ASPCA New York: Using your donations to murder animals

Hi everyone. Matt here. At Pets Alive we are eager to collaborate with other shelters. We try very hard to set aside political views, debates over kill or no-kill, personalities and everything else, staying laser focused on the animals. They are all that matter. We will fight tooth and nail for each and every one.

You’ve helped us many times. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. Many of our supporters donate to many animal welfare organizations. Many donate to the SPCA of New York City – I’m not talking about your local SPCA or the Sullivan County SPCA (good friends of ours), or the Westchester County SPCA (again, friends of ours).

I’m speaking of the New York City ASPCA – $85 million in donations last year, a President named Ed Sayres, whose salary is more than our budget for the year. They spent $10 million on advertising last year. $10 million. And we struggle to buy stamps.

Know what though? If they’re saving animals then we support them one hundred percent. And they saved 4000 last year. That’s great. That comes to roughly $20,000 an animal, but at least they’re saved, right?

You would think so. You’d be wrong.

Oreo was a pit bull mix that was thrown from the top of a six story building. She ended up at the ASPCA, who set her broken legs, fixed her shattered body and got her back on her feet. Then they killed her.

Before they killed her, Pets Alive stepped up and offered the SPCA another alternative. We offered to take Oreo to our facility and work with her. If she was adoptable we would adopt her out. If not she would live at the sanctuary for the rest of her life. That’s our standard offer.

We were thinking of dogs like Amelia. Remember Amelia? Everyone else gave up on her. We didn’t. And now she’s in her forever home. Here’s the story if you want to read it again:

Sometimes I am amazed at how naïve Kerry and I are. We expect that if we offer another animal welfare group an alternative to killing they will take it. The ASPCA was incredibly arrogant to us, to the press and to their own supporters. They hung up on Kerry three times, ignored our calls and emails, and had security guards escort a volunteer that was working with us out of their building.

Ed Sayres, their President is simply a coward.

He ducked phone calls, emails and personal visits. They refused to acknowledge the existence of Pets Alive (even though they imposed on Rob Thomas to record radio ads because of his work with Pets Alive) and our offer to help.

They killed an animal they were responsible for. An animal that had been horribly abused. An animal that had struggled back to life from certain death. A soul that had been nursed back to health, only to be extinguished by those who were charged with saving her.

The ASPCA of New York used your donations, the fruit of your labor, the reward for your toil, to kill an innocent animal. That is morally reprehensible.

When a so-called animal welfare organization that is chartered with protecting animals chooses to murder them when there are other options, they should lose the right to be called their protectors.

We are asking you to consider withholding your financial support of the ASPCA of New York City. They are not deserving of your donations or your support.


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  1. Melissa Says:

    ASPCA will never received a penny from me. Never. Ever

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  3. Monica Says:

    Just canceled my membership w/ ASPCA. This is horrible.

  4. Jeanie Says:

    ASPCA will never receive another donation from me! I also plan to return their daily mail – return to sender!

  5. shannon Says:

    This story makes me so sad. RIP Oreo. I will not support ASPCA of NYC ever.

  6. @saveOREO Says:

    we tried. now we see the ASPCA for who they are and can put our money where out mouth is but certainly not in their direction. anyone touched by this story and the work that Pets Alive did to try to saveOREO should make a small donation in her memory to them.

  7. Cathy Says:

    I just dont understand how they could spend OUR donated funds helping Oreo get better – then euthanize him. i am just dumbstruck by this – or maybe just dumb…. regardless. Requiescat in Pace little Oreo.

  8. Kevin V. Says:

    I’d like to know more about Oreo’s story. Why was she killed? What reason did the New York SPCA give for it? Or did they give any reason at all? Why did they refuse to hand her over to Pets Alive?

  9. Anonymous Says:


    Those down in the trenches of the ASPCA work so hard to save animals & prosecute the criminals, and the greedy decision makers are ruining it for everyone, especially the animals! ($500K salary for the top dog, $200K for managers? Is this even legal at a non-profit?!?!). My money will go to rescue organizations where people are in it to save animals not profit.

    Thank you Pets Alive for your call to action to save one dog. For your effort. For caring.

