Pets Alive Westchester Update – Joy Carson moving on!

Ring Out The Old, Ring In The New

After one year as Executive Director of Pets Alive Westchester, I am leaving to take on the role of Executive Director of Pets Alive Puerto Rico. It’s a bittersweet transition for me.

While I look forward to the new challenge in Puerto Rico, I look around and see so much still to be done in Westchester.
Mostly I see the faces of the animals. I have come to love each and every one of them, and leaving them is very difficult. But I know I am leaving them in capable hands. Jenessa Taylor, the new Executive Director, is able to step into this role without missing a beat. She comes to PAW from Pets Alive Middletown, where she was the Executive Administrator working right alongside the President of the Board and Executive Director at Middletown. Jen has extensive knowledge and experience in handling the day to day operation as well as in keeping the long term goals on track. She knows that the top priority is to get these animals into loving homes and to ensure that their lives are enriched while they are still here. The staff at Pets Alive Westchester is a strong group of committed, capable, caring, compassionate people. Led by Jenessa, they will not only accomplish the goals already set forth, but with your support, they will take Pets Alive Westchester to places not yet imagined!

So go ahead – RING OUT THE OLD!

It has been such an honor working with you to lead this organization over the past year, and to be able to play a small part in helping to improve the lives of the animals at Pets Alive Westchester. Thank you all for being a part of PAW, and for all your support and encouragement.

Always remember that none of this can happen without you, so please give generously in 2012 of your time, your money and most of all your love. Thank you for loving the animals. Your love worked miracles in 2011. There are more miracles to come in 2012.




2011 Year in Review:

I am very proud to tell you about some of the accomplishments that your support made possible in 2011. What a year it has been!


In 2011, PAW found homes for more than 1,000 animals – hundreds of them were seniors who had been here for many years.


For those dogs and cats who remain in our care, we implemented some wonderful programs to enrich their lives.

  • The “Senior Foster Program” asks people to commit to a dog or cat for the rest of its life. Pets Alive Westchester pays all the medical expenses. Currently 6 senior dogs and 1 senior cat are in this program.
  • The “Senior Weekend Getaway” program allows volunteers to bring a senior dog home for an overnight or weekend stay. 5 dogs regularly “getaway”.
  • The “Train to Adopt Program” consists of dedicated volunteers who meet with the staff trainer on a weekly basis and learn training techniques to help make dogs more adoptable.
  • The “K9 Basics” training classes graduated 82 students. We know that when a new adopter attends training classes with their dog, the likelihood is greatly reduced that the dog will be returned
  • “Doggie Play Groups” bring dogs together in the play yard for fun and exercise. Dozens of dogs who were labeled “dog-aggressive” have been reevaluated and now participate in play groups after years of being deprived of any interaction with other dogs!
  • FIV cats are now showcased in their own new room right off the lobby, and volunteers are encouraged to visit and socialize with them.
  • Sam, a dog once labeled severely aggressive has been rehabilitated. He now lives happily in the office, loves everyone, and is training to become a licensed therapy dog.
  • The renovation and beautification of the cat rooms is almost complete and will provide more comfy sleeping areas and nooks and crannies for hiding”


With so many senior animals, the ability to provide medical care onsite is a top priority. The new medical suite, outfitted with state of the art equipment, meets that need.

  • There is a large treatment room for first aid, dentals, and surgery prep, and a separate operating room where surgeries are performed.
  • The new cat infirmary is almost complete, and will provide our feline furries with a spacious and clean place to recuperate from illness, injury or surgery.
  • The medical team consists of staff veterinarian Christina Nutini, DVM and two vet assistants, and is overseen by Dr. Christopher Puzio, owner of Rockland veterinary. I am so proud to be able to say that everyone on the medical team embraces the Pets Alive no-kill philosophy and is committed to providing the highest quality medical care in a loving and compassionate manner.
  • Early 2012 will bring a renovated dog infirmary, and in the second half of the year PAW will begin offering low cost spay/neuter to the community.


  • The installation of the new HVAC system is underway and expected to be completed any day now. With winter upon us, and with the memories of getting through last winter without reliable heat still fresh in our mind, this costly project could not be postponed any longer. New boilers, duct work, air handlers, controls, and a special filtering system for the medical areas will result in a safe, healthy and cozy indoor environment year round.
  • The lobby has been redecorated and now has a clean and spacious look, and our logo graces the entryway – all thanks to Diana who had a vision to help Pets Alive Westchester and a mission to complete her Girl Scout Gold Award project.
  • A dream came true just a few weeks ago when a donor agreed to sponsor a beautiful new sign for the outside of the building to show all the world that we are Pets Alive Westchester!
Joy and one of her little helpers.Our mission is to improve the lives of companion animals everywhere by any means possible, including rescue, adoption, advocacy, collaboration, intervention and education. Please consider making a donation to help us.

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