Dottsie Perez awarded VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR award at the Pets Alive 2013 Fur Ball

dotsieDottsie Perez is someone that you meet once and you don’t forget. We have all witnessed again and again a woman that doesn’t ever stop doing all she can to help find animals homes.

Dottsie took on the role of Volunteer Coordinator at Pets Alive three years ago. In that time, she has developed an offsite team of dedicated volunteers to bring dogs to events for adoption. She has also developed an amazing orientation team of volunteers who teach new volunteers all about Pets Alive. She has developed and has been the driving force for several fund raisers over the years. Dottsie’s passion for animal rescue has been an inspiration to many others. Her dedication for animals in need filters through all of the work that she does to enable them to find homes. This would not be a suitable tribute to this amazing woman without stating that her love and passion for pit bull rescue has resulted with many finding wonderful homes as well. Not only does she dedicate so much time to Pets Alive and animal rescue and advocacy, but she also works a full time job, has animals of her own as well as a husband and family to care for. But none of that keeps her away from Pets Alive. She truly loves the organization and the animals and she puts her heart and soul into everything she does.

Dottsie, we are so grateful to have you as a part of the Pets Alive family. The animals are incredibly lucky to have your love and compassion. You truly are an angel for them. So many have gone to homes because of all the efforts you have put forth to make it happen. That’s who you are though. That’s what you do. We are eternally grateful for your love and passion for animal rescue. You have a driving force within you that will not ever stop until every animal that ever comes through the doors at Pets Alive finds a loving home. We want you to know how much you are loved. The same way the animals love you. You have an amazing heart and we are very grateful to have you in our lives. From the Pets Alive family, we thank you.

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