Robert – ADOPTED!

(Please note that this is a guest blog, written by Christine – it originally appeared here. Christine was kind enough to allow us to reproduce it here.)

Adoption Tale: Robert’s Going Home Party!

Robert’s story is truly a miraculous one. This sweet guy, a 4 year old paraplegic, was rescued by Pets Alive back in February just moments before he was scheduled for euthanasia at the NYC Animal Care and Control.  He could only use his front legs to get around and had to drag his back legs behind him.  He was initially found with multiple lacerations, and would need round the clock care to relieve his bladder.  It is believed that he was hit by a car and received no treatment for his injuries. As he sat immobilized, scared and in pain in his cage awaiting his fate, he had no idea how his life was about to change!

Pets Alive stepped in and gave him the chance at life that no one else would give him.  It was a long, hard road for Robert that included spinal surgery, countless hours of physical therapy and a fancy set of wheels to get around, but today there was celebration as Robert went home to start his new life!

My sister and I joined the hoopla as Pets Alive pulled out the stops for Robert!  There were donated balloons set up all around the property, oak tag with pictures of his journey and good luck wishes, baked goods and even a large cake with Robert’s picture on it, graciously donated by a local bakery (Bakery Plus in Middletown, NY).

His half eaten cake….. :)

Our cable network was even there to cover the story!  Today was truly Robert’s day.  He was treated like a rock star and deserves no less.

What began as a lonely, painful and not so hopeful future…

…ends with a whole lot of lovin’ for a dog that touched more lives than he’ll ever know!

Thank you Pets Alive for doing what you do!  Good luck in your new home sweet boy!  You’ll be living out the rest of your precious life worry free and smothered with love.

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  1. Maria Says:

    Godspeed dear sweet Robert! You deserve to live a long and happy life filled with love.
    Thank you all who saved Robert. You are all angels.

  2. Nancy Wild Says:

    Thank-you Pets Alive for making this happen – you were truly Robert’s rescue angel! I know Robert will walk one day this boy truly has the determination and so many people cheering him on…and to Roberts new family thank-you for bringing this special guy into your home – he is truly a gift and an inspiration to many of us. Robert enjoy your new life….look forward to hearing more Robert stories!

  3. Pets Alive Blog » Kerry’s Latest Update – Sept 12 – Middletown Says:

    […] The highlight adoption since the last update, would HAVE to be our Robert! YES! If you didn’t know already, Robert, our parapalegic dog, was adopted last month! He even has his own FaceBook page now. Robert is doing so well and was adopted by the guy that would come here every single day to work with him on his physical therapy. I guess it was love, because once Robert was done with most of his main medical treatments, Joe decided it was time for him to come home with him. Thank you Joe, and Robert – the dog that taught us all so much about who WE are and what life really means – thank YOU for showing us the way and for helping us to learn more about our abilities and that we have no limitations! Read Robert’s adoption story here. […]

  4. Marianna Says:

    Robert has touched many lives. Reading about his progress thought the months has been incredible and now that he found his forever home is spectacular. He is so special and so are his adoptive parents and all the people that made it happed for him. God bless you little Robert and please check in once in a while just to say hello or to send love and kisses.

  5. Janet in Cambridge Says:

    The Before and After photos say it all. Thanks, “guy who would come here every single day to work with him on his physical therapy” for caring so much about Robert and for adopting this sweet boy.

  6. Louise Simmons Says:

    Although I have never met Robert, I have read about him and now finding out that he has his forever home has brought tears to my eyes. I know he will have a wonderful life from now on. And congratulations on all the adoptions last weekend. You are doing a marvellous job for all those poor animals. Thank you, thank you.

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