They Still Need You! The “Broken Cats” One Year Later

Pancake, Syrup, Pop Tart, Links, Marmalade, and Smuckers: Their names read like an iHop’s breakfast menu.
It’s been almost a year since we got the phone call about 50+ cats thrown out into the cold from a hoarding situation. We partnered with MidHudson Animal Aide to save them all! (You can read the first part of their story at

We have nursed them all back to health and mended their physical wounds. But like many survivors of hoarding situations the physical wounds heal faster than the emotional ones. Learning to trust is full of baby steps forward and many steps back. We are all so proud of the “broken cats” who have been adopted this past year: Links, whose owner looked past the scared, shy boy and took a chance on him. They saw not the fear in his eyes but the glimmer of hope in his eye wanting to trust and love but afraid and unsure of how to. For Pancake who won the hearts of his adopters, it was love at first sight. McMuffin, whose adopter found him and just knew that this little boy needed her love and patience. Syrup, who waited almost a year for the perfect family to overlook his physical imperfections and see nothing but a perfect, beautiful boy.

While we are so proud and happy for those who have been adopted we continue to fight for and work with so many others. I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to some of our “broken cats” and where they are today.

Welcome Marmalade to center stage. This tiny beauty is warming up for her first big performance. In the time she has been with us she has come so far. From the scared little girl who spent her days hiding and peeking around and out of cubbies to the girl you see now, out and about in her room. You see we found the way to Marmalade’s heart – Temptation treats! This little girl will do just about anything for a few. While she still won’t allow us to pet her she will nudge your hand if you stand very still and hold out treats for her. She does love other cats and is often found snuggled up with her roommates.

The boy in the corner, Smuckers, whose main way of communicating with us has been to hiss whenever we got to close, (Who are we kidding? Anytime we walked into his room!) Well he has had a major breakthrough in the last month! He now allows some of us to pet him! While he still may hiss from time to time he is slowly learning hissing just doesn’t work with us as we always come back. We are hopeful that one day soon he will purr out loud in enjoyment of his daily petting sessions.

Then there is little Oatmeal. This girl has been through so much in her short life. Oatmeal came to us pregnant but suffered a miscarriage due to a severe infection. We have mended her body and are working hard to mend her spirit. Oatmeal has been putting her brave paw forward lately and instead of hiding and watching from a far she has taken to staying out in the room when staff and volunteers are near. We haven’t figured out her “weakness” yet but we are trying because really how many kitties can resist tuna?

These “broken cats” need you! Adopt – open your heart and home to one of these very special angels and give them your time and the patience they need to blossom and be whole again. Foster – not able to adopt today? Maybe you have the time to work one on one with one of these special cats for a few months and help them on their road to recovery. Volunteer – maybe you are not able to bring one of our “broken cats” into your home but you can still make a difference! You can commit to coming in and working with them on a one on one basis. We will gladly teach you everything you need to know. It’s not hard – it just takes love, time and patience. Donate/Sponsor – help us continue our work. We can’t do this without your continued support.

Written by Becky Tegze the Pets Alive Cat Manager. Becky has years of experience in socializing and assisting feral, semi feral or frightened felines.

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  1. Sarah Says:

    Hey you guys are doing great job which makes me believe that humanity is still there. I am also a pet lover and I also love to help pets. Keep the good work going buddy.

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