You Can Save Them All: An Introduction to Canine Hospice, Senior, and Special Needs Care

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Do you have an interest in providing hospice (end of life) care for dogs but aren’t sure how to get started, or what the experience is like? Are you interested in adopting a senior animal but you’re a little hesitant? Would you be interested in adopting a special needs dog who needs just a little extra help?

When Pets Alive took over the old Elmsford Animal Shelter, we found hundreds of dogs that were seniors. Some had even arrived ten or twelve years before – and no effort was made to ever get them a home. They have lived their entire lives in a cement run, and now some are at a very advanced age, and some have medical conditions that mean they would be so much better off in homes.

The staff at Pets Alive are desperate to get them into homes, and many of our volunteers have stepped up and provided hospice and senior care for the animals most in need. The experience has been very rewarding and very heart wrenching. There is no greater respect, nor admiration that we could have – than for our volunteers who do this for our dogs (and cats!).

This picture is Nyko, a litte angel of an 15 year old Shiba Inu. We are looking for a home for him, and we will continue to cover all his expenses including his medical expenses. What does that entail?

Come to Pets Alive Westchester on Friday, June 14 at 7pm for an introduction to the principles and practice of canine hospice, as well as senior and special needs care. Experienced practitioners will take you through the process, there will be a Q&A for questions, and Pets Alive Westchester staff will be on hand to explain how they can support your efforts.

There is no obligation.
No expectations of you.

Please just come and learn what it is all about.

This seminar is free!

Please RSVP to It is not necessary to RSVP – if you find yourself free that night, please just come, but we are requesting RSVP’s to make sure we have enough bottled water and snacks for everyone, and that there is enough interest to host this seminar.

Pets Alive Westchester is located at:
100 Warehouse Lane South
Elmsford, NY 10523

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