  10. Barbara Schiano Says:

    The ASPCA murdered Oreo. They were wrong when they said all dogfighting dogs must be murdered & they are wrong about OREO. The ASPCA murdered Oreo for no reason. Rescue orgs offered to take and rehabilitate Oreo and the ASPCA said no. The ASPCA DID NOT give Oreo a chance at life. The ASPCA MURDERED Oreo because of lawyers and liabilities. The ASPCA is a disgrace and I will no longer donate to this organization.

  11. Carol E McCormick Says:

    I have worked for or with just about every animal rescue, welfare, and rights group over the last 42 years.
    I called the ASPCA as I had a permanent home in NY, NY for Oreo. My call was returned a few days ago by someone named Jen. Jen stated that Oreo had to be held til the court date of Dec. 6. Ok, I understand that. She also said that would be good for him anyway, since he still had some physical recovering to do. She said she thought he would be healed by Dec. 6 and they already had a list of many adopters.
    Then comes yesterday’s letter by Ed Sayres.
    I go to the hospital daily for treatments, but if I were well or lived near NYC, I would call the news and stage a demo outside the ASPCA headquarters.
    Ed Sayres is a murdering asshole, just like the evil HSUS and Wayne Pacelle.
    Ed was the ONLY person who stood by Wayne coicidentally who said Vick deserved a second chance. Well, after knowing Wayne and working with him for over 20 years and seeing what HSUS, located up the street for me has become, I have asked everyone to withdraw support from HSUS. And now please do it against the ASPCA.
    There has to be a small window where justice lives.
    RIP Oreo. I will always love you. I apologize on behalf of the human race. <3

  12. Gena Massingill Says:

    I’m so glad you brought this matter into the public’s eye as this is the case with many ASPCA establishments…
    Humans need to get it…. killing is not the answer ALL of the time. Although there other situations where it is needed and the most humane thing to do, they have taken this wayyyyyyyyy over the edge and the statistics speak for themselves…. at least it is true in our area. They kill more than they place generally in the 60%-40% range. This is why you are seeing so many private non-profit Orgs stepping up to the plate… and Thank God!!!!

  13. Cher Says:

    Thank you Pets Alive for doing all you could do to try and save Oreo. I am heartbroken that we all failed in saving her but possibly there is a silver lining? The ASPCA has been shown for the organization they really are and support for them will take a dive because of it. More private rescue groups like yourself will benefit from that.

    I couldn’t put it on my payment but I want you to know that today I sent you $35.00 and I did this in Memory of Oreo. When I can I will continue to donate to your organization.

  14. Daniela Says:

    hmm…. Now I understand why the Ulster County SPCA has the notice on their website that they are not affiliated with the national ASPCA.

  15. Carol E McCormick Says:

    I must thank sweet Oreo one more time. I would not have known about your group if this tragedy did not happen and you did not step up to the plate.
    You have it right, only the animals matter, not politics, kill vs no kill, etc. as you say.
    We will certainly donate to you and spread the word to our many animal contacts to do the same.
    Every good wish to you and please kiss every animal there for me. xxxxxx

  16. Debbie Eades Says:

    This is unacceptable! I support Pets Alive and they do wonderful work but the ASPCA will NEVER receive another dime from me and I will cancel my monthly sponsorship. I had no idea they pay Ed Sayres $400,000 a year!! I wanted my donation to be used to SAVE animals, not KILL a dog who COULD have been saved!!
    R I P, Oreo. We tried so hard to save you. Thanks to PETS ALIVE for trying. All my ASPCA donations go to you now.

  17. Jaime Says:

    Unreal… have just cancelled my membership to ASPCA…

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  19. Maureen Says:

    R.I.P. Oreo. Ed Sayres has to go, and he must be held accountable for this. Oreo’s life was not his decision, it was all of ours. How could Oreo have been nursed so well back to health if she was so “vicious”? Oreo probably sensed that the handlers and “specialists” wanted to euthanize her, so of course she acted aggressively toward them. And the equipment they pestered, er,
    evaluated her with was probably similar to what the monster who threw her off the building taunted her with. Oreo was accused of “straining on her leash” towards another dog and “biting a fake hand that was dangling in front of her.” Gee, my couch potato dog does that, too. Or maybe Mr. Sayres is trying to hide something, like botched care? We need an “Oreo’s law” to protect other animals from barbarians like this. Oreo deserved more time to adjust to other people’s kindness, and that was stolen from her. Thank you Pets Alive for extending basic human decency to Oreo by offering to take her in. That was probably the only real act of kindness Oreo ever got in her short life. Oreo, I’m sure God is giving you a tummy rub right now.

