What has happened to compassion in our shelters?

saddogSo recently a group that we have tremendous respect for, and work with frequently, contacted us about the Chesterfield, SC shelter. This is the shelter that some time ago was attacked for being one of the cruelest in the nation, (allowing dogs to maul each other, killing dogs that had rescues or homes lined up, not feeding the animals, etc etc). There was also a huge outcry from the public to dismantle their barbaric gas chamber (that went un-inspected for years and basically TORTURED the dogs to death) and to stop the other horrors that went on. Their response to the naysayers and the whistle blowers? They sneered and killed ALL the dogs – EVEN THE ONES THAT HAD RESCUES WAITING FOR THEM.

Well. That sure taught all those naysayers a lesson, didn’t it?

The group we work with stopped helping there after that. They were so sick about this, so deeply sick and wounded that all these dogs died as “retaliation” that they couldn’t go back and help anymore. Did that mean anything to the shelter workers? No. They don’t CARE people. Do you think I’m kidding? Lying? Making this up? Exaggerating? I’m not.

puppy2These people are easily capable of taking puppies and young, happy, healthy dogs and murdering them – dogs that in some cases already had HOMES with loving people waiting for them – because they were ticked at some of the rescue groups for objecting to their inhumane treatment of the animals in their “care”. Speaks volumes, doesn’t it? And seriously…come on…what MONSTER KILLS PUPPIES???? WHO THE HELL KILLS PUPPIES?? Who the hell gets up in the morning, goes to work and murders freaking puppies? ESPECIALLY puppies that had rescues waiting to take them in!

OK, so let’s get back to the story, and readers, if you think this is the EXCEPTION to sheltering in this country and this is a RARE case, then I tell you WAKE UP.

This is NOT the exception. Crap like this goes on EVERYWHERE and this is one of the MANY reasons we need Oreo’s Law passed – to stop this from happening by people that don’t care about our animals. People that will KILL animals to teach other’s a “lesson” and smirk while they do it. THESE are the people that are running your shelters and they absolutely MUST be stopped. Not tomorrow, not the next generation, NOW.

Passing Oreo’s Law is the single most important
thing you can do for animals in your life time.

Why? Because once NY gets this law – all the other states will follow. If you want to make an impact for animals NOW, in YOUR generation, then help get this passed. If this was in place then those rescue groups could go in there and say “NO, you aren’t murdering this puppy. We are a rescue group and we are taking this puppy to his new home now. Go away you tired little man who murders puppies, you have no power now. The people have spoken and they are stopping you.”

But…alas….that tired little man can do exactly what he wants. It is perfectly legal for him to murder animals while rescue groups stand there with their arms extended and homes waiting. That tired little man (or woman) has ultimate power over life and death to the animals that are down on their luck and have come to them for help. Have wound up in their shelter and have asked for help. They do not get it. They get killed instead.

THAT is what happens in these disgusting shelters and what murderous shelter directors across the nation do every day. You think it is only in the south? Oh no, my dear friends. This has also happened to Pets Alive, with dogs just miles away from us, when we have empty runs and homes waiting. How do we stop it? It will stop when we have a series of Oreo’s Law’s in place in every state and it starts here in New York.

So back to the wretched Chesterfield shelter. Here’s some information I have been gathering from various sources and we are pulling together proof for most of this, although right now it is mostly word of mouth from people I trust very much and have seen it and experienced it with their own eyes.

In Chesterfield:

  1. They are showing that 70-90 dogs are being killed each month, yet purchase orders for lethal injection show enough for just 10 dogs or less each month. What does that mean? Aren’t you paying attention? Or are you just having trouble really absorbing and believing this? Yes. Truly. I understand. What that means is that the rest are being slaughtered. They aren’t getting a humane lethal injection death.
    So just HOW are they being killed?
    Keep reading.
    (Stop it! You aren’t leaving this page now because the truth is too much for you to stomach. YOU are needed on the front line of this war against our animals. You are needed to look, read, understand and step up to STOP this. Do not turn your back. Keep reading, I will NOT say anything graphic.)


  2. The sheriff’s department lets the dogs loose in the landfill and then uses them for target practice. That is how they are “euthanizing”.
  3. Prisoners are in charge of care of the animals and are brought in once a day to see to their care. Prisoners. Yes.
  4. Prisoners are routinely left ALONE with the dogs while the ACO’s go to do animal pick ups.
  5. There is no budget for the animal shelter. It is run solely on donations and if there is no food donated, the animals are not fed. Yet the budget allows for the animal control officers to all drive brand new SUV’s. There are four of them purchased within the last two years, all brand new…but no money to feed the dogs. Please read this one again. The ACO’s drive brand new, souped up SUV’s with all the bells and whistles, but there is no money to feed the dogs.
  6. There are local rescue groups working and getting the dogs out but multiple times in the past year if they spoke against the shelter, the shelter euthanized ALL the dogs – EVEN THOUGH ALL THE DOGS HAD RESCUE. They were killed as retaliation for the groups speaking out against the horrid conditions and inhumane treatment.
  7. The sheriff”s department are the ones slaughtering the dogs, yet the sheriff’s department is the group that is “investigating this”

So let me get this straight.
I’m a county sheriff.
I am killing dogs by using them for target practice and shooting them in the landfill.
Someone complains.
OK, I’m going to open up a case, assign it to myself and investigate it.
I’m gonna go ahead and give this a couple of days until the “animal whackoos” calm down and then I’m gonna mark this “INVESTIGATED” and no charges pending. Yawn. Where’s my beer?

puppySo what can we do? What can YOU do? Most of you have already gathered up your licensed firearms and licensed grenades and are in the car heading down to Chesterfield to shoot yourself some “dogs”. The HUMAN kind of dogs, of course, but stop! I say “nay-nay!”. Get thee back to thy chair.

We are “peaceable demonstrators”. Our power is not in violence (although I’ll ride shot gun with anyone that wants to go and spit in their driveway), but in the power of numbers. Thousands will read this blog. Thousands will pass it on. THAT is where your power is. We need you to bombard this sleepy little town, and this no-account sheriffs department, and this lazy mayor, with your words.

Call them. EVERY day. A few times a day. Tell them that the world is watching and this is unacceptable. Send them emails. Flood their email with your protests. Tell them that this is not the “old boys club” and that this will not be tolerated in OUR nation. That OUR nation loves our animals and OUR nation will see an end to these murders and that while we support no kill, that if they will not go no kill then they must be accountable for humane euthanasia. Not 10% of the time. But 100% of the time. That the murdering of animals that come to them desperate and in need of help, will not be allowed in OUR nation. That their old boys club is closed, and a new regime of caring animal lovers is in place. That any animal that has a place to go, should be given that opportunity at life.

So use those talking points and email the mayor and the council.

1. Demand the mayor have a separate group investigate the allegations.
2. Demand the mayor provide a budget for the shelter.
3. Demand the mayor investigate the prisoners left unattended with the animals.
4. Demand routine inspections and reports by an unbiased individual or group, each week, going forward.
5. Demand an accounting of how every animal is euthanized and WHY every animal is euthanized if there is another option.
6. Demand rescue access – allowing rescues to whisk those animals away to safety.

You can contact them here:

The town is run by the town council though, so be SURE to cc them as well: cftmclerk@shtc.net and ccgov@shtc.net.
Council members:

Also contact the governor:

Governor Nicky Haley

Then contact the Attorney General’s office and demand that the sheriff’s own office not be able to investigate themselves and that a higher authority do so.

The Honorable Alan Wilson
P.O. Box 11549
Columbia, S.C. 29211

The Sheriff?  Here ya go!
Phone: 843-623-2101
Fax: 843-623-3534
Email: admin@chesterfieldsheriff.org

Animal Control
Brian Burch – Supervisor
Joe Campbell – Animal Control Officer
467 Goodale Road
Chesterfield SC 29709
Phone: 843-623-3585
Fax: 843-623-9223

Senator Lindsey Grahm

Senator Jim DeMint
Phone: 843-727-4525
Fax: 843-793-6839

Rep. Mick Mulvaney
FAX: 803-327-4330

Email Address: https://mulvaney.house.gov/Contact/default.aspx
WWW Homepage: http://mulvaney.house.gov/
Twitter: @RepMickMulvaney

You can also read these news articles about the mass massacre of these dogs, used for target practice. Warning, the second one has GRAPHIC images of some of the dead dogs. I suggest you avoid that one. I wish I had.

