Alive and will help care for the many animals they rescue every year. For Ms. Geyer it is a chance to give back. An avid dog lover, Ms Geyer adopted an eight year old spayed dog from a local humane society. The dog turned out to be four weeks pregnant, and five weeks later, gave birth to a litter of puppies in the basement of Ms Geyer’s home. Eight weeks later Pets Alive took the six fat, happy puppies in, gave them their shots, wormed and had them neutered, and quickly adopted them out. It all sounds so easy, but aside from the time, energy and care that goes into rescuing animals, it costs a lot of money. Adoption fees do not cover these expenses. So Ms. Geyer, who was a dancer with the New York City Ballet and currently is a teacher and choreographer, decided to dedicate the proceeds of her next production to help fill the coffers of Pets Alive. Tickets will go on sale at the box office at the Paramount Theater in September. For more information, contact Liz at 845-258-1500 at her studio, or The Paramount Theater is located at 17 South St., Middletown, NY.
    (Thank you Liz!!!!)
  • We have hooked up with Cards for Causes. They are a premier provider of personalized Business All Occasion Cards, Holiday Cards, Invitations and Announcements and every purchase benefit charities and other good causes. If you buy your holiday cards for them, or invitations etc, they donate a large part of that to us. They even show you how much will go to Pets Alive. You HAVE TO USE THIS LINK though in order for that to happen. So please consider ordering your cards from this site!
  • October 17th, Shop For A Cause: Shop at Macy’s and Support Pets Alive.
    On October 17, Macy’s presents Shop For A Cause. If you donate $5 to Pets Alive you get a pass for that day where you can save up to 25% on your purchases. You can also enter for a chance to win a $500 Macy’s gift card. Pets Alive gets to keep the entire donation for the pass as well. Click here to get your pass mailed to you. Clip the shopping image or here to buy your shopping ticket.
  • Linda Eder is a singer who encourages her fans to leaves quarters on the stage at every show she does (often fans leave much more!). Linda collects these quarters and once a year turns that all over to Pets Alive. Over the years she has raised about $30,000 in this way for us. She has two upcoming concerts in the area and we urge you to attend. If you’ve never heard her, you have no idea what you’re missing. She is really wonderful. Check out her website at Upcoming concerts: October 2nd, 2009 at The Community Theatre, Morristown, NJ and October 17th, 2009 at Town Hall, New York, NY.
  • Send a Gift of Love!Gift Cards: Looking for the perfect gift? Give Pets Alive for all your occasions. Make a donation to Pets Alive in someone’s name and we’ll send them a card that you can personalize. We currently have six cards (dogs, cats,a mouse, and a horse) to choose from, and six different occasions (Birthday, Celebration, Sympathy, etc). Click here to see all our cards and send one today! You can also add a personal message to your card.

Have you checked out this months featured letter?
Click here to read it…while you are there check out
some of our other featured letters. They are a hoot!

Help Us. Help THEM.
We need your sponsorships. When Sara died, we were left in a very bad financial position. The first year Best Friends helped pull us through. The second year Marisol and Rob Thomas and their charity SideWalk Angels pulled us through, but this coming year we’re in a bind. We MUST increase our income and revenues. We are starting now to apply for grants and we have an event and fund raising committee, but we have so many hopes, dreams and plans. One way we can use the fund raising as help instead of as need is to increase our monthly sponsorships. Will you commit to helping us for just one year?

Every year millions of animals die in the United States alone. 4-5 million. Pets Alive pulls animals from euthanasia lists at other shelters. We know you may not have the time to come down here and help or donate your time, or adopt another animal – but what you do have is precious to them and to us. Your sponsorship.

Almost every dog in our shelter was saved, often hours or even minutes from death. Our turn around for getting them vetted and into their forever homes is often within 21-45 days. YOUR sponsorship can help save the life of a dog or a cat every single month. It is less than the price of a cup of coffee every day. Just $25 a month will SAVE THE LIFE of a cat. Just $35 a month will SAVE THE LIFE of a dog.

Sponsor a Pet!
YOU will save that life. YOU will be responsible for it. Every month when your credit card gets automatically billed that small amount you can look at it and know that another life has been saved thanks to you, or another needle was stopped in mid air, or gas chamber door was slammed closed today, – thanks to your donation. I promise. That is all we need to continue to save these precious and innocent lives every month. Your sponsorship. Please. Help us to help them. We need you. THEY need you. Together we can stop the killing.

Thank you’sJohn Heads – again – for transporting our amputation kitty, and another cat to Yorktown heights and bringing the cat and an additional dog back! Thanks also for on an hour’s notice getting in the car and driving six hours round trip to pick up a little dog for us. You are always there for us John, thank you.A special thank you to Becky T. for working with Sparky, a dog she loved very much, and helping him find his wonderful forever home. She bought him a t-shirt and
a new collar, and then dressing him up for his journey home with his new family. Becky is a regular at Pet Alive, coming almost every day to love on the animals and help where needed.
Thank you very much to Davey for all the work on the tractor, the water pump – just all around helpful guy around here. We so appreciate you!