  20. Candi Says:

    thank you pets alive for trying to save Oreo. There is a large community of animal rescuers and advocates on facebook and I will be sending this link out to make sure you get the recognition and credit for trying to save this girl.. we all appreciate what you do every single day :)

  21. Melanie Says:

    The money I was giving to the ASPCA, will be channeled to your no kill organization.

  22. sunnyskies Says:

    So well said, Matt. What a sad day for all compassionate animal advocates. To refuse the Pets Alive offer to give Oreo a chance–such stubborn arrogance. Poor, dear Oreo–the dog no one ever truly knew. We only saw her anger, and her fear. No one ever saw what was hidden, in her heart. Once she was a puppy, trusting she would be cared for, trusting she would be loved. How terribly humans have let her down. Thanks so much, Pets Alive, for trying to make a difference, when so many others failed her.

  23. Shannon Says:

    I can’t believe this happened…just can’t believe it. I can’t stop crying. Why? If someone wants to take Oreo, give her a good life, who should have the right to say “no” and euthanize her? She can not speak. We speak for her. I will no longer donate to the ASPCA, now I see how their “business” is run. Shocking, just shocking…their commercials make you cry, and now their actions have made me cry. How could this happen? R.I.P Oreo, what a beautiful dog. God Bless you all at Pets Alive. I wish we would have had a happy ending today.

  24. Marta Novotny Says:


  25. Nora Constance Says:

    I have asked the ASPCA to remove me from their mailing and donor list. I sent them a check every month. Now i know I helped pay for Oreo’s murder. Never again.

  26. kim denali Says:

    There were other options. The ASPCA has just carried out the worse crime to an animal. Being a person that has brought large breed dogs back from what ‘everyone deemed too aggressive’ I can honestly say out of my 25 years of working with rescued animals and state and federal organizations, the ASPCA just set a horrible example.
    All the good they have done for animals, Oreo’s senseless murder in one swipe wipes all that good away.
    I have lost faith in the ASPCA.

  27. Danielle Steele Says:

    It breaks my heart to read about Oreo, i just think about Max who we adopted from Pets Alive. He was supposed to be killed at another shelter before he came to you and i just cant understand it. Max isn’t the easiest dog to have trained but we did it, and he is improving each and every day and we couldn’t be prouder of him. It takes a lot of time and patience and you cant just give up on these animals. Most of the time they just need a lot of love. Thank you Pets Alive for all that you do, we will definitely be coming to you in the future when Max needs a brother or sister.. we tell everyone about you!

  28. Rosanna Krenn Says:

    My support for the aspca has been withdrawn and will be transferred to other animal help groups, like Pets Alive.

  29. Erin Says:

    Ok. I have an ASPCA credit card. Not for the NYC branch, but I am changing that very soon. I knew they euthanized, but this makes me sick. I thought my money was going to a place where they were doing more good than bad. Maybe they still are, but they won’t get my money anymore. (btw, PETA is even worse!!).
    Perhaps you should ask Rob T. to expose them for the … idiots they are (that’s not what I really want to call them!!).
    #2 I really think you should call the news and do a shame on you story. Channel 2 or 7 or whatever. Press for you, bad press for them… let’s run a smear campaign. You can put me in Manhattan in a sandwich board with mega phone. I can be quite obnoxious when I want to be!

  30. Maureen Sheridan Says:

    We at The Animal House Jamaica were dumbfounded by the ASPCA’s refusal to reconsider this situation and let Oreo live. It makes one think that there was more to it than meets the eye – there was no logical reason why she could not be re-evaluated by another organization and given the chance to live out her life in peace. A very sad situation – when an organization entrusted to prevent cruelty instigates it…for what greater cruelty is there than killing a healthy animal?