Please be the voice for those that have none, and have been so unfairly abused.
To have done nothing wrong in their short, sweet lives but be born, and wind up in the wrong territory.

Don’t look away.
Don’t move on.
Take two seconds of your time and make a difference.

BE the difference that you want to see in the world.
THEY are counting on you.


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  1. janie Says:

    Great post. Hard to read, for obvious reasons, but a great post…I’m going to share.

  2. Bobbie Says:

    Kerry — thanks so much for blogging so passionately about this. I’m just absolutely sick over this senseless slaughter and have sent emails and letters to SC elected officials today demanding justice and major changes at that facility (it definitely is NOT a shelter). This insanity just has to stop. Sharing your blog. Thanks so much Pets Alive for being beacon of light in this sometimes dark and cruel world.

  3. Debbie Says:

    I have emailed the A.G., the mayor, & the town council.
    Has PETA been alerted? HSUS? I’m glad to see that MSNBC is aware! Great article. Thank you for sharing it and the contact information!!

  4. Judy Says:

    I lived very close to Cheraw County in Chester County for 6 months in 1979. I worked at a radio station as a news director (WGCD-AM). I received death threats at the station from the KKK because I had the nerve to interview Golden Frinks, the Field Director of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference who was down there investigating a racially motivated murder. I had to leave or I would have been killed. THESE are the kinds of people we are dealing with. I was told the SHERIFF was in the KKK. Be careful dealing with these people as they are not rational and think whatever they are doing to the animals is their god given right to do. They have no compassion – after all the used the bible to justify slavery. I will be calling and emailing, politely of course, but they need the big guns like the HSUS, PETA and IFAW to go down there and investigate. The Attorney General will do nothing. As NYer I support Oreo’s law, but was told by one of the Assemblywoman who voted for Oreo’s law last year when it was defeated, that the ASPCA says they are against it because it enables “animal hoarders”…so don’t go to them for help, they have their own agenda.

  5. Irene Says:

    I recommend that you have a prewritten letter posted that people could send. I feel you will have a better response.


  6. Randi Says:

    They became Sheriff and Mayor because they were voted into office. Time to vote them out. Power is in number if we want to affect a change. People with the power to vote need to do so and ask one question of ANY candidate, “WHERE DO YOU STAND ON ANIMALS RIGHTS?”. Don’t like they answer, don’t vote for them. As far as this mayor and sheriff go, they need to be removed from office!!!!!

  7. Kitty Says:

    A couple years ago I was asked to rescue 5 kittens from this shelter. When I arrived to pick them up, 3 of the kittens were dead and a fourth was so weak it could not stand.

    The kittens were not weaned, but food had just been put in a bowl on the floor and they were left to starve to death because they couldn’t eat it.

    I drove straight from the shelter to an emergency vet (it was Father’s day Sunday) and managed to save the 2 kittens.

    But little would surprise me about this shelter!

  8. Lori Mattis Says:

    OH HELL TO THE YES!!!!!!! I am so happy you put this post out cuz I am sharing it far and wide and writing all the parties whose contact info you posted!!! Thank you NKN we have been OUTRAGED and sickened by this atrocity and something HAS to be done!!!!

  9. diane Says:

    Sent letter to mayor and council re: chesterfield, and both addresses returned.

  10. kerry Says:

    Diane – returned with what error? Mailbox full?
    That would be great.
    It worked yesterday.

  11. Mary Says:

    I got this response: Thank you for your message concerning the Chesterfield County Animal Shelter. Please understand that the shelter is a COUNTY facility not owned or operated by the Town of Chesterfield. I am Mayor of the Town of Chesterfield and have NO jurisdiction over the operation of the shelter or the current investigation. Contact information for the appropriate county officials can be found at http://www.chesterfieldcountysc.com.

    I replied asking if it wasn’t his sheriff’s department doing the shooting. They’ll all just pass it off to others, blame others.. idiots.

  12. kerry Says:

    Yes, I updated the blog to have more contacts – but all want to say “it isn’t ME!” This man is the MAYOR of this crappy place. He has the power to reach out, call people, demand an accounting or anything else – IF HE WANTED to. Passing the buck is not going to work.

  13. Mary Says:

    Just got another reply from the Mayor:

    I asked if it was not his sheriff’s office doing the shooting: His reply:

    No, it is not. It is Chesterfield County’s Sheriff Office that is being investigated in this matter. I’m Mayor of just one of the eight towns in Chesterfield County.

  14. mary Says:


  15. Deb Says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I just thank God there are people like you guys that speak for these poor creatures that cannot speak for themselves. This is such an atrocity!I can’t believe that this kind of madness goes on in this day and age. Have people lost all sense of compassion? I will definitely be emailing them and anyone else that will listen!

  16. Kathy Says:

    Thanks for writing this Kerry. I will cross post but I wanted to point out that the Prisoners are the ones who alerted the volunteers.
    I volunteer with a kill shelter here in SC and the prisoners have been very compassionate toward the animals.
    The sheriffs dept are the real criminals here.
    I hope there is no retaliation toward the prisoners for whistle blowing.

  17. Joni Says:

    I emailed the following…(hope that they get TONS of messages and calls)

    Mayor John Douglas
    805 West Main Street. Chesterfield, SC 29709

    Dear Mayor John Douglas and Town Council Members,

    Please start over with your animal control. All new people need to run this place. Please that actually like and care about homeless pets. It is NOT right to have people run your animal control that do NOT respect the animals or the laws of your town and nation.

    The majority of people love pets and want to see them re-homed not killed and specially not killed in the ways that this animal control has been doing it in the past — gassing and shooting.

    Ever animal entering your animal control needs to be given an opportunity to leave the place ALIVE. Put in the program that lead to NO-KILL.

    You must have a separate group investigate the allegations of the dog shootings. You must provide a budget for the shelter that is large enough to run it right and humanly. Prisoners should be checked out first before allowing them to work in the shelter and not left unattended with the animals. Weekly routine inspections and reports by an unbiased individual or group should be done.
    A record accounting of how every animal is euthanized and the reason for that euthanization should be keep and made public. No animal should be killed it their is a rescue group willing to take it.

    Please learn more about the no kill movement online.

  18. Joni Says:

    I received an email back from: From: Douglas John email: jdouglashcc at hotmail. com
    Date: Sun, Mar 6, 2011 at 10:48 AM
    Subject: RE: Changes needed in your animal control

    Thank you for your message concerning the Chesterfield County Animal Shelter. Please understand that the shelter is a COUNTY facility not owned or operated by the Town of Chesterfield. I am Mayor of the Town of Chesterfield and have NO jurisdiction over the operation of the shelter or the current investigation. Contact information for the appropriate county officials can be found at http://www.chesterfieldcountysc.com.

    John Douglas
    Mayor, Town of Chesterfield, SC

  19. Carol Says:

    I couldn’t even finish reading all of this it makes me so sick. Why was Michael Vick sent to jail (should have been there longer) and these people are walking around continuing to torture and kill animals. Where is PETA and the press

  20. Meghan Says:

    Is there a petition set up on change.org or another petition site? That would make it easier to spread the word. Getting people to take a few seconds to sign something is a lot easier than convincing people to write letters from scratch (IMO). I would certainly sign and pass along anything I could for this cause.

  21. kerry Says:

    Thanks Kathy! I don’t think I was maligning the prisoners…am thrilled that they care. But a shelter should have a dedicated staff, and really, no prisoners of the county should ever be left completely unattended anywhere!

  22. kerry Says:

    I know the mayor is saying he has nothing to do with this, but he can order a special investigation instead of allowing the sheriff’s dept to investigate themselves and he IS in charge of “animal waste” which also makes him involved and he DOES set budgets. So while he may not be able to rule over this shelter he CAN implement and enforce change and he CAN call his contacts and put pressure on them to fix this….