Thank you to Anthony and Trudy for working on the MySpace and Facebook pages! That is so awesome of you guys, thanks. Thanks also to Anthony for taking on our Petfinder site and for Trudy in helping with our follow up calls!

Thank you to new volunteer Jennifer, a Reiki Master who has been working with Rem, Bindi, Peanut, Cam and “Angry” Oreo” (the cat).

Thanks to Matt for making the delicious ziti for “A Night Of Laughs for the Animals” at the Manhattan Comedy Club, and to Ingrid for baking the great cookies, and to Roxanne running the raffles. A big thank you goes to Dr. Gordon for purchasing 30 tickets and inviting the staff to attend, and to everyone who bought tickets and came to support Pets Alive.

Thanks Tom and Kory, for coming out in the rain to cut down trees near the brick house.

Thanks to all the volunteers who worked the Pets Alive table at the Hounds for Hospice dog walk. Without willing volunteers we would not be able to go out into the community and spread the word about Pets Alive. Thank You to Fran, Lauren, Matt, Kim, Chris, Mimi ( who brought Sandy, a very sweet Pets Alive dog who is up for adoption) Thanks to Zoe, a beautiful St. Bernard who was adopted from Pets Alive and now comes to these events with her mom (Alina), dad (Richard) and sister (Nevada). Zoe is a great ambassador, representing all Pets Alive adoptees. And thanks to Lisa and Kayla who ran
the “Kissing Booth”, and to Bleu, for giving out so many doggie kisses! The Kissing Booth is a huge hit at these events, and we thank Richard and Alina for transporting it to and from the event.

Thank you Becky for all the photos you take for us – it is truly this gift from you that makes them so adoptable on petfinder. You have saved so many lives just by being the one that snaps the photos for us. THANK YOU for everything you do for us.

Thank you to everyone that donated paper trays to us this month- you are the best. Greatly needed and you all came through. AS ALWAYS.

All they have….IS YOU.

Current Needs:
FRONTLINE AND ADVANTIX for dogs (HELP!!), Slip leads, Panacur dewormer (the big bottles of equine liquid has been working well for us!), wet wipes, bleach, ½” split keyrings, dog toys, stamps, paper towels, toilet bowl cleaner, Murphy’s Oil Soap and Libman wonder mopheads, empty computer ink cartridges (Staples will give Pets Alive $3 each for the empties). Thank you for your kind consideration on these items!

Did You Know:

  • We follow up on all our adopted animals. We call after 3 days, then 3 weeks, then 3 months to make sure everything is going ok. If there are any negative comments, the person immediately works with one of our trainers to try to work it out!
  • Our plans for the future include building a low-cost spay/neuter & medical clinic on site to help us AND the local community. This building would also house a classroom for Humane Education and small adoption rooms for families to meet their new pets!
  • Our capacity for dogs in summer is about 110 (but we like to keep it at 70-90) but in winter it is only about 65. (That is because in the winter we have to move all dogs indoors to our heated kennel and they just come to the outdoor area in nice weather). But don’t worry – their heated kennels have indoor/outdoor access & they still get walked by volunteers every day, even in the bitter cold! We have the BEST volunteers!
  • By using and designating Pets Alive as your charity, we get money? So far $1020 raised (since 2007)
  • Pets Alive was started over 30 years ago after a dog saved the life of the founders son? Story here.
  • Pets Alive has goats again?
  • Pets Alive has a HUGE dog walk that winds through the woods; built & maintained ENTIRELY by volunteers. All dogs walked daily!
  • Pets Alive has communities of feral cats (more than 20) that we care for and watch over (also help us with rodent control!)
  • There are TWO executive directors of the sanctuary, Kerry & Matt. He travels 1.5 hours every day (each way) & takes NO salary!
  • Pets Alive consists of almost 80 acres. We own about 40 acres on each side of the road.
  • Pets Alive has 6 full time workers, 4 part time and the rest is handled by volunteers! We have amazingly wonderful volunteers.
  • Pets Alive rescues horses & goats as well as cats & dogs? At one time we also had pigs, birds, cows and sheep. Even an EMU!
  • Pets Alive is a cage free environment. None of our cats live in cages and none of our dogs stay in crates or cages.
  • Pets Alive has asked ALL local kill shelters to contact us FIRST before euthanizing healthy animals to see if we can help!
  • Pets Alive is a no kill animal sanctuary. We never euthanize animals for space, behavior etc. Our staff work w/all our animals.
  • Pets Alive vet bill is between $6000 – $8000 every month? (this is why we want to build a medical building on site).
  • Pets Alive can have anywhere from 200-300 animals at a time?

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