  31. Carol Mitchell Says:

    My husband and I have been monthly donors to the APCA for some time. No longer. When we learned of their plan to kill Oreo I sent emails to my 100+ list, called and emailed Sayres to no avail. I received a self-serving explanation from the press office which did not address your offer to take Oreo.I also contacted Best Friends for help, as I donate to them as well.We believe that the next step should be the firing of Ed Sayres.To that end, I think all members of the Board of Directors should be contacted,as they are the only people who have the authority to remove him. I would also consider contacting Chuck Scarborough at WNBC as he has done fundraising for them,and knows Sayres well. Those who made the decision to kill Oreo must be held responsible!

  32. Charlene Says:

    I am devastated about poor little Oreo; she was tortured to death, and it’s absolutely shameful. The ASPCA is on my list — one that any organization (or individual for that matter) does NOT want to be on. Heads need to roll!

  33. Gwen Stout Says:

    I am a suppoter of ASPCA. I find this horrible and very disrespectfull to our four legged friends. I will be contacting ASPCA and letting them know how very upset i am about New York destroying such a beautiful and well worth saving Oreo. I live in Texas, thank god for the ASPCA down here. They destroy no four legged friend unless they can not be saved. If not adoptable they live out their life with these very loving people. The more people that flood ASCPA about this matter, they’ll have to do something about this Ed Sayres and anyone else that had to do with this murder. But should remember that ALL ASPCA are not the same. This was not an executive deccision im sure. Thay can not afford this kind of negative coverage. Bombbard them with e-mails, letters and calls. Thay will have to do something about it. Although they can not bring Oreo back, they can get rid of those uncareing enough to destroy a perfectly loving friend.

  34. Rivka Says:

    I have tried unsubscribing from their ridiculous email list – always cheery little stories, “how to housetrain your pet”, etc. How about them SAVING an animal once in a while. They never responded to a terrible situation in my state, I requested their assistance, or even a press release statement of support from them. These huge AR Org are useless on the home front. There aint no Animal Planet in my state. Its just us – on the ground forces, without ASPCa help.
    Killing Oreo…unforgivable.

  35. Patricia Evans Says:

    I always thought ASPCA was a cut above HSUS for “no-kill” shelters. It seemed HSUS killed off more animals than it rescued or sheltered, thus my support was for ASPCA. Today, I am a changed woman and I am DONE with ASPCA, nothing ever from me again.

  36. Petra Says:

    I just read the whole Oreo story. It is a shame. I work in an animal hospital as a technician and the behavior “specialists” at ASPCA should see what kind of dogs we have to work with sometimes. They are aggressive, trying to hurt other dogs and people mostly because they are afraid. We understand. We don’t euthanize unless there is a medical reason. Even then we try to work with the owner. Pets Alive now saved 2 dogs from our hospital who would be living in a cage for the rest of their live or would be put down by another vet. I met their handler and their tech, they are caring and appreciative, wonderful people, we are their biggest fans!!! Thank you Kerry, Janet and Marco!!!

  37. Olivia Says:

    I refuse to ever support them. Period.
    While I don’t live in NY, I have plenty of friends who do and I will make sure to spread the word about the NY ASPCA’s heinous acts to all of them…and everyone else I come into contact with.

    You guys are the true heroes. Thank you for all that you do.

  38. Donna Torch Says:

    My heart is aching, i truly don’t understand why they wouldn’t let Pets Alive take Oreo and try to work with him and save his life, God Bless Matt, Kerry and all at Pets Alive, your are truly animal saver and protectors, I am sorry for all of you there because I am so sure this tore at your hearts as well.
    I have made several donations and even become a member of the SPCA in New York City. I can guarantee they will never receive another dime from me and I will also send the a letter with my memebership card and tell them just what I think

  39. Marc Stephens Says:

    Please publish the ASPCA statement concerning the reason they euthanized Oreo. It seems inconsistent for the ASPCA to spend many hours of effort and provide extensive veterinary care only to kill the dog while it was recuperating. I want to know their reason.
    Over and over I have had to control the urge to reach a conclusion when I only hear “part of the story”. has pretty much oonvinced me to listen to “the rest of the story”. You owe it to your readers to divulge this information too.

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  41. kerry Says:

    Marc, there is no reason for us to”divulge this information”. It isn’t like we are hiding it. It is right on their presspage.
    …and they aren’t printing OUR side? So your implication that we are not being fair or honest is disrespectful. You can easily find their side in every single news report too – check OUR press page. They felt the dog was aggressive, we know that is easily fixed, and we have done it many times.