  23. Jean Says:

    I found this on another site:

    “Since the Chesterfield Co AC unit is part of the sheriff’s office, I’m not sure exactly how the investigation will be handled. Can the sheriff’s office investigate themselves? It sounds like the person to contact might the state AG. Here is that info:

    The Honorable Alan Wilson
    P.O. Box 11549
    Columbia, S.C. 29211


  24. Karen Rippy Says:

    Contact info…

    Sheriff Sam Parker
    200 West Main Street
    ChesterfieldSC 29709-1527
    (843) 623-2101

    Animal Control
    Brian Burch – Supervisor
    Joe Campbell – Animal Control Officer
    467 Goodale Road
    Chesterfield SC 29709
    Phone: 843-623-3585
    Fax: 843-623-9223

    Senator Lindsey Grahm

    Senator Jim DeMint

    Office Locations


    39 Broad Street
    Suite 300
    CharlestonSC 29401
    Phone: 843-727-4525
    Fax: 843-793-6839
    Office Hours:
    8:30am – 5:30pm (M-F)

    1901 Main St
    Suite 1475
    ColumbiaSC 29201
    Phone: 803-771-6112
    Fax: 803-771-6455
    Office Hours:
    8:30am – 5:30pm (M-F)


    105 North Spring St
    Suite 109
    GreenvilleSC 29601
    Phone: 864-233-5366
    Fax: 864-271-8901
    Office Hours:
    8:30am – 5:30pm (M-F)
    Washington D.C.

    167 Russell
    United States Senate
    WashingtonDC 20510
    Phone: 202-224-6121
    Fax: 202-228-5143
    Office Hours:
    9am – 6pm (M-F)

    Rep. Mick Mulvaney

    District Office:

    1456 Ebenezer Road
    Rock Hill, SC 29732
    Voice: 803-327-1114
    FAX: 803-327-4330

    DC Address:
    The Honorable Mick Mulvaney
    United States House of Representatives
    1004 Longworth House Office Building
    WashingtonD.C. 20515-4005
    DC Phone: 202-225-5501
    DC Fax: 202-225-0464

    Email Address: https://mulvaney.house.gov/Contact/default.aspx
    WWW Homepage: http://mulvaney.house.gov/
    Twitter: @RepMickMulvaney

    Governor Nicky Haley

  25. Melanie Says:

    I, too, got this response:

    Thank you for your message concerning the Chesterfield County Animal Shelter. Please understand that the shelter is a COUNTY facility not owned or operated by the Town of Chesterfield. I am Mayor of the Town of Chesterfield and have NO jurisdiction over the operation of the shelter or the current investigation. Contact information for the appropriate county officials can be found at http://www.chesterfieldcountysc.com.

  26. Kathy Says:

    No they shouldn’t be left alone. I do believe that would also be against the law.
    I know this shelter and the volunteers that work there. I couldn’t deal with it and not burn out. Too much heartache. I work with Darlington because we have a strong volunteer base and caring staff and it’s still not easy.
    Chesterfield was only a hold em and kill em kind of shelter before Karen and the other volunteers formed claws and paws and started doing adoptions on weekends.
    When I moved here from PA 4 years ago I was sickened and shocked, even though I have been in rescue for many years. I knew what it was like to rescue southern dogs but actually being here was harder to stomach then I thought. But what helps keep me and so many others going is all the very caring, local animal advocates that spend so much of their lives trying to save so many and change the laws and conditions we have to live with here. Of course the northern rescue groups are a big part of saving so many. We have to keep this in the light, to stop this back alley kind of crap.

  27. Robin Privett Says:

    Letters to these officials is not enough…they likely won’t read them after a dozen or so. We need people in that location to gather and protest and create a scene to get this on the national news! Stand at the doors of all the shelters that are doing these inhumane things and protest! I would if I lived there!!

  28. Lori Says:

    Maybe we need to go over the head of local jurisdiction & to the SC Governor? Heck! Call & email everyone! Sooner or later the right party will be contacted.

  29. Melanie Says:

    I just forwarded my email to the governor: grassroots@nikkihale?y.com…
    Unward and upward, I guess…

  30. Melanie Says:

    I mean onward… woops… I’m really so upset by this! I don’t why her email came through oddly above. Here’s the governor’s email again: grassroots@nikkihaley.com.

  31. Maryann Eletto Says:

    THis is so disturbing that I can’t even find the right words to express how I feel. However, I will take a moment and then begin to find them and send them many, many times to all the addresses and emails listed above…and then some!

  32. Barbara Calvert Says:

    This is from the Chesterfield County Website. I’m still trying to find an e-mail address for some of these people.

    Brian Burch – Supervisor
    Joe Campbell – Animal Control Officer
    467 Goodale Road
    Chesterfield , SC 29709
    Phone: 843-623-3585
    Fax: 843-623-9223
    Office Hours: Monday – Friday 7:30AM – 4:00PM

  33. Cirulian Says:

    All of what is described is abhorrent, except one: prisoners being used to come & care for the animals. There are programs in some prisons where convicted felons are charged with the rehabilitation of dogs & have done wonders for both the dogs & the prisoners. So unless the prisoners being used are in jail for harming animals they might just be doing as they are supposed to. It’s a bit…prejudicial to assume the prisoners are doing the animals harm; unless there is documentation that they are instigating the cruelty.

  34. Heather Says:

    Choose Your Charity Wisely

    Take a look at this website and then decide if HSUS, ASPCA, or PETA will really give a rat’s a$$ about this.

  35. Zoe Says:

    While I agree this treatment is horrible, I take issue with the shock that prisoners are caring for animals. Just because a guy holds up a convenience store doesn’t mean he’s subhuman – caring for animals has been demonstrated to help prisoners rehabilitate, and there’s no evidence that they’re cruel to animals (that’s the cops). Indeed, for many, it’s the highlight of their week or month.

    Up here in Canada we had a prison farm program where prisoner would work, care for the livestock, participate in births and combing and all that stuff, and it made a huge difference to many of them – some said that it was the first time they’d ever cared for something and had it depending on them, and that it made them realize what was missing in their lives.

    So don’t go dissing on the prisoners’ program. It’s not proof of neglect – it’s actually something progressive and potentially very useful for both the animals AND society.

    The rest? Yeah, that’s disgusting.

  36. Mayor John Douglas Says:

    I appreciate everyone’s concern about the Chesterfield County Animal Shelter. I do think it is important for those concerned to contact those who have the power to make changes. That is why I’m directing folks to the contacts at http://www.chesterfieldcountysc.com. I’m not passing the buck – I’m trying to help. This is a COUNTY facility and I’m just the Mayor of one of the 8 towns in Chesterfield County. It is unfortunate that misinformation is being spread as to who folks need to contact. The COUNTY is governed by a COUNTY council and that is who folks need to contact.

  37. christie Says:

    my email is below – feel free to edit slightly before you use it. it helps to make the text slightly different so that it doesn’t get marked as spam.

    sent to (some of these were taken from an SC webpage – SC officials that might not have any idea what is going on or any real way of changing things … except to forward it on to others in their local govt that can – worth a shot in my opinion): JDouglasHCC@Hotmail.com, cftmclerk@shtc.net, ccgov@shtc.net, grassroots@nikkihaley.com, ltgov@scsenate.org, treasurer@sto.state.sc.us, info@scattorneygeneral.com, cgoffice@cg.sc.gov

    it can also help to make the subject line something that isn’t completely obvious … at this point, if you write “animal shelter” or something like that, the email will probably never be read. :(


    I am writing in reference to the Chesterfield County animal shelter. The allegations that animals are not properly cared for, that kittens are not weaned properly and starve to death, that the animals are not fed regularly because there is no budget for food, and that dogs are being used as target practice at the landfill are nauseating.

    Several actions need to take place, immediately:

    1. A separate group needs to investigate the allegations. It does not make sense that the entity investigating the allegations is the same entity that governs the facility.

    2. The mayor needs to provide a budget for the shelter. It is pure animal cruelty to deprive a cat or dog of food and water.

    3. Routine inspections and reports by an unbiased individual or group need to be performed, each week, going forward.

    4. A record needs to be kept of how and why each animal is euthanized. If death is the only option for these animals, they deserve that death to be handled swiftly and expertly.

    5. Rescue groups should be given the option to save animals so that they are not euthanized. Really, who wants to kill puppies???

    The world is watching and the world loves its cats and dogs. Please step up for these animals and create change. There are many people in your County that want to help and many that will go out of their way to do so. Retaliation against those that speak out is ridiculous.

    “This is not my jurisdiction” is not a valid answer!!

    Thank you for your consideration,

  38. Terri Says:

    The word SHELTER by definition means; A position or state of being covered and protected. How is this considered a SHELTER? This is so far from the definition I can’t even imagine how they can call themselves a shelter. What is going on with people in this world today, no compassion no respect for life. Sickens me to see this type of behavior taking place in the US today.

  39. Kerri Blanchard Says:

    I wrote: It has come to my attention that in Chesterfield you basically allow ACO’s to run wild. I have heard that your SHERIFF”S department has been shooting dogs for target practice. Since I’ve heard this in North Carolina you must have also been aware of this. What you may not be aware of is that Jesus said not a sparrow would fall from the sky that Father God does not care for. How much more responsible then are we , for the animals we have DOMESTICATED ?
    Now that I have made you aware of this you have two choices, to either let it go on, and be as guilty in the Father’s eyes as they, or to stand up like a man and do the right thing. I intend to write a lengthy letter to my elected representatives to make them aware of how PETS are treated in your town. More to the point how the sheriff’s dept and the animal control agency is run.
    Your ACO’s have brand new SUV’s while claiming there is no money for FOOD for the animals they are SUPPOSED TO BE CARING FOR. One way or another the world will know of this and the part you have played . I’m praying you have a conscience to appeal to.

    Sincerely Mrs. Kerri Blanchard

  40. danielle marshall Says:

    Dear Mayor John Douglas and Town Council Members,
    Please start over with your animal control. All new people need to run this place. Please that actually like and care about homeless pets. It is NOT right to have people run your animal control that do NOT respect the animals or the laws of your town and nation.
    The majority of people love pets and want to see them re-homed not killed and specially not killed in the ways that this animal control has been doing it in the past — gassing and shooting.
    Ever animal entering your animal control needs to be given an opportunity to leave the place ALIVE. Put in the program that lead to NO-KILL.
    You must have a separate group investigate the allegations of the dog shootings. You must provide a budget for the shelter that is large enough to run it right and humanly. Prisoners should be checked out first before allowing them to work in the shelter and not left unattended with the animals. Weekly routine inspections and reports by an unbiased individual or group should be done.
    A record accounting of how every animal is euthanized and the reason for that euthanization should be keep and made public. No animal should be killed it their is a rescue group willing to take it.
    Please learn more about the no kill movement online.

    And please do not respond to this letter with a “cookie cut out” response such as “Thank you for your message concerning the Chesterfield County Animal Shelter. Please understand that the shelter is a COUNTY facility not owned or operated by the Town of Chesterfield. I am Mayor of the Town of Chesterfield and have NO jurisdiction over the operation of the shelter or the current investigation. Contact information for the appropriate county officials can be found at http://www.chesterfieldcountysc.com.”

  41. Puller Says:

    Well, my experience has been it’s not ‘tired little men (or women)’ who commit this type of act. It’s mentally ill, OC control freaks with serious self image issues. These peeps should be IN the insane asylum (or gas chamber), not running them. The mayor of this town is probably not much different…and it’s probably his brother or brother-in-law who runs the shelter. This always reminds me of classic examples of ‘Deliverance’and the WORST of Southern injustice. May the banjoes wail.

  42. Heather Says:

    So this is the E-mail I received in response to my letter from one of the SC SENATORS!! Please be sure to send on your thoughts – I certainly am:

    From: MikeFair@scsenate.gov
    To: Date: Sun, 6 Mar 2011 13:58:09 -0500
    Subject: RE: Chesterfield, SC slaughter ~ Website email from Heather ALL Senate Members

    Thanks for the note. I suspect that the activity was already a violation of SC Cruelty to animals statutes. Maybe not. I’ll check.
    I must confess that I struggle getting overworught about animal cruelty when abortion on demand of humans is legal. I will investigate the animal cruelty even though cruelty to people is ok if they are in utero.
    It is a wicked world.

  43. Layla Says:

    I agree with what someone said about the prisoners and not assuming they are hurting the animals. It sounds honestly like it is what little staff they have who is doing the harm.

    As a vet tech I used to pull dogs for rescues from a really high-kill “shelter” outside town and the ONLY staff this place had to care for the animals were prisoners at the neighboring jail. They were not in jail for animal abuse, but less severe crimes, and they fed and cleaned and cared for the animals far more than any one else ever did. A lot of shelters use inmates to help with care and it should be allowed as long as they have no history of animal cruelty, since if we banned all inmates from shelters many would get absolutely NO care whatsoever…

    But anyway, this is truly awful and I’m sure like mentioned it happens at many other places….

  44. kerry Says:

    OK – let’s again reiterate that no where do we say anything against prisoners. In fact – see above – it was these very prisoners that brought this to the attention of the volunteers. They are to be commended, but please read the above – surely it is a violation to leave prisoners completely unattended and surely a shelter should have a paid worker to oversee the shelter and animals needs. I am all for supporting work release and prisoners bettering themselves – the point is not about THEM, it is about the people in charge USING them.

  45. Beverly Vriesema Says:

    We are quite disturbed to find that a shelter along with a sheriffs office is responsible for this. Would they treat a childrens shelter this way if homes couldnt be found for them?? I took and wrote letters and emailed them out to many different agencies that were listed on here. I hope that they get my letter and that I received a letter in response to what I have written. Along with the major and city council, state attorney and the rest of the government, they all can come up with a solution and get rid of the ppl that are already doing harm and hire people that care and that are knowledgeable about how to keep records and do their job the right way instead of worrying about a freakin paycheck. What heartless morons these people are. Karma works in mysterious ways, and they will find it someday that all the harm they have done comes in full circle.

  46. Beverly Vriesema Says:

    ok… so just emailing the letter to Senator Lindsay Graham this is the response that I got just a few minutes ago…

    Thank you for taking the time to contact me. I appreciate the opportunity to
    hear from you.

    Due to the large volume of mail I receive, I regret that I am only able to
    respond personally to inquiries from South Carolinians.

    As we continue our work in the 112th Congress, I look forward to supporting our
    troops in the War on Terror, repairing our economy and creating jobs,
    strengthening Social Security, lowering the tax burden on American families, and
    making the federal government more accountable and efficient.

    If your correspondence pertains to a scheduling request, please fax your request
    to (202) 224-3808.


    Lindsey Graham

  47. kerry Says:

    Mayor John Douglas advises he has no powers overt his county. I have removed his name from the contact list but Mayor John I urge you to contact the people that you have relationships with in this area and pass on those emails to them.

    Thank you.

  48. Margaret Says:

    I’ve just reported them to PETA and sent them this link.

  49. sassyblondeinwa Says:

    I want to point out in most cases… prisoners are just dads sons brothers grandpas moms sisters grandmas and daughters and sons…. that did something stupid that got them put in jail.. they are not abusers of animals or small children. Please stop saying left alone with the prisoners like they would be treated badly by them.

    I am all for your cause.. but saying all prisoners are going to abuse animals is like saying all police are going to shoot dogs in a landfill. My son did nothing but talk on the phone about drugs… no violence no owning drugs or large amounts of money and he is in prison for 14 years.. we didnt get a plush carpet lawyer…

  50. kerry Says:

    How fascinating.
    Senator Lindsay Graham doesn’t care about what is happening in his state, he only responds to people who can vote for him and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks or has issue with. Amazing.

  51. kerry Says:

    Sassyblonde -maybe you should consider reading the other comments, before commenting – we already addressed and replied to this. Twice. :) And I’d sure LOVE to have you point out where anyone said prisoners would abuse the animals? Please cut and paste the part where we said that?

  52. sassyblondeinwa Says:

    sorry i just read your part in the post about not saying prisoners abused them…. but posting all over the world on your little website the letter saying LEFT THEM ALONE WITH PRISONERS… is going to get you letters just like mine till you take that part out people.. it sounds like your saying it was inhumane… to leave them alone with prisoners.

  53. sassyblondeinwa Says:

    and kerry .. i was not being nasty.. so you can LOVE what ever you want.. your class is now showing.

  54. Jessica Says:

    @Kerry – That’s the same conclusion I reached when reading her responds. What a shitty Senator!

  55. Smith Says:

    I believe in “the cause” and the story itself is a good one but your whole blog is sensationalized and it is hard to distinguish fact from big-fish story. You would be better off to cite reliable news sources with traceability than other blogs and the examiner.