  42. Sandie Lee Says:

    I know this is an outrage. I totally agree that they were in the wrong, but what about all the other innocent animals at the shelter that depend on kind folks to donate funds to help them out?

    Is there not a better way to get the message across without inevitably hurting the innocents?

  43. kerry Says:

    They make $83 MILLION dollars a year. With ALL THAT MONEY they saved 4000 animals last year. We make $400,000 a year. With that we saved 1000+ animals last yer. Do the math. They don’t deserve your money. Give your money to smaller local shelters. They are doing more good.

  44. Maureen Says:

    Ed Sayres had Oreo killed because he didn’t like her, end of story. The ‘specialists’ were paid by Sayres, so of course their recommendations were influenced by him. Oreo was clearly a frightened dog who didn’t trust her handlers. They frightened her with metal cameras in her face- she probably thought they were going to hit her with them, dangling objects in front of her, etc. Whatever spin Mr. Sayres wants to gives the press, the bottom line is that he is an animal abuser. Oreo didn’t like Sayres, so if he couldn’t have Oreo’s affection, no one else could; classic abuser mentality. How about a citizen’s arrest for Sayres on felony animal cruelty, mainly emotional cruelty.
    And using her for donations and then killing her…..sickening. Sounds like fraud to me.

    When I had my dog outside this afternoon on this beautiful fall day to play ball and run in the yard, I wanted to cry over how Oreo was treated so badly by Ed Sayres and his cronies. Oreo would have loved to jump and run in the leaves instead of being tormented by ‘specialists’ and kept in a kennel. Many dogs panic in kennels, anyway. Did the ‘specialists’ forget to consider that? Get out, Ed Sayers. You have no credibility with animal lovers anymore. We want the ASPCA, not the Ed Sayres Society for Cruelty to Animals.

    Thank you to the people who tried to adopt Oreo, who offered to give her the life she so richly deserved, who knew Oreo needed to learn to trust people again but in time it would have happened. You are the unsung heroes. And thank you to Matt and Kerry at Pets Alive for going the extra yard against all odds to make a better life for the most unfortunate animals, and especially for trying to do the same for Oreo.

  45. Kathi Reid Says:

    I will never support the APCA. What they allowed to happen to Oreo is unforgivable. Despite all the pleadings they totally ignored what their supporters asked of them. It will take me a long time to get over the heartbreak I feel for Oreo. I hope and pray she is finally at peace and knows no more pain or fear.
    Thank you Pets Alive for all you do.

  46. Jennifer Lee Pryor Says:

    Shame on ASPCA!
    Pryor’s Planet has rescued feral wolf hybrid and rehabed them for families!
    Killing this poor dog when there was a reputable rescue to take is inexusable!
    Shame on ASPCA!
    Jennifer Lee Pryor
    Director Pryor’s Planet

  47. Terri Miller Says:

    There is another method that would grab the attention of the ASPCA even more – one that I tried locally once and achieved a result within 72 hours. We need to find out who the corporate sponsors of the ASPCA are and e-mail every one of them that we are boycotting their products until this is resolved to the satisfaction of the public and Pets Alive. When sponsors start getting concerned about losing money, they start withdrawing support to agenices – that is where the real hurtin’ takes place.

  48. Aubrie Kavanaugh Says:

    I long ago stopped supporting the HSUS and the ASPCA as national organizations and am thankful that I have never financially supported the New York City SPCA. I hope that those of you who have supported them in the past will cease that support immediately and will make it known why you have stopped supporting them. I could go on a verbal tirade about how very wrong all of this is and get on my soap box about the No Kill Movement but now is not the time and you likely all know what I would say anyway. If you have not read “Redemption: The Myth of Pet Overpopulation and the No Kill Revolution in America” by Nathan Winograd, now is the time. And now is the time to band together to support a state statute which would make it illegal for any shelter or humane society to kill an animal when a rescue has offered to save the animal. If Californians can enact such legislation, New Yorkers can too. You have my deepest sympathies from afar. I’ve never been to PA but I have close friends who have volunteered there and who still do. Oreo would have had a great life there and it saddens me beyond words that she will never know the love which awaited her there. Godspeed, Oreo.

  49. Sloane Says:


    Please join Win Animal Rights as we hold a candlelight vigil at the ASPCA, for those who mourn her passing.

    WHEN: Wednesday, Nov. 18th @ 7:00 PM
    WHERE: ASPCA – 424 E. 92nd St.

    Note: This candlelight vigil was arranged on short notice because of the event happening at the ASPCA tomorrow night. Another event will be planned for a future date that will allow those that need more advanced notice to join us.

    Please write to or phone Ed Sayres. Ask him how he can dare to hold a memorial for a dog who died because he was unwilling to consider alternatives. Ed Sayres made the decision to have Oreo killed and now he wants to have a memorial for her? What gall!!!

    Also, we have heard that Ed believes that the backlash will end in a day or two. Apparently, he believes that the humane and animal advocacy movement will move on to the next atrocity. Please help us prove to him that he is wrong and that the pressure is just beginning.

    You can sign the petition calling for Ed Sayres’ resignation here:

    Mr. Ed Sayres
    President & CEO
    American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)
    424 E. 92nd St
    New York, NY 10128-6804


    Telephone: 1-212-876-7700 Ext. 4603

    His secretary, Christine is at: 1-212-876-7700 ext. 4600

    If the above voice mailboxes are full, check out the following contact page for the ASPCA and call any number listed and tell them that you want to leave a message about Oreo.

  50. Lisa Young Says:

    I too am sickened by what happened to OREO, such cruelty at the hands of those appointed to save. Ed whats his face, needs to go as does that Wayne guy – they don’t deserve my time to type their entire names out.

    If you have never stepped up to speak out; let Oreo’s story move you to do so. Oreo is one of thousands who are murdered every day for no other reason that the fact that they were born.

    Donate your time and or your money to places like Pets Alive; the ones who really do care about the animals and give them every possible chance.

    I’m moved into action – – are you?

  51. Jason Di Palma Says:

    I would encourage all of you out there to forward this story to all your friends and family no matter where they live and ask them to do the same. The more people who know about this the more likely something will be done to remove Mr. Sayers from his position and start a change (hopefully) for the better. I personally sent out over 100 emails. Yes, it is time consuming but well worth it. May God bless Pet’s Alive, Kerry and all the other wonderful folks who go so far every single day to care for the unwanted. My heart goes out to each of them.

    Jason Di Palma

  52. Jason Di Palma Says:


    While I completely understand your concern for the “innocents” it is important to remember that their lives also hang in the balance. As long as people like Mr. Sayers are running this operation no animal is safe. A cutback in donations may hurt enough to provide enough heat for positive change. Then and only then will the “innocent’ you are concerned about be safe. Your heart is in the right place, now you must put your thoughts there as well. May God bless you.

  53. Carol Johnson Says:

    ED Sayres needs to go! Read what Natha Winonguard has to say about this un-animal friendly man when he was in San Francisco..just google ASPCA Oreo…then read the Examiner article.

  54. Sandi E Says:

    I suspected some years ago that the SPCA organizations were getting overzealous in their euthanizing. I’ve heard some things about PETA and thier “humane ways”. I have a friend who is a Vet Tech who once worked for SPCA. She was put in the position to euthanize & was euthanizing up to 14 animals per day!! Though she’s pretty tough, she could not stay there long & left. It made her sick.

    Also, we need to see some other rules changes. When someone wants to adopt a pet, they have such stringent guidelines. Like making you have a fence! There are perfectly good potential owners who might live in an apartment who would walk a dog every day. There should not be such broad rules for adoption. Every circumstance is different. But so many pets are not allowed to be adopted because of these stupid broad rules.

    Also, every pet should be allowed to be spayed and/or neutered without being overloaded with vaccinations that an owner might not agree with. I have been unable to find a vet who will spay or neuter without alot of vaccinations. This is wrong! If they’re so concerned about the “overpopulation” then why is it necessary to vaccinate for a spaying or neutering??

  55. tinydogsrule Says:

    I have long supported HSUS and ASPCA for their tireless work in rescuing puppymill dogs, prosecuting these horrific kennel owners and passing humane laws that support companion animal welfare.

    Good work has been accomplished on behalf of dogs in Washington within both of these organizations.

    I also applaud and groups such as Pets Alive and the Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS) for making a huge difference with very limited resources. I dontate to CAPS as well.