  56. Tamara Burton Says:

    This is awful and uncalled for. It’s truly sickening and I hope they are severely prosecuted. Thanks for posting it.

  57. sassyblondeinwa Says:

    Kerry I understand your fired up on a mission …. please don’t let it make you bitter. If someone slaps you in the face in a crowd of people and you shake reach out to shake their hand… who do you think the people who see it are going to remember the person slapping your face or you?

  58. Heather Says:

    Wow, arguing amongst ourselves is so not helpful. The point is that we don’t think prisoners were given firearms. It was paid employees who committed this act. While anyone may or may not think that leaving prisoners unsupervised with animals is the right thing to do, that is a discussion for another day and forum. The focus needs to be on the responses some of us are getting. While the Mayor wants to distance himself, he will not say the crime did not occur in his town. He will not take responsibility for contracting (or having it mandated) that his town uses the services of this shelter. You have a SENATOR that is comparing this event to Rowe v. Wade…. There’s plenty of fodder here without looking to each other.

  59. kerry Says:

    Smith – what about MSNBC? That isn’t good enough for you either? Then probably nothing will be including the photo I posted? Did you look at that? I’d be very happy to send you many more photos. Feel free to email me and I will forward them on.

  60. kerry Says:

    Sassy, you are using this as a forum to discuss your son being in prison. Seriously…the prisoner issue in this is so freaking minor as to be negligible. Focus on the issue here at hand. The people in town SHOT AND KILLED the shelter animals as MOVING TARGETS. Are you with me here? Stop obfuscating the issue here. It isn’t about prisons, or your son, or prisoners. Or me, or if I’m politically correct or if I shake hands or any other ridiculous stuff meant to detract from the issue. Stay focused.


    That is what you need to focus on.
    The rest is water under the bridge and not relevant after that.
    Write your letters. get that stopped, then you can come to my house and we can sit on the porch and debate any other issue you want. For now though stay focused on the issue we need addressed and don’t distract people from it.

  61. kerry Says:

    Hey Smith, how about this one…proof enough?

    This video shows the bones and a bag of puppies in the landfill.

    Also here is a url with some photos…
    Shows blood all over the ground of the target practice area and a bunch of the dead dogs. Proof enough yet? Whaddya need?

  62. Laura Says:

    I am right there with you up to the point of having issues with the prisoners taking care of the dogs…if a prisoner is not in jail or prison for abuse/cruelty/molestation/sexual misconduct to/with children or animals then there is no reason they can not make good caretakers for the animals. There are quite a few programs where service dogs are trained BY prisoners and there is NO problems whatsoever.
    Also, as an aside, the ASPCA has attached and changed quite a number of things on Oreo’s law. Where the law was written to prevent animals from being killed unless gravely ill or extremely aggressive the ASPCA has changed it to “if 2 or more shelter workers are in agreement and feel an animal is in psychological pain the animal maybe euthanized”. ASPCA have changed it so the shelters do NOT have to work with rescues outside of their respective counties. ASPCA have made changes saying if the Rescues are deemed hostile to the shelter the shelter does NOT have to work with them. There are also quite a few other changes they have made that basically negate the positive effects that Oreo’s Law would have for animal rights. Yes, do the letter writing and calling but EVERY animal right’s person needs to join NO KILL NATION and then we will all be on the same page doing the same thing. Good job on everything you said!

  63. Jessica Says:

    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. I hold that, the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man.” ~Mahatma Gandhi

    Goodbye America.

  64. Jennifer Kline Says:

    DISGUSTING!!!! I have a shelter dog and I adore him! I am reposting this and WILL be emailing and calling!

  65. Shelly Says:

    This is frightening to me. I live in SC and this state is so pet oriented. To the point that our downtown uppity King Street, Charleston vendors place dog water bowls out for people walking their pets on a warm day. We have events for pets ALL THE TIME HERE. I just cant believe our officials are allowing this to happen. Wait I speak for MADD and the laws here are lax if not ridiculous so maybe I should believe it. I have posted this on my FB as I volunteer at a shelter that is NOT county funded. We survive strictly on donations from people who bring in items for us. I also foster animals who are sick or too little to be adopted for our shelter and several others. We have a County funded shelter. It is pristine in Charleston. Maybe this bad shelter needs to visit them and see how to utilize the money the right way…for the animals. We are a kill shelter but I will tell you that it only occurs when the animals are too aggressive (and cant be rehabilitated) or sick. And they are humanely euthanized. I dont like it either but it is a fact of life when it comes to doing everything you can to save them and it comes down to making that decision. We all cry trust me. Our staff does everything they can and I can tell you there are thousands of rescue groups in this state that we use and other states that will take on dogs or cats. There is NO reason to come to this decision that they are doing or allowing the animals to die such miserable deaths. God I wish I was there to make them stop. 20/20 did a special on the nasty conditions at a chicken farm, seriously cant someone do something about this!! Animals are animals they all deserve a fair chance and to me if this is a County run facility what the hell are they doing with the money. Bring those animals to Charleston County and WE will make sure they are given good homes and a good life. These morons in the bad shelter obviously dont know how to run a shelter. SHUT THEM DOWN!!!!!

  66. Heather Says:

    The Mayor, John Douglas, has E-mailed me about six times today. If you are going to E-mail him, please E-mail him with information about how he can break his town away from the county run facility without raising taxes (by SC mandate) and provide his town with alternatives to killing. I’m going out on a limb here but he has convinced me that he is serious about alternatives. Unlike Senator Fair (see my post above) – I’m still reeling over his comments!

  67. Jill Says:

    FYI –

    I would suggest contacting the state legislators (Senate and House) instead of the the Federal legislators. State legislators and the State AG focus on state and local matters to a much greater degree than those who sit in DC.

    Senator Graham is a male. Probably helps your cause if you bash the correct gender :-) It is my experience that most Federal Senators and House Reps only deal with their state’s residents so Senator Graham’s automated response is typical.

    PS I don’t work for Senator Graham. Like you, I appreciate accurate facts from the parties that have those facts.

  68. Deb Says:

    I am sorry to tell you that this type of treatment of animals is rampant in the south. They dont hardly spay/neuter either and keep problem going. 15 years ago the county (about 1-1/2 hours to the north) I lived in the “shelter” was located at the landfill. The even had a handy “drop box” so people could dump animal (dogs and cats) in a run while the animal control officer was out picking up animals. Target practice for the AC officer was common especially if the shelter was getting crowded and it wasnt yet time for the scheduled vet to come and euthanize. The week before the 4th of July the number of animals killed was amazing. People needed to get rid of the “extra” animals so they could go on vacation. Thankful a group of citizen including one of the local vets formed a group that got a new, real shelter away from the landfill (they raised over half the funds). This group of citizen made it where animals actually get adopted now, there is a spay/neuter program and a real animal control officer. So to answer the question what happened to compassion, the problem is in someplaces there never was compassion in the first place and in needs to be taught NOW!

  69. Lizbetty Says:

    I also sent this link to ABC, NBC and CBS nightly news. I did email them as well.

  70. Intruguing J Says:

    How about we use those sheriffs for target practice instead
    Cruel Mother F**kers I hope you all get your day and it’s so not nice :/
    Intriguing J

  71. Maree Says:

    How about an international prepost petition???

  72. Nicki Ace Says:

    I for one am appalled that this is going on and in my state no less! I love animals and would do more if I can. I already have 2 dogs (one was a stray that I brought home, the other is a shelter dog). I first heard about the Chesterfield MURDER of these helpless animals today. My wish would be that these prisoners who are able and willing to do this kind of thing were the ones to be “let loose in the landfill and shot,” as well as any officers or government officials who are allowing this to happen or those that just don’t care.

  73. Karen Chavis Says:

    I will support you all the way. I will start sending communications. Bless you all.

  74. Chesterfield Animal Sanctuary Says:

    This is a non-profit organization that will be starting this year.
    Due to the mass demand for a organization like this in our community we have decided that this is time to change!
    We will be setting up a new building that will have a NO KILL policy and be focused on the adoption and rescuing of the many stray and abandoned pets in our area!
    At this point any advice/ideas to get this project under way as soon as possible is greatly appreciated!
    We will keep everyone up to date with the new website/details through this page!
    Get everyone involved!

    go to http://www.facebook.com/pages/Chesterfield-Animal-Sanctuary/199481706737248

  75. Sandra Says:

    We want ro help make changes. This is horrific. Our family is pulling together for these innocent animals. We WILL do whatever we can, whatever it takes, to make these changes. We are committed – we would like to open a new facility – stop what’s happening at the current location! Anything. Open to ideas, suggestions, WE WANT TO MAKE A CHANGE!