    That being said, offering Vick a PR move to smooth over his inexcusable actions was disgusting to me. I’ve tried to be open to how it could potentially help the plight of fighting dogs, but just don’t see it.

    What happened to Oreo is even more inexcusable in that it occured at the very hands of people trusted to save dogs. It makes zero sense on many levels. I do not understand why ANY organization would euthanize a dog that had even one hopeful option, much less so many sincere offers for a quality life.

    There are people who have a very special connection with this breed and can (and do!) succeed where others fail. Why was Oreo not given a chance?

    This is a lose-lose situation for Oreo, pitbulls showing aggression due to abuse and unfortunately, all the good work ASPCA staff members have done over the years that will now be overshadowed by this unnecessary and thoughtless act.

    It is too late for Oreo, but hopefully we can join together to pass Oreo’s Law to preventing this from happening again.

    Donations to small groups such as PetsAlive and CAPS are well utilized and touch many lives.

    Do keep in mind that until animal abuse is a lelony punishable by serious legal consequences, it is less likely to stop.

    And that takes the muscle behind big groups like HSUS & ASPCA to lobby and pass those crucial laws in Washington.

    What happended to Oreo is TRAGIC.

    But we should also look at the Big Picture; the more each and all of us who care about animals can support each other and work together, the more will get done on their behalf.

  56. Lupe Rodarte Says:

    You’re blog post captures perfectly the utter befuddlement and indignation that many of us feel. How is it that an esteemed organization like the ASPCA, one many of us donate and support in one way or another, could do this in light of viable alternatives? I’ve been working in the animal welfare world for awhile, both as a staff member of a large national organization, and as a volunteer for smaller rescue groups. I’ve seen a lot of silly stuff…we’re all just people who make mistakes. But somehow, this strikes me as egregious…so far beyond acceptable. I will also withhold my donations from the ASPCA while Ed Sayres is there.

  57. Suzanne Marienau Says:

    I cannot believe this! This is heartbreaking. I have been a supporter of the ASPCA for years and regularly receive emailings and snail mailings from them. I thought I was doing good for the animals, but apparently not. I am, as of this writing, withholding all donations to the ASPCA. I am also going to write to Mr. Sayres and co. and let them know exactly why. Oreo’s story is unbelieveable. I wonder how many other animals were denied a chance at life by the ASPCA. It seems like you can’t trust anybody anymore. I am truly very saddened by this.

  58. Donna Graves Says:

    Sayres is a disgrace. He should resign. Perhaps he could get a position with the Eagles, I have a feeling he would fit right in. The NY aspca is a SCAM- they lead people to believe they are a no-kill shelter. they will never get another penny from me. RIP sweet Oreo, I am sorry we failed you.

  59. Katie Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this information. I am completely shocked and enraged, as I am one of the millions who tear up at the site of an ASPCA commercial and immediately want to donate my whole life savings to them. I belong to an organziation that does fundraisers for local rescue shelters each year. I was debating whether or not we should donate to the ASPCA this year, but you helped me answer that real quick. I will stick with the ‘little guys’!

  60. infinityxxi Says:

    it is sickening what happens..

  61. New York Will Says:

    It’s extremely sad that some people put up with animal cruelty.

  62. barbara smith Says:

    i donate to the aspca every month. i will never give another cent.

  63. Adam Says:

    well. .just saw their commercial and was going to donate. decided to do some research on the net and found this and nixed that idea.

  64. Gil-Ann Wilder Says:

    What was done by the ASPCA to OREO and for the ones that support what was done to OREO have treated our distant cousin in fur so badly that beyond doubt, if they were able to formulate a religion, they would depict the Devil in human form!!!!!!!!!