  76. Sandra Says:

    Chesterfield Animal Sanctuary
    This is a non-profit organization that will be starting this year.
    We will be focused on the adoption and rescuing of the many stray and abandoned pets in our area!
    **At this point any advice/ideas to get this project under way as soon as possible is greatly appreciated!**
    Get everyone involved!

  77. Mary Lou Seymour Says:

    I live in SC, but not in Chesterfield County. A few corrections: it is Chesterfield COUNTY that funds the Sheriff Dept, not the TOWN. The chair of County Council is J. Matthew Rivers, ChairmanDistrict 7Term Expires: December 31, 2012
    P.O. Box 1418Cheraw SC , 29520Phone: 843-537-2751 (office); 843-537-1448 (home). The Solicitor who would prosecute is the 4th Judicial Circuit Solicitor, Will Rivers, 301 W Main StP O Box 868Dillon, SC 29536Phone: (843)774-1448
    Fax: (843)774-4448. Paws & Claws has already verbally requested a SLED (SC Law Enforcement) investigation, as the Sheriff obviously cannot investigate himself. I am ASSUMING they will make a formal request Monday AM. It is an excellent idea to lobby these folks (above) as well as the Governor, and State AG (Solicitor). GO FOR IT!!

  78. Lisa Easton Says:

    Chesterfield Shelter Supervisor Brian Burch’s previous arrest for manufacturing and distributing drugs! How does this guy get hired to oversee a shelter and carry a gun??!!!


  79. Beth Says:

    Link to FB page of rescue org. that exposed this atrocity & trying to get remaining animals out. They need your help!

  80. Laura Gonzalez Says:

    No one goes from this world without paying their debts!

  81. carla page Says:

    the good ole boys in the deep south don,t care who or what they hurt,they will hurt anything that gets in their way.that is how the good ole boy network works.i surmise that judy is correct in her observations.glad i don,t live in the deep south.i wouldn,t either!!!!!!!!!!!! i,m hoping that SLED other wise known as the
    SOUTH CAROLINA LAW ENFORCEMENT DIVISION will investigate this atrocity at the hands of the good ole boys,and that the good ole boys will be taken down and will be arrested and get them out of society where they can never hurt another person or animal again,and maybe the good ole boys will spend an eternity in prison.

  82. Sherry Says:

    Stop calling it a shelter! Its a slaughter house…..period.

  83. Caren Brunson Says:

    I wih there was a petition to sign, for ME that would be best…..

  84. Becky Jo Says:

    I would love to get these sorry SOB’s in a room and do the same damn thing to them all!!!! I am a pretty good shot to and believe me I would make them so suffer, just like they do these animals and I would let them know what real suffering would feel like, for I would hang them upside down by there kahunas and let them feel the pain…..I wonder if they treat there children grand children or family like this….proven fact that if they feel this heartless then I feel sorry for there so called loved ones..and it is scary to think that they are to protect and serve there community. They don’t deserve to breath or even take up space on this earth!!!!!! I don’t believe in violence but when it comes to innocent animals and children who don’t have a voice..I become that voice!!!!!!

  85. kerry Says:

    Beth, if we can help in any way…contact us.

  86. Kathy Says:

    We are Angry, we ARE Mobilize and the word is getting out. I do believe change will come to this shelter as we fight to make it happen BUT Please Remember they will need help.
    The volunteers are a small group who do a lot.
    The need people from the community to step forward and stay after the news cameras go away.
    There is something everyone can do to help. Of course they are going to need help on site but
    Even if you can’t go to the shelter you can still help.
    Donate, help with transports, spread the word to help adoptions, foster, write for grants, rally for changes in the laws, help get spay neuter laws implemented, help with education. So many people in this rural area do not know the true costs of their intact roaming dogs.
    Keep writing letters to the editor of the newspapers. The pet over population is a huge problem all over the country and world. We have to change the current status quo where 4 – 6 millions animals are killed each and every year, year after year in the US.
    We have to put an end to puppy mill and backyard breeders and demand better laws that are enforced. With a little hard work we can get to the root of the problem and put a stop to this horrible life cycle that has been going on for way too many years. Bring too many into the world then kill the surplus instead of stopping it at the root. It basically amounts to “Killing for Convenience”. How is it acceptable to kill so many animals year after year and never make changes??
    Well, if everyone who is outraged by what happened in Chesterfield SC will turn that anger into action we can make those long over due changes NOW. Please don’t give up the fight the animals are depending on all of us.

  87. Mayor John Douglas Says:

    I thank the moderator for removing my contact information – not that I mind responding to all who have contacted. Just think it is important for those concerned to voice their concerns to those with the actual responsibility for the shelter. I would suggest that all wording suggesting folks contact the Mayor and Town Council be changed to the County Council Chairperson and County Council and that the correct contact information be given. The County’s contact information can be found at http://www.chesterfieldcountysc.com. Again, the animal shelter is a function of County government, not Town government. I thank all for their concerns and for your cooperation in steering folks to the appropriate officials.
    John Douglas
    Mayor, TOWN of Chesterfield, SC

  88. Susan Says:

    Most of the animals at Chesterfield have found homes or rescues this past weekend. What about next week, next month? More animals will be filling the shelter! NOW is a great time to raise funds for a Spay and Neuter Program. Education is the key!

  89. LINDA Says:

    lets get Ellen Degeneris involved she will get it the attention it deserves!

  90. BonnieM Says:

    Interesting reply from SC Senator Michael Fair who can’t get “overwrought” about animal cruelty “when abortion on demand of humans is legal.” So, he turns a blind eye to barbaric treatment of helpless animals because he objects to Roe v. Wade. Scary.

    I received the same reply from Mayor Douglas as others have published here. The following is the reply I received from Betty Lynn Watson, Town of Chesterfield Municipal Clerk:

    This is not under the town’s jurisdiction. This is operated by Chesterfield County Sheriff’s Department.

    Concerns maybe be addressed to 843-623-2101- Sheriff’s Office or the County Administrator 843-623-2535.

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

    You say: I can’t manage.
    God says: I will supply all your needs!
    Philippians 4:19

    Betty Lynn Watson
    Municipal Clerk
    Town of Chesterfield

  91. Nancy Says:

    Contacting the local government is useless, it’s too easy too to pass the buck and hit the delete button. This requires national and worldwide media attention if you want to see results. Forward this link to every local, national, and international news media until you get their attention. They will bring it up with the appropriate government authorities in their investigation and put them on the spot in front of the world. Only then will you see change.

  92. Betty L Watson Says:

    I thank the moderator for removing my contact information – not that I mind responding to all who have contacted. Just think it is important for those concerned to voice their concerns to those with the actual responsibility for the shelter. I would suggest that all wording suggesting folks contact the Mayor and Town Council be changed to the County Council Chairperson and County Council and that the correct contact information be given. The County’s contact information can be found at http://www.chesterfieldcountysc.com. Again, the animal shelter is a function of County government, not Town government. I thank all for their concerns and for your cooperation in steering folks to the appropriate officials.

  93. danielle Says:

    Please people of south Carolina who have resources. Contact all media outletsin the area. As well as film maker Michael Moore. He fights for all such as this.

  94. danielle marshall Says:

    chesterfield county newspaper put pressure on these people!!!

    phone:Main Office – (843)537-5261
    Fax – (843)537-4518
    email- cherawnews@thecherawchronicle.com
    Please make this happen!!!

    wric- local news network

  95. Donna Says:

    I live in Chesterfiled County, wish I knew about this before because I took a dog there, wishing now that I didn’t I can’t stop crying because of knowing what actually happen to that dog makes me sick to my stomach. I will be emailing to all of the above email addresses. Well the mayor better stop and think about this real hard because the people voted his sorry butt in office and they can vote him right back out. It makes my heart ache knowing that I sent a very loving dog to his death. I hope all will get the justice they deserve and the sherriffs office gets the paid back that they deserve and need. Maybe we should put them in the landfill and put a target on their butt or back to play target practice with them bet there would be alot of hell raisen for their concern and safety that they don’t deserve.

  96. danielle marshall Says:

    one of the radio stations said that they want the south carolina law enforcement divison to investigete. this is the link for complaints by citizens. everyone give it a shot.


    I called the sheriffs department and they said that a press conference was being held by the end of the week and I asked her how they could investigate what they themselves were doing and she had no comment. Ugh! I just want to get on a plane and fly down there myself.

  97. Mayor John Douglas Says:

    I see that you live in Chesterfield County so obviously you are aware that the Animal Shelter is a COUNTY facility and not operated by any of the eight towns in the county. As Mayor, I have no legal authority over the County’s facility. I gladly welcome the opportunity to speak personally with you – please call.
    John Douglas,
    Mayor, TOWN of Chesterfield

  98. Nancy Says:

    I posted this blog and a couple of the photos on CNN’s iReport. They took it down. I’m hoping this means they are in the process of vetting the story to place on air. Keep your fingers crossed!

  99. Nancy Says:

    Mayor John Douglas,

    If this shelter is located in your town, whether you have authority or not, you have an obligation to pursue any wrongful activities that take place there. Rather than passing blame, why don’t you get on the phone with the county and ask them what the hell are they doing to these poor animals in YOUR town? Stop making excuses and do something about it. Act on behalf on humanity instead of politics.

  100. Dar Says:

    I went on the Chesterfield County site that was listed below, (went to the Sheriff’s Office site) and found it to be ironic that they claim that “their primary mission of the Chesterfield County Sheriff’s Office is the protection of life and property of Chesterfield County citizens…..”….. Guess that does not include dogs and cats.

    What about what else they have to say: “Officers and staff demand the highest standards of honesty and integrity and recognize the importance of investing in the future of their community’s children”. What would the community’s children think of their “honesty and integrity” if they saw photographs of puppies and adult dogs shot in the head?

    No matter who is in charge…………someone needs to step up to the plate and take control to put a stop to animal abuse in these shelters …..it HAS TO STOP!!! It is truly ashame that animals have to suffer at the hands of evil people.

    Off topic….but also needs to be said: Animal vets need to stop being greedy! How can folks on fixed incomes afford to take their pets to these money hungry vets that charge an arm and a leg just to walk through the doors, not to mention the extra charges of exam, meds, etc.

    It’s all going to end one day and those that have abused, used, and were greedy will answer to God. This is one of many reasons HE is coming back one day….and needless to say with a vengence!!! I can’t wait, for I will be behind Him!!!

    Am I mad? Oh yes I am!!!

    I will be writing to every address posted on this site. Thank you for your devotion and love for the animals!

  101. Mayor John Douglas Says:

    I have spoken with county officials.
    Mayor John Douglas

  102. Chesterfield County Citizen Says:

    In this case the Sheriff himself runs the Animal Shelter. After asking the county to turn it over to him a few years ago its obvious Sheriff Sam Parker has turned it into a disaster. I am ashamed to know that our Sheriff is responsible for this debacle. Sheriff Sam Parker had to know that the drugs for euthanasia were not being purchased and he is over the shelter so he is the Man responsible. You have to ask yourself how many more times this has happened. Possibly thousands! We have a Sheriff who can afford to fly around in a helicopter and fancy new vehicles everywhere but we just can’t seem to come up with the money to buy the drugs to euthanize the animals legally.

  103. Nina Says:

    This is a conflict of interest…having the Sheriff Dept investigate the Sheriff Dept. there will be NO JUSTICE SERVED! What if your family pet got loose, Animal Control picked it up and a day later they were using it for target practice??? How would you explain that to your family, your children??? If you have anykind of a heart you will look at your family pet and imagine this happening to them and see how you feel! Would you look them in the yes and outright lie to them?? Or would you be honest and say “because I didnt do anything when the torture of the 22 dogs was exposed, Fluffy is now DEAD! Imagine your children feeling betrayed by you. Please… you need to have this investigated at a state level and not the Sheriff Department. Wether you are an animal lover or not, you cant deny that this was a cruel and torturous way for these animals to die….for Fluffy to die

  104. Nina Says:

    Correstion: Look your family in the eyes….

  105. Heather H Says:

    I too went to the Chesterfield County website. I “love” the little blurb on sheriff’s page:

    “Welcome to the Chesterfield County Sheriff’s Office Web Site. It is my privilege to serve you as Sheriff. I am proud of the men and women who serve in this department. Our certified and non-certified personnel are committed to uphold
    the laws of South Carolina and are dedicated to serving and protecting the citizens of this County. They diligently seek
    the truth and maintain the highest level of integrity, honor and professionalism.

    As Sheriff, I pledge to work with you and faithfully honor the oath of office that I took on January 6, 2003. We must
    continue to work together to make Chesterfield County a better place to live. Feel free to contact our office with ideas or suggestions about ways we can improve our service to your community. I look forward to the coming years as we
    make each year better than the previous.”
    ~ Sheriff Sam Parker

    Sheriff Parker ought to re-read this and check the dictionary for the meaning of some of the words he used, i.e.,integrity, honor, professionalism. He also might want to get educated on what being “committed to uphold the laws of South Carolina” really means, and how to “faithfully honor the oath of office.”

    Note to the Mayor: He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it. ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

  106. Mayor John Douglas Says:

    Note to Heather:
    I’m on your side here – the continuation of insults does cause me pause.
    Mayor John Douglas,
    TOWN of Chesterfield

    “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.” Matthew 7:1

  107. Judy Pearl Says:

    i can only hope that these innocent dogs will be treated well .. placed in homes where they will be taken care of .. that they will have a shelter that treats them well until that time .. i hope these awful situations that were described will be made to stop & the situation set right .. for the sake of the dogs & the people will feel better if they do the right thing

  108. Kathy Says:

    Thank you Mayor Douglas for caring. Hopefully more officals from Chesterfield county will also speak out against this and we can see real change.
    It is long overdue.

  109. Heather H Says:

    Mr. Mayor,
    I truly hope you are on my side, the side of the posters here, and, most importantly, the side of the animals.

    I apologize for offending you with the quote. I came across the quote just recently and it really spoke to me. I read and cry over articles about animal abuse and cruelty every day and up to this point, that’s all I have done. I am going to start doing what I can as a simple citizen of this country to stop animal cruelty.

  110. Vladimir Says:

    ….I can not believe,what I’m reading!!! Is it true,that Sheriff Office used dogs as a targets? If yes,this is just an awful. We have a law enforcement to protect the law,but not commit the crime. In this case,that is Not a law enforcement agency,but criminals.We don’t need such sheriff department. Such Sheriff must to step down, and deputies who fired firearm at innocent, defenseless animals have to be fired.This story bring me in a shock!!! I’m former police officer from Ukraine. For all my time in PD,I never pulled trigger on animals,NEVER!!! But I had situation to deal with danger dogs. I used alternative to stop them,but not harm them.
    I just posted news few hours ago,on 31 page(now)….,,The Awful Tortures of an animals in the Russia,, If you want,you can read that. How many times I told to my friends in Russia and Ukraine, that american s love all animals.That we have nice shelters,where people take care of them. How many animals lives, police officers and Firemen saved. But what is it? That shelter,like a Gestapo prison for animals? Animal Control workers driving band new SUV,but no money for food? I do not have words to say, what I think.God is Judge for all of them.
    People with a ,,Big heart,,!!! We can not to be silent.This info must to be in all newspapers, on a national TV, everywhere. But we have to STOP such ,,two legs animals,, who called themselves a human. Big ashame to such mayor,who can not make anything to stop this cruelty. What kind of a power he has? To sit in a warm chair and using our tax money for his income? Unbelievable!!!

  111. Lisa Says:

    This happens all over the world. The shelter here was not taking good care of the animals, or letting them get adopted out. It is still in the town meetings agenda, being constantly discuss at every meeting, progress is being made, but slowly. The only difference is our shelter is a no kill shelter. I think in this case everyone should contact the Sentor or nothing will ever get done. He does care about re-election and if enough people respond he will at least investigate.

  112. Lisa Says:

    Sorry, but in the Mayor’s defense, he really doesn’t have any say in this matter. He doesn’t make the laws, and he only has the city he can take of. This and almost all shelter fall under the County or State which would the Govenor or you Sentors to who actually make the laws.