  65. MDAS Gets “Support” From ASPCA & HSUS | Save Shelter Pets Says:

    […] Ed Sayres ordered the killing of Oreo, an abused dog who was offered a permanent home by a rescue gr…. […]

  66. brigitte Says:

    I need to call the ASPA four an injured baby skunk , now I afraid they might kill her. she has a broken leg and is very sweet she is wild though I am in San Clemente ca

  67. Tina Says:

    I had not known that the ASPCA murdered animals when I actually joined their sit,years ago my family had a dog who we had to give up because the apt we lived in didn’t allow animals, we thought for years that he was adopted but years after we had found abandoned kittens, newborns and you know what they said to us oh their too young but we will take them and then they pulled out the little caged just as we were about to put them in actually before that right when we entered I already had a bad feeling and then my mother had ask what they were going to do to it and they said that the kittens were too young and that it needed special milk that because of that they might put both of them to sleep, we were pissed, guilt is what my mother felt when she realized that dog we had taken there years earlier was most likely put to sleep, we left, of course we took the kittens back, but though we love animals we have not been living in our own,apt for 2 yrs, if we had our own apt than we would keep them.

  68. Nyc aspca | Jewelryfundraiser Says:

    […] Pets Alive Blog » ASPCA New York: Using your donations to murderThis story makes me so sad. RIP Oreo. I will not support ASPCA of NYC ever. … I have an ASPCA credit card. Not for the NYC branch, but I am changing that very soon. I knew they euthanized, but this makes me sick. I thought my money was going to a place where they were doing more good than bad. […]

  69. Aimee Says:

    Extremely glad I didn’t join them after reading this post. The number of 4,000 is unfortunately overshadowed by a single betrayal of their own founding principles. What a disservice they do to such a well recognized name – given their amazingly powerful position to do such GREAT works for so many innocent lives. Again, I think it comes down to the difference between ‘animal’ and ‘family member’ sometimes – and where MONEY falls between those 2 points in each individual’s value system. Don’t know what else to say.

  70. adriano Says:

    **** ASPCA they are nothing but a group of murders

  71. Keonaona Says:

    Although I was taken aback by what this article said, I must admit that the monies spent ASPCA advertisements are well worth it. Yes it is for the purpose of raising money but honestly how many people would even have the slightest interested in saving abused or neglected animals if not for these commercials?

    It would appear that ALL organizations whether non-profit, governmental, or private become corrupt in so many ways once they become too large. These things happen because those making business decisions are not those on the front lines with the animals. I also understand that many of those employed at the ASPCA was also outraged at this incident but it was not within their power to do anything because their voices would not be heard in a behemoth organization. Not to mention that those that are at the level of making these bad decisions are also plagued with an inflated estimate of their own merit, usually manifested in arrogance therefore cannot make these rational common sense decisions.

    My opinion if I dared, would be to suggest that people NOT stop giving to the ASPCA all together but instead scale back what they give and ask for, no demand, an internal investigation. (Not make it a legal case because I would hate for the money to go to lawyers) But keep publicly pushing the issue.

    I would also suggest increasing your donations to the local shelters as well.

  72. Branden Wigfall Says:

    Helpful info. Fortunate me I discovered your web site by chance, and I am surprised why this twist of fate didn’t came about earlier! I bookmarked it.

  73. Elizabeth Grooms Says:

    I just took out my one of, to numerous to count, envelopes from ASPC to donate. Than it hit me, Why don’t I look up ASPCA on line and see what others are saying about them? As usual I’m appalled by the administration that runs the institutations of animals. I am sick of CEO’s taking advantage of animal suffering to pay their own pocket. One day may they be subject to the animals they left suffering. I have been donating to ASPCA. I now give you their intended donation. Pleas continue to educate people and help animal suffering.

  74. Lynn Says:

    Oreo’s story left me in tears. I came across your website by chance and I am so glad I did. The ASPCA will never get another dollar from me. Shame on them, what they did to Oreo is disgusting beyond what words could ever convey.

  75. Animal Whisperer Says:

    So sad to hear this. I think it goes to show it is best to support real people doing good work, rather than large corporations where donated funds seem to go everywhere except where they’re needed. This is why I volunteer services to our local animal rescue … we can all do our part to make things better for the animals in the world if we just give a little – either in time or money.

  76. Brad K Says:

    I’ve been searching all kinds of stuff about animal cruelty lately and there is some bad stuff out there, a lot in china (remember that next time you buy your next “made in China” leather product). I think one of the safest bets is to donate and volunteer at your local no kill animal shelter. Thank you to pets alive, I’ll be donating a little something. Another good one I found is

    Thanks guys

  77. john little Says:

    strange they would spend the money to nurse her back to health before killing the dog….sounds fishy to me…I wonder how much
    the vets got paid….something smells

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