  113. Shelly Says:

    Just wanted to give an update on how our local rescue groups are making me proud to step up about this ordeal:


  114. Kalinda Says:

    This is barbaric in the day and age of time.
    I live in a small town too. Our local law enforcement is in charge of animal control.
    A few years ago, We had a backyard breeder with a nasty situation. The pups & mom living on a chain tangled up tied to a tree. The food (can of beans) cheapest dog food at the store or leftovers. feces,puppies, food & mom’s all in the dirt. The local sheriff’s dept were called out. They said this was animal cruelty. They took pictures & wrote on a yellow notebook. The 6 puppies that survived were only 2-3 weeks old.
    Then called the sheriff for advice. He told them to locate the owner. He was at work an hour away. He had to “take the mom’s & puppies out of his jurisdiction.” He instructed them to escort him to the county line.
    Here is the problem. The sheriff says ” You didn’t hear me say that.” He refuses to admit that is what he did. However he keeps getting elected every 4 yrs. Going on 25 yrs now. Us residents believe the elections are rigged.
    If anyone says anything against him, he makes their lives miserable. You or your family members will be stopped for no reason at all. Good ole boys club at work.
    So I would suggest someone out side of the local government should intervene on Chesterfield ,S.C. I will share to get this story out there.

  115. Michelle Says:

    Please sign the petition:


  116. lynn crago Says:

    very good post

  117. Lynn Robertson Says:

    I posted a petition on Change.org to get people to try to get this stopped. (I didn’t quite use the language used here.) Please go sign the petition. Thanks!!

  118. Nancy Says:

    Great job Lowcountry Lab Rescue! Hope more people step up to get these dogs out of there. If I didn’t live across the country I’d foster 1 or 2 myself.

  119. Vickie Capps Says:

    This is absolutely horrible, these people belong in jail for treating these poor little dogs like this. From what I can understand they only killed the ones who had places to go. I thin that any adults involved in this should go to jail. I am not even sure that will be good enough for them and they should never be allowed to have the responsibility of taking care of an animal ever again. I know that my baby had to go through a lot because he originated at puppy mill and I know that he had to have been abused before when we got him. He was abused am He was always very skiddish. He is finally coming out of that. We adopted another one who was a dumped dog who had a very bad anxiety problem, he was a dumped dog and I have every reason to believe that he was abused. I know he is a very anxious animal. They are coming out of the way they were tho and they will play and sit on our laps and enjoy time with us, which they wouldn’t do to start with. Any one who mistreats one of these who can not speak up for themselves need us to speak for them and they need to b locked up in a tiny tiny cell. If I am not making sense I am sorry, I have had no sleep and think I need to head to bed as it is 12:30pm here. God Bless all of those who do help our animals.

  120. Jennifer Logan Says:

    Great so the people we trust to ensure justice are serial killers! The lack of conscience in these individuals is cause for an immediate psych eval! God forgive us for not defending the helpless, voiceless, thousands that have so needlessly suffered so much.

  121. Jamie Says:

    Please contact me if I can help with this anymore. This broke my heart the first time I heard about it.

  122. Ingrid Petterson Says:

    I just wrote to Senator Fair regarding his response to the letter written to him, where he stated he cannot become “overwrought” by issues of the mistreatment of animals while the killing of unborn fetuses is on-going (the disturbing views of some pro-lifers who feel that one cannot be involved in both issues). I wish I could copy and paste, but in essence what I said was that as a Senator, it is his obligation to his citizens to see that the concerns of all are addressed…If he cannot be involved in more than one issue of injustice at a time, perhaps he should turn over the responsibilities of his office to one who can multi-task. Of course; I am an ex-citizen of NJ, now residing in AZ, so perhaps he also,(referring to Senator Lindsay Graham) is so overwhelmed by other issues, that he won’t have time to read the messages from those not from SC.

  123. Laurel Says:

    I used to live in South Carolina when my ex-husband was stationed in the military there and I thought it was a gorgeous place to live and that was after hurricane Katrina. Now I live in Iowa and am actively involved in animal rescue and if i had the money and the space I would be down there in a heartbeat and pull every single one of those animals out of that shelter, oh I forget, slaughter house every single day of the week and bring them up here to new and furrever homes so they wouldn’t be targets or put to sleep inhumanely!! South Carolina I will be standing behind you on this one for sure!!!!

  124. Margot Roby Treybig Says:

    It’s sad to say, but the ‘good ole boy’ system is alive and well in the south. Often it’s not WHAT you know, but WHO you know, and if you don’t play along with the boys you can find yourself in a heap of trouble. One can only hope and pray that SLED will play fair and do the right thing, and NOT sweep this horrific act of animal cruely under the rug.
    The ‘good ole boys’, led by Brian Burch, need to be brought up on felony charges and to do serious jail time. The young people of Chesterfield need to see, by example, that actions have consequences, and that animal cruelty and abuse, as well as all of the unlawfull acts committed by the Sherrif’s boys, will NOT be laughed off. That those crimes will not be swept away.
    My heart aches for all of the cats and dogs that died such brutal death, they deserved our love anad compassion, not to be beaten and shot.

  125. Pauline Says:

    if your article were not so full of inuendo and half truths it would be much more effective. I resent your implication that southerners are more likely to be cruel to animals and it is unfounded. horrible things happen to helpless animals all over the world and I applaud your efforts to educate people on that. I think you might have more luck if you were more realistic yourself.

  126. seraphine Says:

    this website puts the prisoners as the whistle blowers with assistance from paws and claws. So lets not assume they are neglectful or abusive because they are inmates.


  127. Jen Says:

    I am an animal lover, and with all the work I have done with shelters and other agencies, I think that there is a place for putting animals down. I know that most people do not want to pay to be feeding stray animals when they cannot feed themselves (i.e. tax dollars) or put a roof over their head. At the same time they complain that they do not want animals killed for no reason, but they let their intact animals roam free to have more kittens/puppies with no where to go.
    There are always going to be places where treatment of animals or people is a concern. Unfortunately in this case, it sounds like the police department is running the institution, which can cause conflict of interest. Most of the time the shelters have NOTHING to do with animal control and have totally separate budgets. As far as target practice, gunshot is considered a humane slaughter method as long as the other dogs are not witnessing it. So it is not inhumane unless the cop is a bad shot…
    As far as the prisoners, typically the animals are very safe with them. If a prisoner were to kill an animal and the general population finds out about it, they better be very scary or crazy because there will be retaliation. Most inmates do not agree with animal cruelty and will not tolerate it. Also, animals with inmates can provide a great emotional bond that they cannot get with anything else in their life at that time. Especially if no one else has the budget or time, let the inmates work and clean up and take care of the animals. Yes there does need to be some monitoring and checking in with them, but a camera and recording system would take care of that.
    As far as some of the animal organizations are concerned, especially peta, they have acted as terrorist organizations in the past. Planning attacks on people that work with animals and doing inhumane things to other people. If peta got what they wanted NONE of us would be allowed to own animals or use animals for food or agriculture. People should educate themselves a little bit before blindly choosing sides. I am all about animal welfare and humane care, handling and euthanasia. Just make sure you are going after the right people and that the law you are trying to pass will not make it harder to care for the animals we are looking to rescue.

  128. Maude Says:

    There is a special place in hell for the people that do harm to animals.

  129. Pets Alive Blog » Does anyone CARE? More on Chesterfield S.C. Says:

    […] marks six weeks since shots rang out in Chesterfield SC, killing as many as 22 dogs, and yet to date no arrests have been made, no criminal charges have been filed and the men accused […]

  130. Vicki Dunne Says:

    The people who could commit such heinous acts have no soul whatsoever, may karma find them quickly.

  131. Pets Alive Blog » Kerry’s Update – April 22, 2011 Says:

    […] What has happened to compassion in our shelters? […]

  132. Garden Gal Says:

    What everyone needs to remember about people in a public office like this case is THEY ARE PAID BY TAXES.
    That means citizens are paying them to do this!!
    It needs to stop now!!!
    What a waste of the taxpayers money when this corruption occurs.

  133. Shirley Says:

    This is one of the saddest things I’ve ever read. I simply can’t understand why some people think it’s ok to treat animals this way. We’re truly living in sad times.


  134. any kindle fire deals Says:

    definitely an interesting read. i usually dont comment. signed plaque

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